“Lovestruck in the City” Airs Satisfying Finale

Netflix’s South Korean romcom Lovestruck in the City starring Ji Chang Wook, Kim Ji Won, Kim Min Seok, and So Joo Yeon has officially wrapped up. From beginning to end, viewers have witnessed not only a journey of different languages of love, but also personal growth and changing perspectives towards life.

Lovestruck in the City shows a uniquely refreshing take on love and relationships. Through three separate love stories, viewers are given a first-person perspective into each character’s relationships and their romantic outlooks. There are no typical tropes of love triangle, fake marriages, or forbidden love. It is simply just about two people connecting and feeling a spark while trying to navigate through their own personal issues.

Main couple Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) and Yun Seon Ah’s (Kim Ji Won) storyline is the most ambiguous as their relationship is full of twists and turns. Falling passionately in love during a vacation, the two even had a flash wedding. Once they returned to Seoul, they parted ways as if everything was a dream. Losing contact with Seon Ah, Jae Won was desperate for his beloved. Although he later crossed paths with her again and discovered that her real name is Lee Eun Oh, she was not the same person he knew before.

It turns out Eun Oh often disguises herself under different identities because she had lost complete confidence in herself after experiencing both job loss and betrayal from love. Feeling that she needs to find her true self first before facing her destined love, she purposely distanced herself from Jae Won. After learning the truth, Jae Won decides to give her space.

Eventually rebuilding her confidence, Eun Oh confesses her feelings to Jae Won, “Although I’m a mess and haven’t succeeded in finding my true self yet, are you still willing to accept me like this?” Pulling Eun Oh into a loving hug, Jae Won finally gets the answer he has been waiting for.

Lovestruck in the City provides an uplifting message for viewers, as there is no need to hesitate in love because imperfections are a part of life and will always be accepted by the person who loves you.

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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