Louis Fan Has Monstrous Debt, JJ Jia Shows Support

With a monstrous debt of over HK$8 million as well negative reports on his love life prior to marrying JJ Jia (賈曉晨) in 2015, Louis Fan’s (樊少皇) public image isn’t exactly squeaky clean. The stress of debt and children may be overwhelming him, but the actor is grateful to have a loving and understanding wife by his side.

Louis and JJ held a secret wedding on New Year’s Day 2016, after about three years of dating. At the time, it was revealed that Louis had fathered a son and daughter from a previous relationship. Reports on his love life were not very positive at the time. Last year, a rumor started to spread about Louis being pursued by debt collectors, and that JJ had not known about it until after they married. Louis quickly denied the rumor with a legal statement from his lawyers. Even JJ released her own statement to defend her husband.

Earlier, Hong Kong tabloids recovered a legal document showing Louis’ huge debt. He had apparently borrowed several million dollars in 2013, but never paid it back. According to the document, Louis owed his debtor HK$8,353,000, including interest.

But this monstrous debt isn’t affecting his relationship with JJ at all. In fact, JJ is showing just as much if not more love for Louis. Due to their busy work schedules, the couple have to cope with a long distance relationship—but when they’re back together, they are inseparable.

Hong Kong paparazzi recently spotted the couple meeting up for dinner at a high-end Japanese restaurant. JJ immediately jumped into Louis’ embrace when they met. Although most of the shops in the mall were closed by the time they finished their dinner, they continued to walk around and chatted while holding hands.

Source: Eastweek

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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