Linda Chung’s Unforgettable Christmas Memories

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Above: Linda Chung holds a fan-made Christmas present.

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) is a very family oriented person, and she would like to spend these festive times with them during Christmas. However, Linda is usually busy with promotional events or filming dramas. She has no complaints about working during the holidays due to the high endorsement fees. Linda wants to earn enough money to provide her family with a comfortable life.

Linda’s Favorite Holiday

Christmas is Linda’s favorite holiday, as she will never forget her special memories with her family. She revealed, “I love to spend Christmas with my family as we will decorate our huge Christmas tree with the warm fire burning in the fireplace. I love the sweet feeling of eating candy canes while trying to hang them up on the tree. We don’t have a tradition of exchanging gifts, but we would wrap some fake presents and put them under the tree.”

When Linda was around 18 or 19 years old, she made a Christmas card especially for her parents, and her mother would proudly show it to her once in a while. She said,” Sometimes when I am back in Vancouver, I would cry by just looking at the card.”

Linda will spend quality time with her parents when they visit Hong Kong. Unfortunately, Linda is busy with her work schedule during Christmas, and Linda’s parents have to return to Vancouver on Christmas Eve.

Celebrating with Friends

To celebrate the festivities, Linda will spend Christmas with her close friend, Leanne Li (李亞男), who is also from Canada. Linda will have a Christmas dinner and a gift exchange with Leanne and other friends. The presents do not have to be expensive nor luxurious as long as they have a fun time together.

Will Linda celebrate Christmas with her rumored boyfriend, Philip Ng? Wishing to be low-key about her relationship, Linda did not  discuss the topic any further.

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Linda Chung’s Unforgettable Christmas Memories

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    1. Funn Lim says:

      Not one comment? That boring?

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        “Will Linda celebrate Christmas with her rumored boyfriend, Philip Ng? Wishing to be low-key about her relationship, Linda did not discuss the topic any further.”

        Low key and yet she talked about her family, past presents, plans to celebrate with her friends, what she will do, all save for saying where and what time. So those are not low key?

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    2. TVBfadan says:

      Ah Linda Chung, the sweet, pretty, innocent actress that I adored. But not any longer….Among the most image-clean people in the HK entertainment, her acting still irritates me. Just my opinion. Not acknowledging relationships will eventually let he media screw you over with their tabloid rumors.

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    3. Jodie says:

      I’m so jealous of how pretty and talented Linda is -.- One of the only TVB actresses I think can actually perform well 🙂 Unlike the idiots who get main roles because of their looks *cough* Rebecca Zhu *cough*

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      • Michelle replied:

        I agree with you, especially the last part…><

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      • Nicole replied:

        Some people seem to forget that Linda was just as bad if not worse than Rebecca when she first started, and also got lead roles based on her looks so she should also be an “idiot” like you said? it’s only Rebecca’s first series, give her a break . If she is still as bad after some time like Christine kuo or Aimee Cham then pick up the bashing.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Jodie, I am sure Linda was Rebecca Zhu once.

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    4. blurjen says:

      merry xmas everyone! kong hei fatt choy!

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      • TN1 replied:

        lol yea! merryxmas to u!

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    5. TN1 says:

      MG! Random posting or otherwise there’s a bonfire with dudes throwing TVs off the roof lol

      Just caught dis 陳錦鴻 陳奐仁 張文謙 大讃鍾嘉欣 on youtube
      If I’m not mistaken appraisal from Sunny Chan for Linda n Myolie, rite! I don’t have doubts as well Linda is an apt learner!

      Merry x’mas n happy holidays to u Linda!

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