Linda Chung Rumored to Have Had Shotgun Wedding, Virginia Lok Says No Way

Though they denied it, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Philip Ng’s (伍允龍) romance was a long-held secret for eight years. When they were bombarded with breakup rumors last year, Philip seemingly confirmed the truth of the news when he called Linda a “normal friend” who he had not contacted for a period of time.

But the Linda and Philip romance saga is not over. A new rumor about their relationship has surfaced, claiming that the couple have reconciled and are together again. The biggest “news”, however, is the claim that Philip had gotten Linda pregnant, resulting in their “shotgun” wedding in Vancouver, Linda’s hometown. The rumor then went on to say that Linda purchased a custom-made wedding gown from Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) bridal shop.

Nonetheless, these rumors were quickly shot down by TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲). The general manager said, “Absolutely insane! No need to give these reports too much thought. It’s impossible!”

Linda has yet to respond to the rumors.


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  1. Don’t trust 620 the worst PR manager ever. Let’s see how long Linda is missing. More than 2 months and then a bump and you will know it is true.

    1. @funnlim You were right! Virginia Lok’s denial of Linda’s pregnancy didn’t last more than a week. Under circumstances, there wasn’t much for Ms. Lol to do except brush off paparazzi until Linda was ready to make wedding announcement herself. Shocking! #LindaChung

  2. Can’t picture Linda getting herself into this type of situation. But like funnlim said, just need to wait and see.

    1. @happybi sometimes, the last person you would think will get into these situations end up being the person ended up in these situations. But as you and funn said earlier…we’ll just have to wait and see. i have some doubt tho as reporters in HK are crazy and LOVE to fabricate stuff.

  3. Linda is rumored to be 5 months pregnant, groom is called Jeremy, nephew of TVB executives. Saw pics of her with Ruco for overseas roadshow, her bump is showing already.

    Never believe 620. Remember when Shirley Yeung was exposed to be pregnant and two timing? 620 even organized a televised interview for her to lie.

    1. @sehseh I’m shocked to hear that Linda is getting married, and the groom is not Philip Ng. While they hinted that they had separated, they were together for 8 years.

      Although Virginia Lok said Linda still has a long contract with TVB, Linda will likely take a long hiatus similar to Aimee Chan’s situation to take care of baby first. #LindaChung

  4. Wow, that’s why you can never tell and never know. Looking at the pics from Anthony above, needless to say she is very pumped up hahaha… lol…
    From hottie Philip Ng to that Humm..I love the PN look so hahaa… sorry but nice nice!! A rich dude is always what actresses’ prefer than non famous hottie’s I suppose.
    That’s why when people say who you date and who you marry are totally different people I guess they are right.

  5. Wow this is shocking but I am happy for her. This prove dating someone for a very long time doesn’t mean one will end up with that person. She’s probably still in early pregnancy so shouldn’t say anything until it’s consider safe. Hope it’ll be a smooth pregnancy! Congratulations and wishing her and her hubby well!

    1. @happybi not matching at all . She deserves better. Hmmm maybe he’s financially stable and all that but otherwise he’s hmmmmm hmmmmmm…….I’m speechless. …

      1. @isay I’m OK with how he looks. I never find Philip attractive so it makes no difference to me. Ha! Of course I like her with Ruco but it’s a done deal. She look happy in the wedding photos and as long as he treat her nice. I’m OK with it. She’s very low key so marrying someone outside the entertainment business may work better for her.

  6. Whoa…what a twist! How did Linda manage to escape the paparazzis til now? lol

    What’s even more surprising is the groom isn’t Philip. Congrats to Linda though! I guess she’s ready to settle down.

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