Fred Cheng and Jinny Ng Caught on a Date

With Fred Cheng’s (鄭俊弘) purported breakup with Lesley Chiang (姜麗文), his constant companion has been Hong Kong singer Jinny Ng (吳若希). Today, Fred and Jinny were seen on a date at a local dog park. In an attempt to avoid public recognition, the couple wore hats to conceal their faces and also left the park one after another.

After their alleged date, Jinny posted a message on her Weibo, “[I] like seeing you smile, seeing you run. I like seeing no matter how many temptations there are, you will still come back to me, making me feel like I am your one and only. If possible, I wish I can spend the rest of my life with you. I love you.” Although the post was accompanied by a photo of her dog, many suspected that Jinny’s message contained a deeper meaning for Fred instead.

Asked about the date with Jinny, Fred laughingly responded, “I’m really good friends with Jinny. We went to walk our dogs together. That day, my sister was also there, so please don’t think too much of it!”

Speaking with the press, Jinny indicated that the pair had gone to the dog park with many other friends present. In regards to her bold “love declaration” via Weibo, Jinny laughed off the allegations and expressed that she was referring to her dog in the statement. However, Jinny was full of praises about Fred. “He’s a really person and a great guy.”

Rumored ex-girlfriend Lesley Chiang responded indifferently to Fred’s alleged new love interest. “I am not a sensitive girl, so I’m rarely ever unhappy. I also don’t believe that they are dating. Maybe they are really good friends because they are under the same record company.”


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  1. Why do people always break up with their long time girlfriend/boyfriend after they become popular?

    There was Eunis and Ruco breakup after Ruco got popular from ‘The Other Truth’. Now, Fred broke up with Lesley after he got famous from ‘Voice of Star’. 🙁

    1. COz time is Lesser and status different. Perspective different. Ruco and eunis broke up because she wanted o settle down and ruco wadnt ready, that much i could gather from their news.

    2. It’s not always the case, it just happens. Time seems to be a major factor imo, the more famous the more time demanding work schedules can be, which would mean reduced time to spend with the other half. I can see how misunderstanding each other would occur in such situation, or just growing apart. But hey, if two people really are meant to be, they will make all efforts to make the relationship last no matter how difficult. It all depends on how the person priorities the relationship amongst all other demands that life has to throw at them.

      I don’t think jinny and Fred are dating tbh. Srsly. Nowadays just standing next to the opposite sex in a public area is considered date mates.

      1. “Nowadays just standing next to the opposite sex in a public area is considered date mates.”

        So true. And, so retarded.

    3. Yeah I can only think of Oscar Leung that got popular but didn’t break up with his girlfriend.. They even got married!

      1. But who wants to date Oscar? He’s neither hot or popular…in my opinion.

    4. Your question is the same as asking why do people trade in their old car for a new one after winning the lottery

  2. I thought she was with Hubert Wu cause they have a thing for each other

    1. I wish they are it’s prob cuz he isn’t as famous most of her rumor boyfriends are famous plus Alfred keeps saying jinny and Hubert has a thing

    2. I agree with you- that Christmas show where she kept teasing Hubert! I like them together more 😛

  3. wow!!! i don’t believe about what they said!!!! i think Jinny is better to be with Hubert as a couple!! but Fred…not really….>><

    1. nah even though hubert and jinny look cute together but jinny has a list of things that she want from her future boyfriend which are:

      * Know how to sing and act
      * Age 30 and over
      * Knows self defense or someone big enough to protect her
      * Know how to play sports especically basketball
      * Own pets such as cats and dogs

      Fred meet all these criteria and tbh i dont frame really matters, jinny’s ex-boyfriend isnt famous and they still date because he is in a basketball team and he is age 30 or over and i dont realy like hubert maybe its his hair style that makes ne think that he’s a female

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