Afraid of Upsetting Boss, Lily Ho Hides Romance with Hinson Chow

With a 50-year age difference, Lily Ho’s (何傲兒) “romance” with 77-year-old businessman Lam Kin Ming (林建名) made headlines last year. After leaving TVB, Lily has signed with the elderly businessman, who appears to have a soft spot for Lily. Hoping not to provoke Lam, Lily hid her romance with actor Hinson Chow (周子揚).

The claims of a “grandfather-granddaughter romance” were quickly shot down by Lily, who said Lam Kin Ming was a close family friend. Although Lily often accompanied Lam to concerts and other events, she only saw him as a respected senior.

Last year, Lily’s relationship with TVB singer Hinson Chow was exposed. When Lam learned of the news, he cried before reporters; Lam’s actions perplexed the press despite claims that he and Lily were not involved.

Although Lily and Hinson soon announced that they had split up, they were spotted traveling to South Korea together. It was speculated that the couple wished to bring their relationship underground. Recently, Lily was spotted entering Hinson’s apartment and staying there for 22 hours.

Hoping to avoid provoking Lam, Lily continued to handle her romance in an understated manner. An insider said, “Although Hinson’s father owns land in Sai Kung, his wealth cannot be compared to Lam Kin Ming. Hoping not to anger her boss, Lily can only date Hinson in secret while pursuing true love.”

“Wedding Ceremony” with Lam Kin Ming

Lily, who has ended her seven-year relationship with TVB, recently signed with Lam Kin Ming’s new agency, Big Honor Entertainment. At Lily’s signing ceremony last week, their rumors were once again brought back to the forefront. The signing ceremony was described by the media to be like a wedding, with Lily wearing a white bridal dress and Lam Kin Ming wearing a nice black tux. Both Lily’s family and Lam’s goddaughter, Renee Dai (戴夢夢), were present at “the wedding.” Lam King Ming also presented a ring to Lily.

Using their “wedding” as a gimmick for the signing ceremony, Lily thanked the press for starting the rumor. “Thank you to the person who created this romance. To this day, I still remember the classic headlines that the media created. Thanks to the media, our romance has finally come to a happy ending today.”


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  1. Reading the news is enough to gross me out if the romance is true. Whoever says that age is not an issue here deserve a tight slap in the face.

    1. @tess Where should the line be drawn, though? 15? 20? 25? How about someone’s who’s 50 but looks 30 with a 24 year old? Or someone who’s 29 with an 18 year old who looks 15? You can’t really start condemning couples like these, especially if they’re both adults when they start their relationship, without opening a can of worms.

      I believe as long as they’re both consenting adults (not that I know if the romance is true or not) then it shouldn’t matter to anyone else.

  2. Wait, im confused. So does that mean Lily and the boss are dating or married ?

    Thats gross if it is true . I mean like age is not issue, but like 50 years gap is too much.

  3. I’m confused and speechless……
    Well… whatever.. As long as both parties are not confused. Even Lily’s parents are at the event so everyone is going in with eyes wide open. Just don’t go crying that she was cheated later. It would seem more like a young lady taking advantage of a filthy rich old lecher.

  4. They r not dating but he is just very controlling and she really needs his help. Thats the problem with being dependant on someone for something.

  5. Don’t understand why all of you are so surprised. The entertainment industry is like a prostitution service. Both have coexisted for many years. One dependent on the other. Relationships like these have existed for so long, the only difference is, it’s much tougher to hide these flings now that we live in the information era. Get a grip people! There’s no free lunches in the world.

    1. @anon

      Precisely. But of course, once they climb and become really hot property or marry into wealthy, details of how they got up there become completely forgotten.

      A whole bunch of starlets – some now married, had
      pasts where they were even married men’s mistresses.

      There was Mingpao article long before (a couple of the industry aunties and uncles being pimps) where sometimes starlets go for break but are actually on someone influential’s yacht (a certain Brunei – one of the richest around) can command a harem made of famous models and HK starlets.
      Some are more discreet about it, some get spotted. This one is high profile, but then the legit – he’s her agency owner.

      Some stars weren’t famous to those heights of earnings/didn’t have that big a career, but yet can open jewellery stores, have multi investments, own 3-4 homes and other ‘businesses’; and all they do is grace openings or appear in social events. They get termed clever business women.

      The pocket money to fund these = it’s can’t be all their previous ‘career’ earnings.

  6. Well, if she really have something going with her boss, the person who should be the most ackwards is Hinson, if she is dating him too.

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