Jason Chan Spotted Dining With Rumored Girlfriend, Sarah Song

After Moses Chan (陳豪), TVB’s newly promoted actor, Jason Chan (陳智燊) has been branded as another “Diamond Bachelor.” The 34-year-old was reportedly very popular among female TVB artists and management. However, Jason’s heart may belong to Sarah Song (宋熙年); the pair were spotting dining together twice last week!

Due to his upbringing in Great Britain, educational background, and good manners, Jason Chan was favored by TVB managers, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) and Virginia Lok (樂易玲) and sent on a fast-track promotion. After appearing in Be Home for Dinner <誰家灶頭無煙火>, Jason will lead in Blissful Ferris Wheel <幸福摩天輪> opposite Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣). Portraying a social worker, Jason will be entangled in a love triangle with Linda and Lin Xia Wei (林夏薇).

Given prominent opportunities, Jason handled his love life in a low-profile manner. Since 2009, 34-year-old Jason Chan has been romantically rumored with 2007 Miss Chinese International winner, 26-year-old Sarah Song. The pair lived at different towers within the same residential complex, making it easy to meet at any time.

Two Dates in One Week

On May 20th, Jason Chan was spotted on a lunch date with Sarah Song in the Tsim Sha Tsui district. The pair entered the restaurant separately to avoid suspicion. Afterward, Jason drove Sarah home. On May 26th, Jason and Sarah met again for lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the Central district.

While filming Blissful Ferris Wheel on May 28th, Jason was asked about dining together with Sarah. He explained that it was normal to meet friends for meals. Jason said, “These rumors have circulated for a long time. We are only good friends!” When it was pointed out that Jason often dined with Sarah, he said, “We did eat together, but not alone. Stephen Au (歐錦棠) and others were also there.”

When it was mentioned that a witness saw Jason and Sarah returning home together, Jason said, “No, we are neighbors. Sometimes I will pass by her tower building, but I did not go upstairs. If I were to date, I will definitely reveal it, which will make the relationship more comfortable!”

Popular Among the Ladies

It was known that Jason Chan was extremely popular among the ladies at TVB. On May 21st, Jason was spotted having dinner with Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠) and a manager. Breaking up with her boyfriend, Ray, last month, Vivien was now single again. When Jason met with Vivien, he helped her carry her bags. The trio lingered at the restaurant for 3 hours before leaving.

Partnering in lifestyle program, Dolce Vita <港生活港享受> earlier, Jason was linked with host Becky Lee (李璧琦). Allegedly, the pair had dated for 6 months before Becky could no longer withstand Jason’s flirtatious habits. She was currently dating TVB scriptwriter, Lee Sun Chun (李梓樅)

While filming Be Home for Dinner, Jason shared a kissing scene with Lily Ho (何傲兒). Although their onscreen partnership resulted in romantic rumors, the pair denied the allegations.

Aside from getting along well with his female colleagues, Jason found Be Home for Dinner costar, Stephen Au (歐錦棠), to be a good mentor. They often shared meals together and developed a close friendship. Jason said, “We met on the set of Be Home for Dinner. I often ask Stephen how to act out scenes. It was fortunate that he did not find me to be bothersome. We became friends; I even consider him to be my sifu!”

Source: Face Magazine #262 via ihktv.com

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Jayne: Jason has been rumored with Sarah Song for 3 years. She appears to be his “closest female friend” in the industry.

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      1. Darn, I thought u meant Jason and Stephen au. 😛

      2. hmmm Jason n Stephen does look great together lol

      3. Stephen should just divorce his wife (again) and marry Jason lol

  1. Wow, Jason seems to be popular w/ a lot of beautiful ladies. I like all the girls mentioned except lily ho (she seems fake compared to her sister gigi).

    I always thought Jason and Becky looked compatible on “dolce vita”.
    I didn’t know Vivien yeo is single again. Sarah better watch her man cuz Vivien is quite sexy.

    1. I remember there was rumour of vivian linking with Eric? And Macy just won Eric over Vivian something like dat.

  2. So this guy is another casanova in tvb lolz..

    1. Who is the first one?
      Kenneth is all flirt and no action. Bosco and Ron are whipped. Kevin is too picky. LF is once bitten, twice shy.

      1. Maybe Moses? the all time liar hehehe..

        and dont say Kenneth is no action, that guy has alot hidden under his sleave. Bosco & Ron are 2 declared unavailable single guys and they prolly listen to their gfs lol.

        kevin is picky for sure.. maybe he doesn’t like the opposite gender? who knows? hehe Just kidding.

        and lf, tis dude is just being careful after exposed. He will hunt again when he has extra free time heheh!

      2. Josie,
        “Kenneth is all flirt and no action. Bosco and Ron are whipped. Kevin is too picky. LF is once bitten, twice shy.”

        I’ll like to add that Bosco seems to be ready to walk down the aisle, with the serious commitments that he and Myolie announced they will consider marriage in 3 to 4 years.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Raymond Lam is seeing someone on the side already. One “dry” year without dating anyone (even casually) is very long for celebrity standards.

      3. I don’t think LF is once bitten twice shy. I think he is more I will never admit even if you have the marriage certificate slapped onto my face with a magnifying glass.

        Kenneth is yes, all talk no action but if he was all talk and plenty of action I am afraid he won’t be as popular as he is now. Let him talk and flirt all he wants but I do believe he will settle for one when he finds her or maybe he already has.

        Kevin is doing his own thing his own way his own pace and his own terms.

        Ron and Bosco whipped? How so? Anyway Ron is just with someone nobody likes but he alone loves. And he doesn’t care until such time he shall stop taking the LSD called Viann and wakes up to realise maybe, just maybe everybody is right.

        Bosco probably is ready to marry and they may be planning to marry. They’re aboveground with their relationship but underground in intentions. For me they’re one part publicity machine, one part real.

        Moses and Aimee is also the same way.

      4. “at same time he’s doing free charity filming for Shaw”

        Good for building up relationship for future work opportunity. Plus, Bosco is still new to movie industry. Filming this movie will give him the exposure.

      5. @kidd

        but like @lol said how can he save money for marriage if keep doing charity movies under excuse of gaining ecperience and relationship ROFL. Sooner or later Myolie might leave him for richer men

      6. @ Vivien

        Your hate of Bosco knows no bound, making you unable to think logically and reasonably. The report is about Bosco filming that one particular movie for free. You think he will film free for all subsequent movies by Shaw Brothers? That’s silly.

        Building up good relationship and connection is important in this movie business.

        Lastly, Bosco did not only make money from film. He also filmed series, do advertisement and endorsement, release albums, and dabble in business. You afraid that he can’t earn enough money for marriage?

  3. I don’t understand why TVB didn’t promoted the extremely talented Vivien Yeo. She is by far the most talented one in TVB now.

    1. your joking right? she cant even speak cantonese properly after all these years and her face doesnt even move with all her botox

  4. I am really not a fan of Sarah. Dont thinks she pretty and a good actress.

    But her and Jason seem cute together

  5. he is not bad looking, for some reason I think he is going to shape his nose.

    1. He looks fine with that nose, even LF didn’t shape his nose as claimed. lol

      1. i think LF did get his nose fixed because i was rewatching his old dramas and it wasnt

      2. i think LF did get his nose fixed because i was rewatching his old dramas and it wasnt as perfect as it is now

      3. Raymond Lam. He definately did get a nose job, LOL!
        I have fat nose too, but I don’t fix it, I like what God given me, natural beauty always best, LOL!

      4. LF definitely got his nose fixed… intentionally or unintentionally.

      5. I think he got his nose done too. Of course most of them will not admit that they did. I think LF did not get it completely reshaped like Viann or his ex PSS, but he did do something to it to make it look better. I remember watching him in EH and his nose looked different back then.

  6. I liked him in ‘Be home for dinner’ and thought he will be the new star. They look like an attractive pair. Good luck to them

  7. wow suddenly Jason getting many news! TVB promotion tactic to give Jason lead role and get media attention is working well!

  8. They looked like they were having table talk more than they were dating

  9. they look like each other/ both with long face and really long teeth. pretty people. they should put on some lbs though.

    1. Pretty with makeup. Sarah Song look horrible in the second pic at the table.

  10. Typical TVB actor: OLD.

    HK entertainment industry has become a retirement home of sort

  11. This guy can’t act.What’s wrong with the talent in hong kong these days. Another filth? (fail in london,try hong kong)

    1. Agree, I think his acting skill is really bad in BHFD. I thought that’s a B class or C class drama, that’s why he’s the lead actor.

    2. Jason can act better than aimee moses gf chan and jj pretty but cant act jia.

  12. “Diamond Bachelor” is just an euphemism for “Leftover guys” in HK.

    I think the reigning “Diamond Bachelor” right now should be Patrick Tse.

    1. Terminator:
      “I think the reigning “Diamond Bachelor” right now should be Patrick Tse.”

      Patrick or Nicholas Tse? The majority of eligible women may find Nicholas to be more appealing.

      1. haha, when I saw Patrick Tse, i was like wutttt??? I think Terminator meant Nic tse which is more appealing than shrinken patrick? hehe

  13. tvb getting really low in talent.. r thy short of goodlooking n talented guys…any tom duck harry seems to be lead now

  14. The top photo really makes Jason looks like a British gentleman. Haha.

    1. Yea, he does look like a British gentleman. He looks so different in that photo than the other photos that I have seen.

      1. He sort of looks like Taiwanese actor Bobby Dou in the above photo.

    2. He look good and gentleman. No wonder 620 and CT madly want to promote him to be the next TVB hearthrob LOL

  15. @lol

    WTF LOL filming for free? ROFL does he think he already have enough money to act for free? Cant understand his thinking ROFL

    1. I actually want to reply to @lol up there but this went to bottom 🙁

    2. bosco filming for free? LOL… he must think his Andy Lau level or something hahaha….

  16. @fez

    He’s weird LOL. His Myolie award drsperate Wu gf keep tell news that she got millions for mainland series but here we got a bf who only rely on events and endorsement fees but film movies for free yet said he want to make money to buy big home ROFL. Can he afford her thick makeup and lavish lifestyle?

  17. @Kidd

    In this time of unstable economy do you yourself will do a job for free when you have mouths to feed and a future family to pay for?

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