Edwin Siu Not Rich Enough to Date Gigi Ho?

Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) has been hard at work since returning to TVB in 2008, making appearances in major productions such as The Confidant <大太監> and this month’s A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼 II>. With his recent popularity and a full work schedule, Edwin was able to save up and purchased a $4.6 million HKD residence at the end of last year. Despite his successes, Edwin is still unable to win over girlfriend Gigi Ho (何傲芝) ‘s father, who thinks Edwin is too poor and not good enough for his daughter.

Edwin and Gigi’s relationship was exposed last October when their car collided with a public bus. They were later revealed to have dated for over three years and are living together. Gigi’s parents were reportedly furious at the news, and entered into a heated argument with Gigi over her relationship with Edwin.

Gigi’s father was especially bitter. A businessman well-known within the horse-racing circle, Ho Sai Gun (何世根) reportedly raised his two daughters to marry the elite. Since they were young, Gigi and younger sister, actress Lily Ho (何傲兒), spent much time at the race tracks, mingling with the rich and famous. Influenced by her father’s love for horse racing, Gigi eventually joined ATV as a horse race commentator and wrote regular columns on race predictions.

To add further appeal to his daughters, Mr. Ho encouraged Lily to participate in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2007. Although losing the title, Lily successfully signed as a TVB contract artist, bringing along sister Gigi who became a regular anchor for variety news show The Scoop <東張西望>.

With her good looks and expertise in horse-racing, Gigi attracted many rich suitors. However, Gigi only had her eyes on struggling artist Edwin. Gigi’s father tried to talk her out of it, but Gigi stubbornly stood by Edwin’s side. Edwin tried to win Mr. Ho’s approval by bringing expensive gifts and taking Gigi’s family out to upscale dinners, but Mr. Ho refused to acknowledge Edwin regardless of his efforts.

As Edwin’s career gained steam in recent years, Gigi tried once again to change her father’s view but to no avail. The situation seems unlikely to change anytime soon. Mr. Ho appeared agitated at the race tracks on Sunday when reporters asked him about Edwin. The day earlier, on his 36th birthday, Edwin was seen driving Gigi to meet her father. Edwin stayed in the car the entire time and did not even step out to greet Mr. Ho.

Yesterday on the set of Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄之諜血雌雄>, Edwin responded to the rumors by denying that he is living together with Gigi. “I am only good friends with Gigi. It is normal for any father to want their daughter to marry well. I’ve met uncle [Mr. Ho] at Gigi’s housewarming party. He was very friendly, and taught me a lot about horses”. When asked whether he is upset about Mr. Ho deeming him too poor for Gigi, Edwin replied, “I won’t be unhappy. I’m very happy. I’m working hard right now. Haven’t you noticed that I’ve been very focused on my work the past two years?”.

Source: Sina.com, Sharpdaily.com.hk 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Haha, then u will expect attacks from the 4th wife. She’s not nice, according to rumours

  1. oh…..no wonder LIly Ho got signed on to TVB despite her average looks and physique.

  2. I don’t find both sisters average. I find them pretty!

  3. I was so surprised that Gigi and Lily are sisters. Lily looks a lot like her father but maybe Gigi looks more like her mother.

    I hope the father can change his view on Edwin since he is working really hard. The most important is his daughter’s happiness.

  4. I believe this gossip. I can understand the father’s point of view. However I feel Edwin should not sell out by buying expensive gifts and dinners because it only shows it is all materialistic. He should just keep working hard and conduct himself with dignity when with his girlfriend and sooner or later that stubborn old man will see this is not some gold digger but a decent man trying to be the best sort of guy for his girlfriend.

    But the old man can still feel Edwin is and never will be good enough for his daughter. If that is the case Gigi can either leave Edwin who will probably forever have that stigma or leave her father so to speak and go with Edwin.

    1. really? It seems an insane thing to not deny because it is SO offensive and it also indicates that the father is not in love with his own wife nor has he EVER been in love because if it were really love, you wouldn’t pass it up unlike all those fake stories in movies and other media products. Tsk, tsk. Just think about what a big foot this father must have put in his own mouth if he really circulates this opinion. Even Cecil Chao said “He only needs to like Gigi and Gigi must love him.” haha, what a shock that Cecil Chao would say something with a core of morality in it – almost.

  5. Don’t understand what you are talking.
    Better don’t talk!

  6. ‘Ho Sai Gun (何世根) reportedly raised his two daughters to marry the elite’

    Sounds to me a pretty good drama plot ~.~

      1. haha. They should have a TVB drama based on this.

        That should get heaps of attention

    1. that makes no sense – it’s not like the Germanic “royal” families in Europe who lose their titles if they marry nonRoyals and so they continue to … COMMIT INCEST – to this VERY DAY – by marrying each other.

      1. Makes perfect sense actually.

        Marrying within the elite circle has so many benefits for his family. It’s all about establishing that connection and who doesn’t want to climb higher in the social ladder? or make money from their job?

        From his point of view, it makes logical sense. The daughter of course has her own choice in the matter but clearly she doesn’t want to be estranged from her family.

  7. Force your daughter to choose, guess who she will ultimately choose? A woman’s life, unless she chooses to remain single, is eventually with her husband and the new family she starts. I really like Edwin and i wish him all the best. Some people look down on entertainers but they work extremely long hours and sometimes under harsh working conditions.

  8. Isn’t Gigi Ho an adult now and can make up her own mind? Unfortunately, her father is too controlling and thinks that money can solve everything. Wait until he is in ill health which money can not solve, then what type of control can he exert over his family?

    1. Yea, she can make her mind.

      I don’t think it mentioned the father thinks money can solve everything, but rather, he finds Edwin too poor. From his point of view, that’s reasonable. Society elites have different views and morals then the majority of humanity. For example, if you watch the JFK series that came out a few years ago, women are brought up knowing their husband will have mistresses. It’s something they expect and is perfectly natural within their own circle of friends/family.

      That whole health thing and the 180 degree turn around is more of a movie plot. It rarely happens in real life and if anything, he’ll probably be even worried about his will because there’s a good chance money might pass on to someone he dislikes. I think he already exerts alot over his family not because he’s rich but simply because he’s the man of the house so to speak. You’re reading too much into the money thing.

      1. SD,
        I applaud you for trying to understand the higher ups in society. It truly is nice to see someone who is willing to look into their life styles. People are people. Whether money or no money, we share many similarities. If only, others would understand this.

        Ive met so many different kinds of people through my profession. No matter the social standing, the struggles they face are similar, the only thing that differs is their way of resolving their problems. No matter the approach, all that matters is it works and cause no harm to those they hold dear.

  9. She’s quite beautiful, more so than lily. Wish them luck.

  10. Edwin has villain look. I hope it is only in drama. lol

  11. Edwin u can have me instead lol

    Lily Ho is so pretty!

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