Lesley Chiang Shares LA Wedding Photos

Singer-actress Lesley Chiang (姜麗文), daughter of veteran actor Paul Chun Pui (秦沛) shared on Instagram on June 3 that she has officially tied the knot with her engineer boyfriend Pak-Ho (柏豪), who is five years her junior. Sharing photos the couple took on a hill in LA, where she was on a work trip, she captioned simply, “We Got Married”.

Postponed Wedding For Two Years


Bride and groom were both casually attired, with Lesley in a white mid-riff baring piece revealing her bra top, and him in a matching white buttoned shirt and cream trousers. Taken against a hilly background and clear skies, Lesley gazed sweetly at Pak-Ho while holding a verdant bouquet in one hand and his hand in another, while the second photo showed them sweetly locking lips.

The 36 year-old had earlier announced on Instagram on the auspicious date of Feb 2, 2020 that she has tied the knot with Pakho and planned to hold the wedding on the same day, but they eventually decided to postpone their wedding due to pandemic concerns. Interviewed by a Hong Kong newspaper, Lesley told the press that the wedding had taken place way back on March 17. “The weather was good that day, both of us stood on the hill top at Griffith Observatory, the surroundings were very scenic, from one side you could see the Hollywood Sign and there was the observation deck at another, the atmosphere was great. Although the ceremony was simple, it was sweet and heartwarming,” she said.

Lesley and husbandAccording to Lesley, only she and her husband were present while over ten of her family and relatives watched via Zoom, including her dad Paul. She summed up, “Thanks to everyone for your love and support over the years! After two years of delay, we got married on a hill in LA from where we had panoramic views of the entire city, just the two of us in a simple ceremony witnessed by family and friends over Zoom! I’m so loved, so grateful and so happy!”

Releases Single Dedicated to Dad
Previewing a new single on the same day titled “PAPA” <爸爸放心我出嫁> set for release on June 6, for which she wrote and composed lyrics, a photo of her father carrying her while she was still a toddler was used as the album cover art. Describing the song as a “love letter to my father, and to all father-of-the-brides out there”, the singer said that she knew her father would feel emotional about her getting married; and so she had reminded him that “no matter what, he will always be first place in her heart”. Paul had previously expressed his satisfaction with his son-in-law, whom Lesley got to know though a mutual friend.

Source: Mingpao, Instagram

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