Elaine Yiu and Joel Chan Promote “The Righteous Fists”

Action-packed TVB drama The Righteous Fists <鐵拳英雄> scored viewership ratings of 24.8 points during its premiere week. The cast Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), Joel Chan (陳山聰), and Philip Ng (伍允龍) were ecstatic, and hope the ratings continue to rise to new heights.

Following their collaborations in The Unholy Alliance <同盟> and The Runner <大步走>, Elaine and Joel continue to set off sparks in The Righteous Fists. Although many of their friends make fun of them for their chemistry, Elaine often clarifies that Joel is already a married man and she is also good friends with his wife.

Although she is already 41, Elaine is in great shape and handles her action scenes well. “The style of fighting is so different from The Unholy Alliance. The most difficult part of the process is learning the moves before I can shoot the scene. I was worried that I would not be muscular enough for the role, but I tried my best,” Elaine said. 

As she thinks age is a only a number, Elaine believes that a strong mentality is important to fight off aging. Joel complimented her for having nice skin and that she could easily play a character in her 20s or 30s. Elaine laughed and joked that she will just find the oldest leading actor to collaborate with.

When asked if there is a leading actor who is of “old age,” Joel responded that every leading actor is old given they are all fathers at this point. 

Ruco Chan Celebrates His Birthday

During the promotional event, the cast participated in various games on stage. In one game, the actresses had to pop the balloons that were placed on the actors’ laps. Natalie used her high heels to pop Ruco and Philip’s balloons, which rattled them. The emcee laughed and pointed out that Philip does not have any children yet, so she should be more careful. On the other hand, Ruco already has a lovely wife and daughter waiting for him at home.

Speaking of his family, Ruco’s wife Phoebe Sin (單文柔) and their daughter baked a beautiful cake to celebrate the actor’s birthday last week. “I was very happy during my birthday, because my daughter was so well behaved. She even sang to me, because she wanted to blow out my birthday candles.” 

Phoebe bakes a homemade cake for Ruco every year, and this year’s cake took over 10 hours to make. He is very grateful that Phoebe takes such good care of the family at home. When asked how he would repay his wife, Natalie jumped in and responded that Ruco returns the favor every night. He joked that having a few more children would definitely keep Phoebe busy.

Natalie is Still Looking for the Right Person

As Natalie claims she is still single, she usually attends handicraft classes with Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) in her free time. Priscilla had tried to introduce someone to Natalie, but it did not work out. “She tried before, but now she doesn’t dare because it failed. She would rather spend time with me instead.”

When asked if she would consider asking matchmaker expert Bob Lam (林盛斌) for help, Natalie said she would wait when he starts a business. In the meantime, she will leave it up to fate. 

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I do like their chemistry. Joel seems to have a good chemistry with most of his female costars. They trust him a lot in passionate scenes since you can see from certain angles that he uses to his knees to prop himself up to keep a distance between their torsos so there is no misunderstandings during filming.

    Joel and Elaine’s storyline is very captivating as star-crossed lovers again. I don’t even know they can get over the hatred between their families. Joel is doing fine between the two fighting styles, Muay Thai and Wing Chun. Elaine’s action scenes flow better than when she was filming The Unholy Alliance. She is a bit on the skinny side but she looking more comfortable with her kicks and spins.

    Grace is the best female fighter at this stage and her kicks looks very powerful. I can’t wait for Jade and Yuan Qiu.

    1. I’m finally getting a chance to watch this and I agree with you elizabeth! I’m thoroughly enjoying Elaine and Joel’s story arc and chemistry and I’m loving her character’s strength and resolute personality. Really making me notice her more. I hope she will get more of these strong female lead roles. Her eyes and emotions really pull you into the story. There were scenes I would just rewatch over and over. Hope the series ends well. I’ve really enjoyed this series and the prequels.

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