Lesley Chiang Tears Up Upon Mentioning Breakup With Fred Cheng

Hong Kong singer Lesley Chiang (姜麗文) earlier attended a function with her elder brother, Benji Chiang (姜文杰). The artiste was asked to comment on her breakup with Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘), who had earlier shared at an event that they have not been in contact for almost a year. Speaking of their separation in front of the press, Lesley could not hold back her tears and had to turn around to collect her emotions.

Lesley admitted to reporters, “I read the tabloids. We broke up a long time ago. I won’t reveal the reason, since it has been a while. Everyone should move on instead of dwell on whether we’re together or apart. I’m sure you’ve all been through times like this before, and know that it’s not easy.” Lesley could feel her tears coming and immediately apologized before turning her back to reporters to compose herself. A few seconds later, she faced the press and said, “Give us some space,” only to turn back to stop her tears again.

Reporters asked Benji if he knew the details behind his sister’s breakup. He shared, “I haven’t seen Fred either, but I’ll see him at Alan Luk’s (陸駿光) upcoming wedding.” Benji added that there is no need for him to try and comfort Lesley, since she is already a grown-up and he is not involved in the business. “Actually, I’ve known Fred for a really long time,” Benji said.

On the other hand, reporters also approached Fred while he was promoting his upcoming personal concert in September. When it was mentioned that Lesley teared up when speaking of their breakup, Fred expressed, “We have separated for a while, and haven’t been in touch since.” He also remained tightlipped for the reason behind their breakup, but revealed it was a peaceful one. When asked if they are still friends, Fred remarked, “We’ll focus on our careers for now.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hmmm….I’m curious as to why HKTV’s logo was blocked out in the picture and also why the “event” in the article was mistakenly described as a “Vidal Sassoon function” when it was actually the dinner gathering for HKTV’s series Hidden Faces? Last I checked, both on.cc (which is the source of the above article) and Jaynestars are not affiliated with TVB, so I don’t see the need for any mention of a rival station to be ‘censored’. Perhaps it’s just me, but the way this article was put together is very odd….

    1. @llwy12 Jayne.com took the pic from on.cc right? It looks like the pic is already censored by on.cc Also translated article said “at an event” maybe because the original article didn’t specifically said HKTV series function. So if anything, it’s on.cc who censored HKTV things. If it wasn’t for Fred connection, I wonder if they (on.cc) would’ve even print this article. Sad.

      1. @jjwong Well, if it’s on.cc, that makes it worse because they are supposed to be a mainstream media outlet that reports on news in general  and so should be taking a neutral stance…for them to be so blatant in their bias to the point of censoring a TV station’s logo (and the name of the series too, which I just noticed looking at the photo again), to me, that goes against journalistic principles.  If it was truly on.cc, then they just lost all credibility in by book (not that they had much credibility or reputability to begin with anyway, but still….).

        Did that pic come from the video feed or the actual article itself?  Because I read the article in Chinese and while it did say “an event”, I didn’t see any censored pictures in the article itself…I haven’t watched the video yet though…

      2. @llwy12 I believe this pic came from on.cc website. Both this pic and the pics from on.cc came from the video on on.cc. In the video, HKTV logo and things are blurred out as well.

        The aritcle you read wasn’t from on.cc?

        It looks like they (on.cc) really didn’t want to promo HKTV anything (i.e. no logo, no reference to the actual defense, so forth). OR maybe on.cc doesn’t have the “rights” to show HKTV. There are shows/ articles on US (i.e. TMZ) that do blur out some company logos on copyright/ patent/ intellectual property rights.

      3. @jjwong Really?  Showing a logo is considered copyright infringement?  Even if that’s the case, I would think that mainstream media has some type of exemption, since their job is to report on all types of news and companies.  It would seem way too time-consuming (not to mention ridiculous) that mainstream media would need to apply for copyright permission for every single news report they do. Also, TVB doesn’t even block out HKTV’s logo when they report news about them — and they’re direct rivals — so I don’t see why on.cc feels that they have to. Anyway, I’m leaning more towards the ‘bias’ argument on this one, since that’s the only argument that makes sense to me at the moment.

        By the way, the article I read was from Oriental Daily, which is the same company as on.cc.  The article had similar content as the one in the source link above, just way shorter and fewer pictures (the pictures that they did show did NOT have HKTV’s logo blurred out). 

      4. @llwy12 I’ve never seen the “real” (loosely used) news stations (i.e. Fox News, CNN, so forth) blur anything for infringment. However, gossip news (i.e. TMZ, E!, Yahoo!, etc) and even reality shows (i.e. Honey Boo Boo, Bachelor, etc), I’ve seen them blurred certain logo and things due to copyright issue. It goes both ways. The company doesn’t want the show to use their logo and promote the show without getting money for it. Then show doesn’t want to give product placement and promote for the company without kick backs. It sounds silly, but it’s a “real struggle/issue.”

        Now IDK what on.cc is considered to be, but I too think it’s probably because for “bias” reason. Well, I doubt TVB was reporting good news about HKTV. So it probably favored them to show HKTV logo then lol.

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