Linda Chung Breaks Down At the Mention Of Her Kids

Now a mother of two young children and permanently residing in Canada, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has returned to Hong Kong to film the TVB drama Children’s Hospital <兒童醫院>, a medical drama that follows a team of pediatric doctors.

Originally scheduled to have her kids—four-year-old Kelly and one-year-old Jared—come to Hong Kong for a visit, the plan was delayed due to travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. Linda broke down while mentioning her kids at yesterday’s Children’s Hospital press conference, sharing that it’s been many days since she’s last seen them. While they maintain contact through video conference every day, her busy filming schedule makes it impossible for her to contact her kids at a consistent time.

Linda’s last television drama as a lead actress was 2016’s K9 Cop < 警犬巴打>. Her reasons for choosing Children’s Hospital as her comeback drama is because of the cast, comprising of Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉欣), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Catherine Chau (周家怡), and Him Law (羅仲謙).


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  1. LOL, I knew she’d cry whenever reporters would mention her kids or husband. She strikes me as this privileged woman who stresses about the littlest things and makes mountains out of molehills.

    Like, if she’s missing and worried about them, maybe she should’ve declined this “comeback” opportunity. No one is missing her on screen.

    1. @hazel Lol…I never watched any interviews ever since her sudden marriage interview. It was such a weird vibe and how she stressed it was not a speedy marriage and 4 days she already knew he’s Mr. Right. haha and the mixed it English/Chinese. You are right! It’s like little things making it into something much larger. She probably wants people to know she works harder and it’s extremely painful w/o seeing them for so long. Hubby is a doc of some sort not why she even bother w/drama shootings now but then again who can resist when stupid TVB offers a big sum for her even now. ahaha lol

      1. @wm2017 I cringed so hard when I watched that marriage interview. It was done by local/HK reporters and she was super nervous to admit that her marriage was a result of her getting knocked up. She’s part of the ‘virgin club’ so it must’ve been demoralizing for her to admit that she got knocked up by a guy way older than her, especially since her previous relationship was super long.

        I found it weird how she kept justifying her relationship with her husband, saying it was love at first sight. It’s such a big red flag; she married because of the pregnancy and stability. He was “Mr. Right” in terms of timing.

      2. @hazel I don’t know if it was a shotgun marriage as some might have registered/made it official ahead of time before these so called wedding banquet/receptions. This is a different century no one does it in the traditional ways anyway so justifying is useless imo opinion. I find it more depressing for Philip Ng if he dated her for so many years and it was platonic? Holy!! haha. I mean this V group, only Grace W had been very vocal about saving it for marriage and we didn’t really hear the other 4 preach as much well except for the shorty WCL and the tall girl. And from a platonic PN straight to this complete opposite of an uncle lookalike came along and it was bang straight marriage. I guess this is what they called ‘fated’ and ‘perfect’ as she put it? haha lol…I guess I always find it funny that people had to stress how happy they are to others when you don’t really need voice it out loud as others can clearly see it.

    2. @hazel Just because you and others don’t like her acting doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to make her comeback in acting and be worried about her kids at the same time. She has her own reasons as to why she chose to make this comeback and it wasn’t an easy decision to make, especially since she had to leave her family behind. Sure she may not be the best but definitely not the worst. She has a lot of other fans that enjoys her acting. And it’s not like she has to ask for your or anyone else’s permission to be acting in dramas. Don’t like her acting? That’s fine

  2. If it’s so difficult for her to be away from her kids, she should just forget the dough and go back to them. No one is forcing her to accept the role in the first place. Obviously the dough is too attractive so stop whining and trying to attract sympathy.

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