“Legal Mavericks 2020” Returns November 16

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“Legal Mavericks 2020” Returns November 16

The “three musketeers” Vincent Wong (王浩信), Owen Cheung (張振朗), and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) are back to bringing justice to the people for the second series of Legal Mavericks <踩過界>, premiering this Monday. Reprising their roles, the second series also adds the “female blind lawyer” Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), Paul Chun (秦沛), Jessica Kan (簡淑兒), and Lesley Chiang (姜麗文). Actress-turned-lawyer Tracy Chu (朱千雪), who portrayed Vincent’s girlfriend in the original series, returns in a guest voice role.

Legal Mavericks 2020 is set right after the events of the original 2017 series. Similar to the original, the sequel will play out in a procedural format. It will include cases such as “Old Man Uxoricide”, “PTGF Suicide”, and the “Village Children Inheritance Case.”

While it has been three years since the trio teamed up as one, frequent drama collaborations between Vincent and Owen, as well as between Owen and Sisley, makes the trio feel like they were never separated at all. In Legal Mavericks 2020, Owen’s “Gogo” and Sisley’s “Deanie” take their relationship a step further with a hilarious kiss, which they described as the “highlight” of the series.

“It was a pretty intense scene! I’m sure the viewers will enjoy it,” said Owen with a laugh. Sisley added that Owen was very shy while doing the scene, and she was surprised that someone as outgoing as Owen could get so embarrassed.

As for the popular “HeHe” couple Hope (Vincent) and Gogo, Legal Mavericks 2020 will continue their suggestive relationship, turning from a “dating” relationship to a “married” one.

New Cast Additions

Kelly Cheung plays Eva Shaw, a highly competitive barrister who is also Hope’s frequent opponent counsel. Like Hope, she was a student of famous barrister James Kan, portrayed by Paul Chun in his first TVB role after ten years. James is cunning, clever, and would do anything to win at all costs.

Paul’s daughter, Lesley Chiang, portrays Inspector Vivian Kong, a CID. Legal Mavericks 2020 is Paul and Lesley’s first drama together, though they only share one brief scene together. Their characters are unrelated, as they are each responsible for different story arcs.

Jessica Kan portrays Jasmine Kwok, Hope’s newly graduated disciple who also comes from a wealthy family. Jasmine is spoiled like a rich 2G, but she also understands the concept of justice and fairness.

“My character can be pretty unlikable, so I had my concerns,” said Jessica. “But the more I got to know my character, the more I started to admire her. She can be a bit spoiled, but has a very strong sense of justice.”



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17 comments to “Legal Mavericks 2020” Returns November 16

  1. tt23 says:

    I’m almost done this series in TVB anywhere, I think I just finished episode 23… so no spoilers on the ending please. **********Possible spoilers from me ahead*********

    I find Sisley’s character VERY annoying this time around. Like I understand she’s in love with hope man but freaking chill. Instead of looking out for hope man she’s straight up possessive and it’s annoying to watch. I like hope man’s pupil and lesley’s character even though her acting is average and her Cantonese is not great.

    Hope Man’s storyline is not great this time around, someone else mentioned it here that it’s missing that emotional trauma from LM1. Although Vincent does deliver some great moments but the writing is subpar.

    Kelly’s character………. sigh. Kelly has improved a lot but the way they’ve written Eva is killing her because it is SO similar to never. The difference is Kelly doesn’t have the talent yet to make that type of character likeable like Ali did so well. I find it very annoying that Eva only “studied” hope man and after meeting him like twice is suddenly so in love with him and continues to force him to reciprocate the feelings. Like let the man deal the loss he experienced and calm down. Also what annoys me is that Eva constantly goes back and forth from both sides (hope man and opposing) but they portray her as part of the core four again trying to replace never. Where never wouldn’t do that, she was always on hope Man’s side.

    ANYWAYS. I think I’m underwhelmed. This is Vincent’s best role and he seems to have very little storyline here which doesn’t give him a chance to showcase his best work. There’s isn’t much gogo/hope man story line either which is disappointing but whatever screen time they do get has been really good.

    What does everyone else think?

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    • conan2209 replied:

      @tt23 I’m waiting for feedback from HK viewers on Kelly’s character

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    • mike8177 replied:

      @tt23 i like Paul Chun character, especially in the last episode.

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    • luye replied:

      @tt23 I don’t mind Sisley in this drama at all. She has really improved because she seems very comfortable/natural in this role. Totally agree with Never/Eva – they’re so similar in that they’re both flirty, dress the same, move the same, etc. While I agree there are parts that were underwhelming, this is the best drama for me this year because the cases were interesting and I love the chemistry between Vincent, Owen, and Sisley!

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      • tt23 replied:

        @luye I like Sisley as an actress but personal opinion, I find her very annoying in this series. LM1 Dino was more genuine and loving. I don’t find that here.

        Eva should have been written differently. If you wanted to bring back never, bring back Ali. Kelly is a different actress and therefore her role should be different. After she stopped trying to force hope man to love her, she finally became someone likeable. If you are a fan of the series it’s hard not to compare the two.

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      • luye replied:

        @tt23 Yea, I totally agree LM1 is definitely better than LM2. LM2 wouldve been better if Ali was in it.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @tt23 She pretended to be blind, Studied braille, was touching him everywhere since 1st minute of meeting, I think she’s obsessed with him.

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  2. yuyu says:

    I finished the whole series 3 days. It’s definitely worth watching! I love LM1 but I can’t remember what happened to Never. Because I think Gogo and Man Hap mentioned “Never left” as in she died or left them?
    I like the cases though some seemed to easy to be solved or ended too abruptly, especially the last case. It was just too rushed. I can totally skipped the flirting scenes between Eva and Man Hap.
    I think Kelly did well as Eva as I can’t really think of someone else playing Eva. I missed Ali! But honestly, Kelly’s s not bad. I’m growing to like her after Witness.
    But, totally agree Man Hap seemed to be more relaxed here that some scenes were kinda forced simply to elicit some intense emotion and darkness from him.
    Sisley has definitely improved. I dont mind her possessiveness with Man Hap and yes, her infatuation with Man Hap sometimes seems unrealistic but I guess it’s possible in real life.
    Owen carries the show really well. I hope he gets more opportunities in tvb!
    They should not rushed the ending for this one but I guess there’s LM3?

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    • luye replied:

      @yuyu I think Sisley’s love towards Vincent is realistic. He is admirable in many ways and the way she looks at him in court is how I be looking at him on the screen lol. She feels like she needs to protect him in certain circumstances, which is understandable. I dont find her possessive at all.

      I hope there will be an LM3, but not sure how that will work since Vincent left TVB 🙁

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  3. anon says:

    I can’t stand these three.

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  4. janet72 says:

    Vincent has done very well as Hope man. Glad to see Paul back…he is really a veteran.

    There are several tear shedding episodes when the father of Sisley’s character died. Owen deserved the most improved actor award as he has proven his skills. I prefer to see him in LW3…so suave and cool.

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  5. funnlim says:

    I watched 3 episodes. Kelly Cheung is so pretty. But the 3 episodes were not impressive. Started dramatically,. typical flashback and the 1st major case, the PTGF attempted suicide case was such an insanely crazy case, I wonder the entire point of libel case is non existent. Craziest was the cross examining a comatose patient, same level of insanity with that scene where the emperor threw dynamite at a bunch of people in Longest Day In Changan. Indeed in HK the defence lawyers must be so inept and incompetent. Im not sure what case it was based on, but a tweak would be nice. What about the PTGF doesnt kill herself, she instead sues her mother for slander, demanding an apology? That would be an interesting moot case. And the whole dancing in the rain was pretty isn’t it? But so choreographed whatever romantic feeling turned to what a ridiculous moment. Rather they just slow tango. Kelly is too handsy with our hero who obviously has the hots for her. Our bucktooth girl is so protective over her hero, obviously she has the hots for him. He has obviously forever friendzoned her to BFF zone, never can she get out of it. He seems to treat her nice but i don’t feel he respects her as a person, as a woman. Can this bucktooth former big sis big grow some self esteem and leave him? Let him crawl his way in the dark. So Im stopping at ep 3. I feel Paul Chun’s argument with Vincent about purpose of litigation aka wanting to sound smart about philosophy of jurisprudence is a huge fail. Lawyers are simple. You act in the best interest of your client. However despicable, ugly or heartbreaking the facts, even the worst scum deserves the best defence the law can and should afford. And you present a case following the rules set BUT one trumps all and that is justice. If justice demands it, justice must be given. So the argument between Vincent and Paul makes no sense to me. When the libel case turns out that the girl jumped because of what her own mother said, I feel that’s it. Ep 3 is the last for me. TVB has failed repeatedly to make any legal drama with any substance or brain, especially those which requires complex argument for complex issues. So my suggestion is tweak it. Make it sensational. Daughter sues mother for libel. Father sues children for neglect to support. Children sues rich parents for failing to support them. Citizens sue government for something. Etc etc.

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  6. bubbles23 says:

    Only two episodes so far, but the cases seem really forced. First episode, really? Man kills his wife and no one thinks to get him assessed by a mental health professional until closing arguments for the case? Also what’s the point of having Eva become stalkerish to Hope Man to the point of pretending to be impaired? Also Hope Man just met her and that whole dance in the rain was so choreographed it’s out of character. They couldn’t even write a different character from Never. And like how did Hope Man even know Eva wears make up? Unless Dino told him or something? Anyways, I don’t like the way the characters are set up.

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    • tt23 replied:

      @bubbles23 it gets better. The first two cases are meh but the rest I really enjoyed.

      The Eva thing annoys me so much, it’s so forced and VERY clear that they want Eva to be the new never. If you wanted never, you should have brought her back. they should have just focused on hope man not being able to let go of Yanice and the pain he felt because I found that interesting and also, Vincent really shines in those moments. The whole Eva being obsessed with him and pretending to be blind was stupid. Kelly is actually doing a good job but the writing is terrible for that character.

      The way the characters are set up overshadows hope man. I feel like he’s not as present in this series. However, it does get better. They just screwed up the beginning trying to replace never with no Ali *insert endless eye rolling emojis here*

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  7. summerdale says:

    It gets better. I thought it was pretty crap after watching just the first few episodes. Bucktooth is annoying this time round. She was endearing in LM1. I also preferred the short bob she had then. GoGo is same old. Loveable and funny. The rich trainee barrister chick got it just right. She pulled off the rich kid role without being despicable.

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    • tt23 replied:

      @summerdale 10000% agree. Thank god someone also sees Dino as annoying. Endearing is the right word. That’s what made people like her but I find her straight up crazy in LM2

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  8. secretlone says:

    Watched up until episode 20 now…**maybe spoilers ahead…maybe**
    Cases are hit and miss. The first case just made no sense… like are they really that last minute to find the doctor for the medical reports?

    I don’t mind Eva’s character but I wished they developed her character more…like she literally came into the picture like a crazy fangirl of Hope Man. The dancing in the rain scene came toooooo early in the series, it should’ve came like mid way sort of thing. It’s a shame that Hope Man couldn’t return the love, quite enjoy their scenes together….I mean, both of them just looked like a good couple..

    Deen jeh js just pure annoying at this point, like holy, calm down woman. Like you’re not dating Hope Man, stop trying to act like his gf and being all possessive and weird. Like she’s just straight up obsessed.

    GoGo, i don’t know man, he’s a fun character but a shame that he’s just playing the feelings with the cop madam. And giving how LM1 went, he’ll probably end up with Eva like how he did with Never! (was really rooting for Hope and Never in the first one…)

    For me, jessica and paul’s characters are the best for me for this series. Both doing a great job at their roles.

    I’ll still finish the series, but how the relationships are turning out..is making it meh for me. Hopefully the final case will be great!

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