Lily Ho Denies Dating 76-Year-Old Businessman, Lam Kin Ming

TVB actress, 25-year-old Lily Ho (何傲兒), is rumored to be dating Hong Kong businessman, 76-year-old Lam Kin Ming (林建名). The pair have been rumored to be an item since as early as 2009, when Lily and Lam Kin Ming were seen dancing together at a charity ball.

Last month, Lily and Lam Kin Ming were seen attending Priscilla Chan’s (陳慧嫻) Hong Kong Coliseum concert, where they were photographed sitting in the front row together. They originally kept distance from each other, but once the lights dimmed, Lily and Lam Kin Ming moved closer and whispered to each other. Lily also pulled out her phone and shared some of her photos and messages with Lam Kin Ming.

Gossip magazines claimed that it was Lily’s father, Ho Sai Kan (何世根), who often arranged Lily to meet up with Lam Kin Ming and encouraged their relationship. A source close to Lily’s family revealed that Ho Sai Kan would only bring Lily to meet with Lam Kin Ming rather than his elder daughter, Gigi Ho (何傲芝).

Lily denied these stories in a recent phone interview, explaining, “Mr. Lam is my father’s friend. Whenever there are concerts, he would invite us to see it with him. Celebrity guests usually sit in the front, which is why only the two of us were photographed. My father and his friends sat in the back. Reporters also photographed them. I don’t know why they didn’t publish those photos.”

Lily felt uncomfortable about these rumors. “He is a senior whom I respect very much.” Lily clarified that all the “secret” photos of herself and Lam Kin Ming, which were published in a tabloid report, were actually taken at public events.

Asked if they would meet up in privately, she said, “Friends eat meals with each other all the time.” On whether or not she would be willing to accept a partner much older than herself, Lily admitted, “I never thought about that. Career is most important right now. I don’t want to think about romance.”

Sources: Oriental Daily;

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  1. Remember when Sun Ma Zai’s younger wife dressed older to match him?

    This doesn’t look real at all.

  2. i think it’s fake. The media make all kinds of things.

  3. look like fake to me. lily ho got money, don’t need to date old man like few tvb actress.

      1. lol…even if rich people are bankrupt, they are still loaded.

  4. I don’t believe the reports pretty sure they’re just friends! Pretty impressed with the way Lily handled it though thought she would aggressively deny it but handled it in a calm way

  5. What a lovely couple!

    It really shows that age is just a number.


  6. Nah…I don’t think it’s true. She can easily date any wealthy young millionaire her age. She doesn’t have to stoop so low. That guy is old enough to be her grandfather. Yuck!

    1. No not exactly. It wld depend on whether any young millionaire wants to date her. There are lots more prettier girls than her.

  7. Is this for real? I mean come on isn’t she RICH or something or at least the father is?????? DISGUSTING IF TRUE, she’s actually pretty cute looking but this dude must be old enough to be great great grandfather???AWWWW..gross…

  8. it must be a really quiet season for the media….

  9. I know the media likes to fabricate stuff… seriously this is just ewww. Don’t believe it. Even though they say age shouldn’t be a obstacle in love, there is a limit to that phrase. He could be his grandpa for crying out loud.

  10. This dude is media mogul’s Peter Lam’s brother … and famous for being a womanizer. Many starlets have been paid handsomely, while in company with him.

    Which is why the rumours … untrue, or true.

  11. this old pervert is known to have 200 bffs for sex. no doubt she is one of them. a lot of women or even hig school girls sell sex for money. not surprise one bit.

    1. Wow, at his age, that’s quite an accomplishment to have over 200 partners.

      What an amazing specimen! A truely super HK uncle!

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