Lisa S. and Daniel Wu’s Daughter is Extremely Active

Currently on a hiatus for almost nine months, American model and actress Lisa S. earlier accepted a press interview and spoke about her life as a mother. The 40-year old artiste, who is married to Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu (吴彦祖), shared happy family moments regarding their 2-year-old daughter, Raven Wu.

Lisa revealed that Raven is a very active toddler who is always on the move. “She’s really crazy. She walks around all day and talks non-stop. I feel so accomplished taking care of her, because her personality resembles mine!” When asked if Raven already knows how to run, Lisa shared, “She runs around all the time, dances, sings, and attends a drawing class.”

However, Lisa added that Raven is oftentimes rebellious in behaviour. She explained, “Whenever we teach her something, she would do the exact opposite! She treats it like a game, and always does the opposite of what we say.” When asked if she and Daniel would lose their temper, Lisa expressed, “Nope, Daniel and I have decided that we would smile at her no matter what she does.”

Although Raven is currently enrolled in a local preschool, Lisa shared that they have not yet decided whether to have her obtain kindergarten education in Hong Kong or in the United States. She expressed, “We’re always flying around because of work, so we’ll decide when she turns 4-years-old.”

In terms of whether or not the couple plans to have another child, Lisa revealed, “We’re really busy this year and there’s not much time for that. Although we now have experience as parents, it still depends on my body condition. Daniel really wants a son, because there are too many women in his life!” Spending half her time in the United States and half in Hong Kong, Lisa expressed that the former is great for a relaxing break, but she also loves the latter’s food and energizing spirit.


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  1. Given Daniel and Lisa’s upbring in the western culture, I wont be suprised if they send Raven to the states for her education. I think it would be good for their daughter anyways!

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