Ma Su Cheats on Boyfriend With Ruco Chan?

Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) love life has been more eventful than ever since returning to TVB. Labeled as the new “lady killer” by the media, rumors of Selena Li (李詩韻) and Lee Yee Man (李綺雯) fighting for the 35-year-old actor’s affections soon followed after he announced his breakup with Miss Asia, Eunis Yiu (姚佳雯), in 2011.

Yesterday, a mainland Chinese source reported that The Bride With White Hair <新白发魔女传> star, Ma Su (马苏), and her boyfriend, 36-year-old Olympian table tennis player, Kong Linghui (孔令辉), are in the midst of breaking up after a rocky ten-year romance. It was alleged that both parties already have new love interests, and Ma Su’s new lover is said to be her “ex-boyfriend,” Ruco Chan.  Old pictures of Ruco and Ma Su posing intimately together are also beginning to resurface on the Internet.

Dating rumors between Ruco and 31-year-old Ma Su immediately sparked after they met on the set of ATV’s Love in a Miracle <> in 2003. Their rumors ended hastily a year later when news slipped that the actress had in fact been dating Kong Linghui since 2002. Ma Su and Kong Linghui’s romance was high profile, and in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics, Kong Linghui proudly announced to the media that would marry Ma Su within two years.

However, the couple’s marriage never occurred. In the past few months, various sources claimed that Ma Su and Kong Linghui are in the midst of a breakup. A few weeks ago, Kong Linghui was photographed meeting with actress, Yang Shuting (杨舒婷). Known for years as simply “Kong Linghui’s girlfriend,” Ma Su once told the media that she never minded the appellation. However, with Ma Su’s popularity increasing in mainland China in recent months, Ma Su appeared more agitated by the nickname, and expressed that she did not want to rely on others to make a name for herself.

Ma Su Gives Vague Response, Kong Linghui Denies

When Ma Su was confronted with her breakup rumors, she neither denied nor confirmed the breakup. “During all these years, I never needed him to promise me anything. I’ve already given him all of my youth. If it doesn’t work out in the end, then it is both of our faults. It has nothing to do with other factors.” Nevertheless, Ma Su’s manager approached the press to deny the breakup rumors.

Kong Linghui also denied the rumors. He laughed and said, “How did we break up? It seems that everyone is more worried about it than us! Don’t worry!”

Ruco Chan: “We are Good Friends”

In a telephone interview with Apple Daily yesterday, Ruco Chan said that he only filmed one drama with Ma Su, and he did not understand why such an old rumor was brought up again. When asked if the two had dated before, Ruco sighed, “I didn’t respond to this ten years ago, and neither would I respond to it today. I really don’t understand why her relationship with Kong Linghui has anything to do with me!”

Ruco Chan expressed that the recent intimate photos with Ma Su that has been circulating online recently were photographed by mainland Chinese magazines when they were promoting Love in a Miracle. He admitted that he is still good friends with Ma Su, and they would still occasionally meet with each other if they are in town.

“We are both very busy, so we don’t have time to see each other anymore, but we will call each other to send our regards during special occasions like holidays,” explained Ruco.


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