Leehom Wang Kisses Jackie Chan in Concert

After collaborating in the 2010 action-comedy film, Little Big Soldier <大兵小將>, Jackie Chan (成龍) and Leehom Wang (王力宏) have remained close friends. In 2010, Jackie Chan made a surprise appearance at Leehom’s Music-Man concert in Beijing. For the concert tour’s sequel run, Music-Man II, Leehom invited Jackie Chan to his Hong Kong Coliseum concert.

Leehom’s Music-Man II in Hong Kong concert ran for three nights in the Hong Kong Coliseum, from September 14 to 16. Aside from Candy Lo (盧巧音), Leehom also invited the Hong Kong-based popular Chinese classical pianist, Li Yundi (李雲迪). On the last night, Jackie was invited to the stage to perform a duet with Leehom. After their performance, Jackie hugged Leehom tightly and gave him a kiss on the lips!

Leehom revealed, “When I was filming in Hong Kong, Big Brother (Jackie Chan’s nickname) suddenly called me one night and told me that he wanted to see me! So in the end he brought the film crew ten boxes of fruit and refreshments, and helped us out with the action choreography!”

Emperor Group Chairman, Albert Yeung (楊受成), was also seen in attendance in the last night of Leehom’s concert. Leehom previously made a surprise appearance at Emperor Group’s 70thAnniversary Celebration event on September 14, a few hours before the commencement of his concert. Albert reportedly felt thankful to have Leehom’s support, and promised the singer that he would return the favor by supporting his concert.

Sources: On.cc, QQ.com

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  1. Being liberal is good, wondering why looking at dis pic I wanna PUKE! Looks more like cannabalism instead on Jacky’s part.

  2. From the picture, it’s clear that Jackie Chan is the one that kisses Lee!!! Oh boy…. why?????

    1. Grace,

      Two reasons I can tell. Firstly, Jackie kissed Lee Hom because he wanted to imply something to the audiences: This guy is gay! I kissed him, and he didn’t avoid it! Secondly, Jackie was implying to Lee Hom that: Hey, it’s time for you to come out of the closet! I kiss you and give you courage! Now, say to the world that you are gay!

      Smart Jackie! I don’t think he wants some media exposure. Think about it. Who will be assumed as gay from this event? Jackie or Lee Hom? It wouldn’t be both because Jackie is obviously not. I think Jackie should have known that there would be news if he did it, but he knew he wouldn’t be affected that’s why he did it!

      1. By the way, wrong title. It should be ‘Jackie Chan kisses Leehom Wang in Concert’.

  3. Obviously Jackie Chan wants some media exposure… there must be a new film coming out…

  4. Disgusting not because man and man but how Jackie Chan kisses. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

  5. Hence the title of this article is wrong. Should be Jackie kissed Lee-Hom.

  6. I pity Lee Hom. He definitely looked disgusted and who wouldn’t be? It is bad enough Jackie is a dude but also an old dude lol! Tbh Jackie used to be my fav actor till he forgot his root and sold his soul first to the gweilo and then to mainland china. He forgot how the Cantonese market got him to where he is now and only concentrate on China market after he is no longer in demand in Hollywood. There is no reason why he couldn’t have Cantonese versions for all his movies made in China like many others. He has not contributed a single effort to revive the Hong Kong film industry like Andy Lau or Eric Tsang. Now he is trying to pull a-Madonna but dressed like a country pumpkin lol! How low can one go for a bit of space on the media?

  7. The correct title: “The hungry wolf forces itself on Leehom” LOL

    Jackie looks very passionate abt the kiss, but why didn’t you give him a slap Leehom?

    1. I think jackie is tired of having all those pretty women so he wanna try out a bishonen now 😉

      1. Which means no one in the e-circle is safe from his evil claws 🙂

        TVB siusangs for breakfast, hahaha.

      2. Im sure Ron will give Jackie a fist if he dare to lay his lips close him because Ron’s lips are only for pretty girls with hot body hahaha.

      3. Yay, he is prolly stupid enough to punch the “big brother”

        Still he can’t escape his destiny after Jackie promise him a role in the chinese version of “dirty dancing”, LOL

      4. Veejay,

        And I think Ron will be given a fist back by Jackie before he does anything to Jackie because Jackie knows kung fu!

      5. In his movie Robbi-Hood, Jackie was kissed by Louis Khoo. This was captured in one of their out-takes and JC was like “really? did he peck me on my lips?” when the cameraman replayed that scene.

        This picture is awful….Jackie was all lips and LH (who’s face was held tightly by JC) was dreading that encounter.

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