Leehom Wang and Li Yundi Have Thanksgiving Dinner Together

On Thanksgiving Day, Chinese classical pianist Li Yundi (李云迪) posted a picture of himself with his mother and Taiwanese-American pop singer, Leehom Wang (王力宏). Allegedly, Leehom flew to Beijing from Taiwan to spend Thanksgiving day with Yundi and his family.

Leehom and Yundi’s “Brokeback” relationship came to light after the rumored couple were reportedly spotted holding hands when they visited a new pub opened by their mutual friend, A-mei (張惠妹), last month. Afterwards, several netizens claimed that they caught Leehom and Yundi at the theaters to watch Ang Lee’s (李安) new 3D film, Life of Pi .

Hours later, Leehom posted on his Weibo, “Director Ang Lee, bravo!” and attached a picture from the Life of Pi film to the post, indirectly confirming his movie date with Yundi.

Leehom and Yundi fans also openly supported their relationship, leaving such comments on their Weibo, “The possibility of them dating are now higher than ever” and “Why does it seem as if their underground relationship is finally exposed?”

Neither Leehom nor Yundi, however, stepped up to dispel the gay rumors thus far.

Source: QQ.com

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  1. Wow, I guess ‘catching’ 2 people at a movie together is now the equivalent of a sex tape.

    1. I can’t believe Lee Hom is gay!?!?!!??!………this guy can have a mostly any girl he wants cause he’s talented and artistic and he choses to be a “brokeback”…………GEEsssssssssss…what is the world coming to when all the decent looking guys start poking their salamis into other guys…….What a Waste!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. 1) Chooses to be a said brokeback?

        2) What a waste?

        Oh… i can’t believe the ignorance and shallow minds of some people.

      2. ps

        It’s the likes of you who are a waste of space on this earth.

      3. what ignorance? if you are allowed to think and say what you like, they are allowed to have their views of the subject also. sorry not everyone is ultra liberal. whats wrong with conservative views? there is a balance in this world, for everyone that is buying into a degenerate lifestyle and particular behaviors, the rest are not interested in living the same way or holding it up highly at all. we are not stopping the others living how they want, but we will have our own views on it.

    2. It has become almost “fashionable” to be gay these days. Leehom Wang is good looking and can have any women he wants but he isn’t interested in women. I wish he grows some balls and just come out and admit he loves men as I still think he is one hot person who can sing. Does not matter if he fancy bums, it is his music I like.

      1. Leehom can’t come out and admit he is gay/bisexual.. look at the way people are acting here.. if he really admitted, everyone would go crazy…

      2. Leehom has mentioned many times, even in his song that he is not gay but people don’t want to believe so . After many years , he got tired of it and just doesn’t care about this kind of rumor at all . As the article said , his fans openly support “the couple”, he doesn’t need to expose his sexuality to prove his braveness . I have enough information to sure he isn’t gay . He may be bisexual but he isn’t gay .

    3. Actually it wasn’t only 2 of them go to the cinema together. They went with a group however to the press other people in this group just disappear

      1. There are so many things wrong about this report…. 1. Leehom was in town for Thanksgiving because he had a concert around that time in Langfang.. very close to Beijing. He didn’t came to Beijing “for Yundi”. He happened to be there. So why not celebrate with him if he has the option for it? He’s American and Thanksgiving is very special for him! Should he celebrate it in his hotel?
        2. They went to the cinema as a group and even talked to fans. It was nothing they were hiding or whatsoever.. Because there’s nothing to hide. Right? 3. I already wrote that the “holding hand” incident never happened. It’s a lie by the media. – I know you all know that too. I just write it all here, so that the other readers can read it too.

      2. @Claudia : All articles about Leehom being gay intentionally mislead the public , none of them provided correct informations. However, people till believe in what they wanna believe . I don’t mind if Leehom is gay but I hate people keep saying he denies it just because he want to protect his career. They know nothing about Leehom’s personality and his fans ‘ thinking .
        Leehom won’t disclose himself when he actually goes for a date . I and my friend recognised him when he went out with his girlfriend about 1 year ago. I don’t want to give more details in public website bcz I’m his big fan.

    1. “until they deny it”.. just denying doesn’t change anything. Leehom denied it before. Nobody believes him.

      1. Denying it is one thing but to not have a steady girlfriend/s is quite suss.

  2. Hanging out with a friend, who has common passion for music, sets the buzz for gay rumors and innuendos.

  3. What’s about that “holding hand” incident.. it never happened. EVERYbody could see the pic they were refering to. They didn’t hold hands. hahaha! All those speculations only come from events where 2 guys (gay or straight- doesn’t really matter) spent time together.. having a ball.. No proof if they are a gay couple or just good music pals.
    Leehom was near Yundi’s home around thanksgiving because he had a concert in town! Should he celebrate alone in his hotel room if he has the chance to celebrate it with a good friend?? Stupid!

    1. totally agree.. the pics don’t show any holding hands.. its totally an angle of the camera thing.. i think its awesome these two guys are friends.. they’re both some musically talented.. even better if they collaborate on somethin…

  4. Awww what a waste. He’s so hot, good looking and talented. Oh well, homosexuality is not a choice. Whatever it is, I hope he finds happiness. ^^

  5. Taiwan celebrates Thanksgiving?

    (P.S. The “source” link on this article links not to QQ.com but another article on JayneStars.)

  6. I don’t believe he is gay. I know plenty of guys who do this with their friends. It’s ridiculous to think that after a certain age, you can’t go the movies or have dinner with a male friend unless it’s with your girlfriend or wife.

  7. I took my little nephew and niece to see Wreck-it Ralph yesterday. I wonder if people will start calling me a PDF file.

    1. Well, if you pick a username like that, then you’re asking for it =)

  8. Yundi does give me an impression he swings on the queer end. In the pictures, they also sit next to each other like that romantic partners usually do. They can have each other, who cares. Not a fan of either.

  9. The press should make up their mind. One day Leehom is gay, the next day he’s straight with women sleeping over at his house, then be became gay again and then straight again.

    1. It’s the press that’s f**ked up. They lack professionalism so they have to fabricate and exaggerate to compensate for their lack of depth and substance.

  10. Believe it or not, there are more gay people in this world than you ever know.

    Happy for them if the relationship is confirmed.

  11. Those fu*KED up press people. Never believe anything they print about entertainers. Nothing. All these entertainers do in life is sing, act, direct, produce, write, model and so on and live healthy, clean, wholesome, angelic, perfect lives, without sin, wrinkle or blemish. How dare the press suggest that lee hom could be gay, how dare them.

    1. Well , Please listen to the song Dirty Love by Leehom to know how much he hate to be seen like a perfect prince charming. I’m sure he has sin , wrinkle and blemish 😀 He even has grey hair and dare to wear a same outfit for 3 days ( the one you see on the photo in this article Lols ) . Is it perfect ? Leehom has never tried to act like he is perfect . He also has never tried to prove he is straight by flirting some hot girls around. He just keeps doing his work and doesn’t give damn about those rumor . I hate how people always want their idols being perfect but at the same time I hate how people make up nonsense rumors just to earn money . Ridiculously , the public love those rumors so much

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