Jeannie Chan Surprises Edwin Siu With a French Kiss

With Beauty and the Boss <愛美麗狂想曲> airing its finale on April 30, Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) shared their experiences working on the drama. While Edwin complimented Ali for excelling in her acting, Ali also praised Edwin for his great chemistry with Raymond Cho (曹永廉). Speaking about his kissing Raymond, Edwin however did not want to dwell on it and was instead more bewildered by his kiss with Jeannie Chan (陳瀅).

Following Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Owen Cheung‘s (張振朗) kiss scene in Al Cappuccino <反黑路人甲>, Edwin and Raymond also share a kiss in Beauty and the BossRevealing that they kissed four times for the scene, Edwin joked about how he felt in kissing his good friend, “I am really good at standing bad stench. This is my first time kissing a man, and the feeling is definitely different from kissing a woman. It is more prickly, and I had to hold my breath.”

Despite his first kiss with another man, Edwin was more surprised by Jeannie’s kissing technique. “I had a French kiss with Jeannie. It was so unexpected, as she didn’t warn me beforehand. I was so shocked after filming the scene that I had to sit down. She is a tomboy and not your traditional TVB actress, so it was quite a surprise.”

When asked to compare Jeannie’s kiss with Raymond, Edwin laughed and said, “Can’t compare! One is aromatherapy, while the other is a ditch.” 

Aside from promoting for Beauty and the Boss earlier, Edwin had a staycation with his wife Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) at a local hotel to celebrate his 44th birthday. Priscilla surprised him by inviting all his friends to celebrate together. “I was very happy, but I pretended to act surprised. She made some mistakes while planning, so I already knew about it beforehand.” 


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Jeannie Chan Tries to Seduce Edwin Siu in “Beauty and the Boss”

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  1. So many news about Jeannie getting boring I don’t know if it’s just me but if you look closely at her nose it’s very strange looking and people think Tavia nose is being bother I think Jeannie nose are even worst. Lol. She better leave the married man alone I don’t think she wants to be like Jacqueline and Andy.

    1. @cutie777 I find her incredibly annoying, i get the impression that she just needs to have attention all the time. and this isn’t the first time she’s done a risky move on Edwin.

      She should know that if she became a homewrecker her career would be over (not that it’s going anywhere) – Priscilla is very popular and a lot of people like her so Jeannie would get a lot of hate. Not that Edwin would let it happen, doesn’t seem like the type, but any more of these news stories could stir rumours.

      I saw an article someone that people were comparing her character in shadows of justice with charmaine’s line walker role. Ugh. Not even close.

      1. @tt23 lol what is there to be compared? The part where she was drugged – it was cringe. Timothy is good and that made Jeannie looked even worse.

      2. @tt23 Lol. Comparing with her and Charmaine? Must be a joke. I would rather watch Zoie Tam she’s a better actress.

    2. @cutie777 yeah Tavia’s nose is tall but Jeanie’s is long.
      @tt23 compare to Charmaine??? What in the world… I hate how tvb blindly pushes dramas back to back. I liked Jeanie and Edwin in their drama but her in Shadow Justice makes me change the channel. She does seem almost too friendly with every guy, like the interview with Alex Fong was really awkward.
      I suppose it’s a good thing everyone knows how good Edwin is to Pris and won’t let anything go between them. (I knew from the beginning when they started dating they will be together for good as they both seem to be take their relationship seriously).

  2. She cannot act, I switched off from Bobby’s show when I heard the plot revolves around her

    However, I will “tolerate” her cos, like me, she’s a fan of Ali ;p

      1. @tt23 of course, was busy since last friday…trying to catch up on the prank show, on the pet show and on AI show ;p

        she has been getting very positive feedback form the locals cos of the show. (local online media and YT)

        It really shows that she is not the gossipy kind and a dear! she did not lose her temper even after realising!

      2. @conan2209 hahaha true fan right here. Is the dog show good?

        I’m glad she’s getting positive feedback. I felt soo bad for her on the show because of how genuine she is. I can’t believer Virginia lok was in on too, it felt little malicious? but maybe she did it to show the world who Ali really is and if that’s the case then good.

      3. @tt23 Seems it’s common for Virginia to watch most interviews live.

        I’m no dog lover, I watch it purely for Ali ;p

      4. @conan2209 throughout the whole prank show, she was treading on thin ice – she seemed worried about offending other ppl or said sth that would land her in hot soup again. I felt bad for her honestly, especially she cried when Elena Kong cried.

      5. @yuyu I think it just proves she’s not the gossipy kind. Just glad that it’s well received in general.

      6. @tt23 I saw that on YouTube the other day. Good on Ali for being a good sport, but that was a mean spirited prank. Especially when she was pressured to say mean things and give up some names, she clearly didn’t want to, but also didn’t want to offend Virginia Lok. I thought Elaine really owed her a big apology for making her cry.

      7. @theyenman yeah that wasn’t really a prank. It was making her feel bad, and obviously they knew Ali wouldn’t start bad mouthing others. Like Elena just started getting angry and that’s it. That’s a prank?
        Tvb variety shows are getting worse since Eric Tsang returned.

      8. @bubbles23 I actually didnt watch any TVB variety shows before Eric Tsang returned. But I watched the 2 recent pranks with Ali & Kalok Chow.

  3. That’s really inappropriate and crosses boundaries. She should not do that without clearing it with him first. They were okay in Beauty and the Boss, I am on episode 24 or so. Not sure I love their storyline, but there is some charm.

    1. @potatochip I enjoy Edwin in the series, really liked his character but yeah I’m the same as you not sure I like their storyline.

      1. @tt23 i think Edwin nailed it! The pairing is good considering Jeannie was really boyish, matched Edwin character

      2. @tt23 I agree, his character is fun. I am not comfortable with the idea that she turned a gay man straight. Perhaps he’s really bi, but it could be written better. I understand it’s probably because of conservative culture, but that’s why I am not in love with their story. Couldn’t they be life long friends like “Will and Grace” instead?

        I am up to the pregnancy storyline where he wants a baby but she doesn’t. I don’t know the resolution, but I sense it will be cliche.

  4. Such double standard. When. Tony hung did it he got bashed for it. But when. Jeannie does it, it’s OK? Smh

  5. Watching this series too… And love me my man chan ho, haha his chinglish always cracks me up. Everyone seems pretty good in their acting and love zoie look in this.

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