Lives of Omission to Air on August 1st

TVB series, Lives of Omission <潛行追擊> held its prayer ceremony. Cast members, Michael Tse (謝天華), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), and Fala Chen (陳法拉) attended the event. The Producer announced that Lives of Omission will be broadcast on August 1, 2011 in Hong Kong. Photos of Michael and Bosco holding guns were distributed.

Allegedly, TVB requested Bosco to extend his management contract by eight years for fear of mainland companies luring artists with higher salaries. Bosco said, “There are a few years left in my contract. I have not thought about it yet.” (You were offered a leading role in a new movie?) “I don’t know if the project will truly start production. However, I have already committed to filming two movies.”

Moses Chan (陳豪), who recently filmed a swimming trunks ad, said he will lose out to Bosco.  “It’s okay to film in swimming trunks or underwear ads.” (Will you sacrifice for the sake of art?) “If the script were good, then there is value in the exposure.” Bosco mentioned that he did not mind revealing himself onscreen in a manner similar to Tony Leung.


Jayne: Why do you think TVB is rushing to air “Lives of Omission” so quickly? Do they have a blockbuster on their hands that they can’t wait to air? Or eager to capitalize on Bosco’s recent nude photo scandal and pushing his exposure higher?


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  1. I’m so excited to watch this series! Mainly for Bosco and Fala, they were so cute in Grace Under Fire! Too bad they won’t be a couple in this drama

  2. E.U. itself wasn’t a huge blockbuster of a series although Laughing Gor made a huge impact, and neither is Turning Point the movie.

    I’m not putting any high expectation on the series, rather I’m worried that the quality of the editing and post-production work will be affected by TVB’s sudden decision by the backstage crews to meet the deadline. Oh TVB….. (-_-)

    Bosco’s incident will have died down by August or earlier so there’s no point for TVB to capitalize on that. HK is a fast paced society – easy come easy go?

    1. Masaharu,
      Welcome back and glad to hear that you enjoyed Bali!

      I don’t think the airining of TVB series is haphazard in any way. They attempt to predict the reception of a certain series and try to air it in a certain season to maximize on the ratings if possible. Like any TV station, they likely have staff who analyze the ratings in a statisical manner and determine what is best strategy for its programs.

      Since “Lives of Omission” is still filming, it only has 1 month for post-production work. August 1st does sound rushing it.

  3. I think they are trying to hard to hold on the laughing gor. I know it was a good series but I was more than two years ago. But by the little trailer thing video clip it does look quite interessting, eventhough I think Bosco character is more facinating. But I’m still excited for it, I really miss action packed series though. Hope it’s as good as E.U.

    1. The drama won’t necessarily be the same with trailer. The trailer is specially made for advertising purpose/to attract sponsors and buyers at HK TV and Film festival some months back.

  4. I hope this doesn’t have as many plot holes as E.U. cause that really turned me off half way through.

  5. Why that soon? The filming isn’t even ended yet?

    1. TVB and their incomprehensible planning isn’t something new

  6. Yay!! Can’t wait. I will enjoy watching Kate Tsui, Fala Chen and the other casts. I hope they air it in New Zealand as well as the other HK drama series are at the moment. Film this year and airing this year? This is new…

  7. TVB is making a stupid decision.

    Im mean look at “Rosy Business II: No Regrets” editing, especially at the end of the series. Worst editing and quality. That hurt the overall series review which it let my expectations dip !!! and that was the recent series that was rushed editing and was put to air on that short due date…

    TVB better pay those people good….

    1. “Worst editing and quality. That hurt the overall series review which it let my expectations dip !!! and that was the recent series that was rushed editing and was put to air on that short due date…”

      Yeah this is what I’m concerned about. Trying too hard to meet a deadline might stress the person in charge of editing and mixing; and result in not meeting the intended results.

  8. Not sure how this will turn out, but I did enjoy watching Michael Tse as “laughing gor’ though I’m not a fan of him in general. Fala Chen is ok but don’t think she can be the main lead actress yet..I hope that Kate Tsui is not in this. OMG yet another one.

  9. OMG! Fala Chen again as main lead? I love all the male actors and want to watch because I always love watching HongKong task force in every units. But not sure about Fala.

    I am okay with her being support and not enthuse about her but as main lead…sigh…

  10. Can’t stand Bosco and Michael. Won’t be wasting my time watching this.

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