Linda Chung and Bosco Wong Promote “Witness Insecurity”

On June 27th, the cast of TVB’s Witness Insecurity <護花危情> went to Tsim Sha Tsui’s THE ONE shopping mall to promote the new drama. Although Witness Insecurity is producer Lau Kar Ho’s (劉家豪) last production with TVB, both he and Paul Chun (秦沛) were absent at the event.

Starring Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), and Paul Chun, Witness Insecurity is a romantic thriller that tells the story of a lonely wealthy heiress Kiu Chi Lam (Linda Chung) and her subtle relationship with her bodyguard, WPU Inspector Hui Wai Sam (Bosco Wong). Sam later discovers the questionable past of the heiress’ father, wealthy businessman Kiu Kong Shan (Paul Chun), and is forced to choose between righteousness and love.

The first teaser trailer for Witness Insecurity was unveiled a month ago, and five more have been released since then. Reception on the trailers was generally positive, but some netizens have criticized the trailers for their bloody content. Bosco insisted that those scenes were exaggerated for promotional purposes. While the actual drama will have many action scenes, none of them will be too violent for television.

Linda Chung Does Not Have “Princess Syndrome”

Because Linda’s character suffers from certain behavioral problems, people mistake her for having “princess syndrome.” Linda expressed that she is not worried that the audience will associate her with her character. “The audience should know that it is my character in the drama that is mentally unstable. I also do not believe that I have princess syndrome. The audience is smart enough to distinguish between a TV drama and real life.”

Linda also revealed that she does not have any kissing scenes with Bosco. When asked if Bosco’s girlfriend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), has princess syndrome, Bosco immediately replied, “Nope!” Teased that he was too scared to speak the truth, Bosco said, “Seriously, she does not!”

Witness Insecurity will premiere Monday, July 2, 2012 on TVB’s Jade and HD Jade channels at 9:30 PM in Hong Kong.

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  1. lol those hk netizens already complaint about bloody content, if they don’t like it just don’t watch it.
    i’m looking forward to this series.

    1. agree. those people complain about everything.

      1. I SO AGREE !
        I just think many audience may not understand the nature of the film or what its purpose. But i suppose the tv series isnt going to please everyone.

    2. HK netizens always complaining about bloid and violence geez how old are they

    3. I think it’s only a few loud ones who complained but it made HKers look petty

  2. haven’t seen Bosco onscreen for a while, will be looking forward to this.
    hk netizens already complain, if they don’t like it, don’t watch it la

  3. Bosco seems to be doing less TVB dramas these days.
    Too busy doing movies? Or in Mainland china?

  4. Netizens are criticizing that Witness Insecurity storyline is old school and predictable. It’s so easy to guess the storyline and the trailers are low budget and old fashioned. Don’t know why Lau Ka Ho is so stubborn and still made this series. Not recommending this.

    1. WI’s plot indeed sound average and cliche. I have to agree with the ‘netizens’ about the predictable and unfresh plot. This look like a filler series only.

    2. I wonder why u bother to complain, maybe cuz u jealous? why would somebody waste their time complaining about something that u wont even bother to watch, what u have no life so u need something to do?

  5. duh people who works wid tvb all year without going out are the unpopular ones, people who are going out to film movies and mainland dramas are most likely the valuable ones, so tvb would just promote whose left in tvb

  6. you can say all u want about the neitzens, i can say that the neitzens are so looking forward to this, my words are proof hahahaha

    1. @Vicky: your say. But it’s evident that HK netizens are condemning the old fashioned storyline.

      1. who cares what the hell they are saying, y bother to bring them in! like their the king of tv and w/o them, tv wouldnt be good

  7. I think Linda Chung’s acting in Witness Insecurity is fantastic. I love it.


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