Stephanie Ho and Fred Cheng Welcome Baby Boy

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Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) are officially parents! Married on November 7, 2020, with a follow-up banquet in November 2021, the couple announced the arrival of their firstborn, Asher Douglas Cheng on June 1 with a commemorative photo of the newborn’s feet, taken by Stephanie’s good friend, actress Jeannie Chan (陳瀅).

Busy with New Home Up Till Before Labour

New mom Stephanie revealed that her son came earlier than expected on turning full-term. She had been busy with preparations for their new home, and only packed her hospital bag the day before. Recalling the birthing experience, the 29-year-old said, “I had a round of labour pains at the hospital and my pelvis felt like it was being torn apart, luckily the anesthesiologist was around. After taking the epidural I felt much better and even played a round of LoL. Some observations later the gynae said it’s time, and hubby who was by my side kept encouraging me saying “You can do this”; with all my strength I pushed baby out. It’s so easy saying it now but it’s actually the biggest challenge my body has encountered,”

Indulging in their joy as new parents, Fred said the 3 of them are delighted to embark on their new journey together, while Stephanie added that while the road ahead will be full of challenges for Fred and herself, they will face the days of learning alongside their newborn with much joy and anticipation. Sharing that their baby boy has a big pair of eyes, she said “My lil’ baby, whoever you resemble, all that matters is you are healthy and happy everyday, dad and mom love you so much”. Revealing that she will be focusing on recovery and taking care of baby in the coming months, she will be sharing more again in due time.

Fred Calls His Wife a ‘Superhero’
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New dad Fred said that their son’s arrival was “early and strong”, and told him, “Asher, you be a good boy. May you grow up to be happy and healthy. Daddy and Mommy will always love you, protect you, and guide you.” Touched by the birthing experience, he had this to tell Stephanie, “…you are incredible. A real life super hero. Witnessing you giving birth to Asher has been such an amazing and humbling experience. You are a powerful mother. I love you so much and I thank you for everything you have given and sacrificed for us.

Source: Mingpao

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