Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, and Michael Tse Nominated in Seoul International Drama Awards

Three TVB television dramas – starring Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), and Michael Tse (謝天華) – have entered the nomination list of the 7th Annual Seoul International Drama Awards. There will be intense competition among the nominees, as TVB blockbusters will compete against more than 200 worldwide TV shows from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and the Philippines!

Michael Tse’s Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, Myolie Wu’s Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>, and Kevin Cheng’s Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> will potentially win the coveted prizes at the respected Seoul International Drama Awards, which has for many years been hosted by the Korean Broadcast Association, alongside with major Korean TV broadcasters that include KBS, MBC, and SBS.

Among the three TVB artists, Kevin Cheng may have the best chances due to his nomination for mainland China drama, Scarlet Heart <步步驚心>. Apart from overseas shows, Korea’s hit TV programs Rooftop Prince <屋塔房的王世子> and The Moon that Embraces the Sun <月亮擁抱太陽> have also joined in the race. The moment of suspense will be unveiled on August 30th when the judges announce the winners in the different categories for short dramas, full-length TV shows, and Korean TV dramas.

Asked about their feelings regarding their nominated dramas, the three TVB artists were all very excited!

Michael Tse said, “I have not been notified by TVB yet. I did not expect the drama will be nominated. I plan to celebrate by having a Korean meal outside! The nomination proves the popularity of Hong Kong television shows. Quality always overrides language barriers!”

With two dramas on the nomination list, TVB Best Actress Myolie was tipped to succeed Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) in becoming the only TVB artist to be honored in both the program category and individual category. Myolie remarked, “The chances of winning are higher with two dramas being nominated. Although I hope to get the prizes, I personally try not to hold very high expectations. I am afraid that I might feel dejected if the results turn out against expectation.”

Myolie added, “I have not been to Korea for a long time and want to travel there and meet my Korean fans. A few days later, I will fly to Beijing to attend the Huading Awards ceremony where I will be competing for the Best Actress prize. My confidence is okay, as the other candidates are very well qualified!”


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  1. Rooftop Prince? The Joseon Rangers were cute to look at, but no. Just no. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Charmaine win for her role BTROC? Have all awards shows become such a joke these days?

  2. Myolie looks lovely in that picture. Proud of her achievements, she came a long way!!!

    <3 Kevin Cheng and Myolie. Can't wait for GJ2.

    1. Yes so proud of what Myolie has achieved now. Congrats to her and Kevin! She does look lovely 😀

      Can’t wait for Ghetto Justice 2 too. The trailer shows a promising series!

      1. I have seen the trailer and I am not impress with Christine Kuo’s acting. It looks promising to be a good series.

      2. GJ2 is looking promising for me too since they keep the elements that made GJ successful. Just ignore the love triangle and the bad actress they put to be the third wheel.

      3. finger cross for Kevin n Myolie!
        I’m looking forward for GJ2

  3. Very misleading article.

    These TVB series are not finalist. SDA has not released any finalist for the categories. TVB merely nominated these 3 series for SDA. Any TV station can nominate unlimited number of series as long as it’s endorsed by the station itself.

    And to answer the person above, BTROC was never finalist for Best Series or Best Actress Award. Charmaine won Popularity Award for HK region, her role in BTROC was pretty irrelevant.

    1. Slightly off topic, but it will be interesting to see Rooftop Prince versus The Moon That Embraces the Sun in SDA this year, in terms Popularity Award. Micky Yoochun versus Kim So Hyun fans battle.

      1. Micky will obviously win because he’s got a huge fan base as a korean singer too. Kim Soo Hyun is the better actor…but let’s see.

      2. But.. but… he’s not that great!! Acting is… usual fare.

      3. I think Kim Soo Hyun will win. TMTETS is much more popular than RP.

      4. @Funn,

        That’s why I said ‘fans’ battle.

      5. Don’t agree that Mickey will win just because he has his fan base from his music career. Korean netizens are getting tired of idol dramas and really hate idol actors who can’t act.

    2. Will not be very surprised if Myolie Wu gets to be a finalist in “Ghetto Justice”, but hopefully not in “Curse of the Royal Harem”. Her acting in COTRH was terrible and awful. If she gets any awards at the Seoul International Drama Award, I would say that either Korean people’s tastes and judgements are very different from people’s in Hong Kong or Koreans are highly interested in Chinese ancient palace-setting drama series (such as “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” and “Can’t Buy Me Love”).

    3. Ah, thanks for the correction. My memory’s a little hazy since it was quite a while ago. I read it from a Korean site and got the impression that she won for BTROC (you know, what with it being related to Dae Jang Geum). I didn’t know it was just for the HK region either. But I’d like to think she won it for her role in that drama with Dayo Wong though. Infinitely more likeable.

      Micky has improved but still has a long way to go. KSH’s the better actor, but he’s still not all that either. It’s still a tough call since one’s got the bigger fanbase, but the other has the better drama and acting chops… I say they should stop handing out “popularity” awards as consolation.

      Also, of the 3 dramas airing in the same time slot, Rooftop was the weakest! – in terms of script. King 2 Hearts or Equator Man should’ve been up there instead.

      1. I watched King 2 Hearts, Equator Man, and Moon. Acting, writing & production quality wise, K2H is definitely a intelligent winner.

        But… popularity wise, Moon & RTP has advantage. Actually Moon had it lucky, it aired during low season with not much competition. The series was mehhhh IMO.

        RTP I couldn’t get through 1st episode because I kinda bored at the cliche rom-com. The rest I just followed via recaps.

        Equator Man is the traditional revenge tale that K-drama would seems to love.

  4. hahahah imagne laughing gor winning… thn voila tvb thnking thy cn milk mre of laughing gor.. a drama or movie abt hm is out again…

      1. Sad isn’t it? Pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, uterus cancer, all these kills within 1 year, sometimes less. From what was written, it would seem she had some time to put her affairs in order. She must have faced her imminent death with calmness, grace and dignity.

      2. I heard awhile ago that she passed away but it was false news. So sad to hear this news and may she rest in peace. All of her happy memories will be in our hearts forever.I grew up watching many of her series and will always remember her and all of the great memories that she has bought me and my family.

      3. May Jacqueline Law rest in peace. She had a very sad life on earth. Hope she will be happier in Heaven.

      4. May Jacqueline Law rest in peace. She had a very tough life on earth. Hope she will have a happier one in Heaven.

  5. The Moon that Embraces the Sun is best! Supporting that drama! Lives of Omissions was great except for the ending where Fala had to die.

    1. I watched Rooftop prince and by 3rd episode I was bored with the story, niot excited about the OTT acting and seriously wondering, where have all the handsome guys and pretty girls go? This series seemed stuck with those who are not nice to look at. But the story, the ending was a mess.

    2. Yes The Moon that Embraces the Sun is best series of the year.

  6. I would very much like the HK actors to win particularly Kevin and Myolie. Very best wishes to the 3 of them.

  7. i didnt knw jacqueline passed away.. omg so young. she was so talentedd

  8. Good Luck Myolie! U got my vote 🙂 She look beautiful in above pic!
    Honestly i feel she may not win the award but at least she got nominate.
    Hope The Moon that Embraces the Sun win best tv series award!

    1. Yes. Kevin and Myolie get nominated already means they are being noticed by international standard. Proud of them.

  9. I love Myolie in “Ghetto Justice”, was she nominated for it?
    Agree…..Very beautiful pic!!!!

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