Priscilla Wong and Edwin Siu Spotted Grocery Shopping

Edwin shows Priscilla how to navigate her way around the market.

The daughter of a former billionaire CEO of a listed company, actress Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) has been happily married to Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) for two years. Ever since the pair started dating up until their marriage, the common perception has been that it is Edwin’s good fortune to have snagged Priscilla as his wife. In truth, the same can be said for Priscilla, as Edwin’s easygoing and accommodating personality makes him a great match for her.

During the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony, Edwin announced that he and Priscilla had already registered their marriage in New Zealand, sweetly declaring, “Thank you for teaching me to learn how to take care of others, and letting me learn how to be(come) a better man.” The celebrity couple held a blissful wedding celebration in Bali in 2019, and Edwin has shown how love is fully accepting someone, flaws and all.

Spotted Grocery Shopping Together

Recently, the pair was spotted doing their grocery shopping together after Priscilla completed promotional activities for the drama Ratman to the Rescue <過街英雄>. Meeting up with Edwin at their Hong Lok Yuen residence, they then drove to a market in Tai Wo, Tai Po, where Edwin was recognized by many of the stall owners. The more seasoned one at the market, Edwin brought Priscilla around to various stalls and shared tips on selecting the freshest seafood varieties such as crabs and clams. They also got plenty of steamboat ingredients for dinner, showing great chemistry throughout the trip.

Despite being unfamiliar with grocery shopping, Priscilla exercised a high degree of precaution against the virus, as she placed all the change she received from stall owners in a transparent pouch rather than directly into her own purse. The well-liked actress also took the time to accommodate fans who recognized her nearby with their photo requests.

Busy Schedules Interfering with Babymaking Plans 

Having no baby news to share after two years of marriage, the couple had been pressured and probed by those concerned about their babymaking plans. Edwin had earlier replied, “We share a consensus, and hope it will come true, but I believe she has to temporarily put the brakes on her career first….We’ll leave it to fate.”

If their family expands, Edwin would have to “shoulder a greater responsibility” in taking care of two people at the same time. However, timing seems to be an issue for the busy couple, as Edwin will be starring in the third season of Flyer Tigers <飛虎> right after Priscilla ends filming for Seven Princesses <七公主>.

Source: Weekend Weekly

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      1. @bubbles23 I got curious after I post that comment, the article actually meant ‘billionaire and former CEO of a listed co”

        Anyhow, I always like this couple, never mind Pris can’t really act. She just got that X factor that clicks with me, never mind that there were rumours her new role was meant for Ali.

      2. @conan2209 Priscilla is cute and has that nice girl-next-door charm. It’s interesting that the Life After Death role was originally meant for Ali, and now this 7 Princesses role.

      3. @potatochip if every show was intended to be for Ali, then it’s more than likely they’re all rumours. No way will TVB be intending every role for her. Baby show is definite though, there’s more than one interview where Ali mentioned about it.

        I missed the days where each TVB blockbuster holds different team of A list stars, now we see them in every other blockbuster

      4. @conan2209 yeah I’m not sure how I feel about that role rumour for Life After Death. If it’s true then Ali definitely missed out on having a chance at a heck of a performance. But on the other hand. Pris had great chemistry with literally everyone on the show from the dead husband to her mother in law, to Shiga and Frankie, that I’m glad it the role went to Pris. Ali and Lokyi were convincing as new parents so I’m bummed that even he lost an opportunity.
        Also can I note how the veterans John Chiang and Helen Ma have literally more screen time across dramas than the leads. It’s not just blockbusters, they don’t have enough people for lead roles/villains/supporting roles like the mothers/fathers of the leads.

      5. @bubbles23 TVB terminated many a while back。 the one I pity losing is Evergreen Mak ( not share if he left on his own accord) as his acting was great!

        I heard Pris did well in Life after Death? However, I have no faith in her as a career minded unscrupulous lawyer. I believe Ali can handle it better.

        Have you heard that they’re bringing back the tram ride and the dance in the rain scene in Legal Maverick 2 but this time it’ll be Vincent with Kelly?

        I feel sorry for Kelly cos I can imagine the stress to be compared with Ali. I hope Kelly can pull it off well enough else she’ll be heavily criticised. I wonder why they want to sabotage Kelly this way. They should have aimed to distinguish Kelly’s Role from Never

      6. @conan2209 Pris is improving so hopefully she knows jow to use her voice. I don’t think tvb sees this as sabotaging Kelly. She is heavily promoted, it seems like they want her to *replace* Ali. Maybe all the mainlanders will love it. I’m gonna watch LM2 for Owen but honestly cringe so hard at the thought that Hope Man has a new LI. Like how dare he after Tracy and Ali. Hmpf.

      7. @bubbles23 LOL, to be fair to Vincent, he rejected Ali and Tracy died in the show.

        Ali gave me a “hmmm not that bad acting for a newcomer‘ then , I don’t feel that in Kelly when I watched her. Another gal I felt the same as Ali is Roxanne, let’s see how she will fare in TVB.

        The one I cringed the most in mere 5min was Grace Chan, horrendous!

      8. @conan2209 Roxanne is so underrated. I noticed her acting back in Between Love and Desire and she was already a very solid supporting actress. Ali’s road to stardom is really not the norm. No acting classes, no pageant, went straight from minor roles to second lead. And Never Wong was a very special role. Ali’s like a Jennifer Lawrence, just talent + grit.
        Kelly is undoubtedly a goddess but for me it’s like the more I look at her face the more weird looking she gets. Just my opinion.
        Also to reply, I’m really sad that Lau Kong left and won’t be in Barrack 2

      9. @bubbles23 yea, Roxanne not too bad for a newbie right. I rather TVB promote her than to promote Kelly.

        Ali went for acting classes on her own accord. She said in many interviews that she puts in double the efforts cos she knows she needs to. Guess her popularity within such a short time was something unexpected and thus termed a rare gem.

        Btw, is it worth my my time to watch brutally young and barrack 1?

      10. @conan2209 YES and YES, 100%!

        Brutally Young is my favourite TV drama of 2020. Super fast-paced and suspenseful, intricate and well-written plot, good characterization, good performances from all the cast. You will like it if you like mystery type dramas. It’s very intense.

        Barrack O’Karma is my favourite tvb drama of 2019. It’s very unique as TVB dramas go. On first glance it’s supernatural, but it’s not actually ghosts or scary things, more like inexplicable (and sad) happenings and a well-executed spooky atmosphere. There is a central mystery running through the series, as well as chapters (2 episodes each) which are somewhat related to the central mystery. It has a lovely nostalgic atmosphere as well, which is complemented by the lovely theme song. Some of the chapters are really well done, well written with a deeper meaning and very heart wrenching. And the main draw would be the the two main actors and their respective characters – great chemistry between Selena and Joel which really pulls the whole series together. I’m still outraged Selena didn’t win best actress for her role.

        Definitely highly recommend watching both!

      11. @boomer thanks!

        Mandy Wong is the reason I’m hesitating, Joel is the reason I’m seriously considering. he has good acting skills!

        Selena is good but every time I watch her, I just can’t help but feel that she’s not totally into the character, her self conscious is hindering her

      12. @conan2209 You have to watch Brutally Young. Mandy is meh for me but I think she’s pretty good in it and wasn’t annoying. BY’s plot and pacing is better than Death by Zero. Lots of underrated gems in BY in terms of acting.
        I never had that feeling regarding Selena. Always on point with her emotions. Barrack is really heart wrenching in certain episodes and overall a good romantic drama.

      13. @conan2209 Don’t worry, Mandy doesnt play a huge role in the drama as it revolves mainly around the guys. Joel was great in both Brutally Young & Barrack O’Karma, especially with female costars. I think Selena was totally in character in Barrack.

      14. @boomer
        Brutally Young has a very clever plot. It keeps you guessing all the way. Shaun Tam is a little wooden. His bulky (muscular?) frame didn’t look good in a suit. Or maybe the suit was ill fitting…. ImYou can’t help but notice as he was constantly in a suit.

      15. @conan2209 Kelly is stunning but her acting is terrible. Flying tiger 2 was so excruciating to watch because of her.

        Brutally young takes a while to get into but it’s one of the better dramas of this year. And 10000% yes to barrack o’karma. I was not sure about it at first but I watched it out of boredom, one of my favourite dramas in recent years

      16. @tt23 yes, Kelly is rather pretty but she’s just someone that will never leave a deep impression in me.

        Then again, I only caught her in 2 shows, both starring Ali and Ali is too strong a competition.

        I believe I will only see weakness in Ali if I were to compare her with the likes of Charmaine and Jessica, both with too many dramas under their belt

      17. @luye I only watched hunger games n Silver Linings Playbook, which she was good in but I have no idea how the Oscars committee judges LOL. Re Ali she never did formal acting school though right?

      18. @bubbles23 she wrote in Her book she actually went for insurance classes as a backup (cos she was not cast in anything for 9 months) then she realised it’s. it meant for her and deep inside she knows she wants to act. She left the class and signed up for acting classes. HK has no acting school

      19. @conan2209 ahh. LOL somehow in hk it’s always insurance as back up lol. Also HK has an acting school no? It’s called like Performing arts college or something…..

      20. @conan2209 I saw the Life After Death in Jaynestars article, but Ali declined it because of her health and also she was wary of playing another mother role. She was filming so much that she needed to rest. Her being frozen was terrible, but at least it allowed her to take a break.

        Priscilla was really good in Life After Death and I can see her winning Best Actress this year. She tends to play only one type of role, and this was similar to her usual, but it had more emotional depth. The story was touching and the other characters also engaging.

        It really does seem like Ali was slated for almost every series. Baby 2, White Duel 2, 7 Princesses, and even potentially LM2.

        The writers of Legal Mavericks probably did not expected the characters of Hope man and Never to have such great chemistry, otherwise they would not have written their ending like that.

        Not looking forward to Kelly in LM2. She is pretty, but still limited in her acting and doesn’t have charisma. I am annoyed that they are dancing in the rain, which in itself isn’t an original idea, but to repeat in a sequel seems insulting to the audience.

      21. @potatochip that’s why i believe if she can’t do it well, she’s gonna get real bad reviews cos everyone will compare her to Never (aka Ali), be it fan or no fan.

        Guess if we look at it positively, it’s God’s plan to give her a break so that she can do more and do better.

      22. @conan2209 yeah but honestly when has bad reviews stopped an actress from getting more opportunities. Not Linda, not Priscilla, not even Grace Chan. As long as Kelly goes to work she will be in many more big productions. I hear in LM 2 Kelly plays a blind lawyer. Very different from Never but honestly that dance in the rain was like the entirety of Hope n Never’s romance. I doubt they can convince me with Hope dancing with another person

      23. @potatochip it will be annoying to watch if they try to recreate the hope/never story with Kelly. Like I feel like that is stepping back fathering than progressing the series. :/

        Kelly is pretty but she’s no Ali and we already saw that, they need to develop another story otherwise the series will just feel like the same

      24. @potatochip
        I agree I think Priscilla is a shoe in to win this year as there’s not much competition coming up to challenge her, as she was very good in life after death…

      25. @scre it’s more the other way around, they planned for Ali to get BA that year so Mandy got the other two as consolation prizes. That’s usually how it’s like. The only one to have an all kill is probably Charmaine. I agree it’s Mandy this year. I don’t think Pris has the hype for this award even though I’m a huge fan. She would get a lot of hatred if she did.

      26. @bubbles23 Nancy also did it back in 2016 with AFWFW, but that year she didn’t have any competition so it wasn’t really a surprise. What happened to the singapore and malaysia awards, why did it stop in 2017?

      27. @scre oh it was 2018, anyhow I won’t be surprised if it’s Mandy this year…errmmm I am assuming she had or will have new show in 2020

      28. @mulder99 @potatochip As much as I think Priscilla deserves to get ba, I feel like tvb won’t give it to her. They are airing ratman rescue, her performance in that series its average. I feel like its most likely mandy getting ba.

      29. @scre Politically, I think Mandy is due but she hasn’t had any noteworthy performances this year. In Exorcist’s Meter 2, Moon and even Zoie were more interesting, and her character was so bland. I haven’t seen Brutally Young yet, but I hear that was more about the male leads. She will have LW3, so that is her last chance.

        Priscilla is also in LW3. Priscilla has had a lot of focus and articles written about her. Ratman may be average, but it does show her likability. She will be the lead in 7 Princesses, so it is possible TVB wants to elevate her status for that.

        I agree that it is between Priscilla and Mandy this year. Sisley will probably be there too since she is also in LW3. Ali should be top 5 for her funny, adorable and natural performance in DBZ. Perhaps Samantha will be rewarded with some recognition but likely they will put Natalie up there for no good reason.

      30. @potatochip Between Sisley, Priscilla and Mandy I think Priscilla has the less screen time in LW3. If I am not mistaken there was also some controversy recently on Priscilla because of Raymond Cho social media comment.
        I think Samantha will most likely be nominated for BSA rather than BA, her roles at AC and DBZ are more of a supporting role. I know that she was main lead in OLG, but that series wasn’t good.

      31. @scre What was the Raymond Cho controversy? Isn’t her husband very close friends with him?

        Funny, I just realized that both Edwin and Raymond will be in Ali’s Amelia’s Rhapsody series (although it may be called Beauty and the Boss instead).

    1. @conan2209 I think I read the article also on Jayne Star. A while back, I think they said her father file for bankruptcy or something or maybe the company wasn’t doing well. Don’t remember

      1. @joyce it’s very common for businessman to “encash’ their private company by listing it. They will then retire from the business. I googled Luen Wong Holding and could not find anything about the bankruptcy though there’s news that the share price went down. Nothing uncommon though.

      2. @conan2209 Some people take their company public, cash-out and exit the business. Either retire or put the money in another business. Some stay put and grow their listed empire. It works either way

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