Malaysian Artiste Hero Tai Releases Nude Pictorial

Nicknamed “Gays’ favorite male artiste”, Malaysian artiste Hero Tai (祖雄) held a book-signing fan meet ceremony for his first-ever pictorial, “Be My Hero” on January 23. Friend and actor Tomohisa Kagami (“Tomo”), who played Nakamura-san in Light the Night <華燈初上>, also turned up with a gift to show his support, wishing Hero can continue to shine on in the entertainment industry!

Keen to Hear Dad’s Comments

Being photographed for his pictorial.

The nude pictorial, which has the 1.81m-tall, 35-year-old generously revealing his beautifully sculpted abs and buttocks, received good reviews for showcasing a healthy yet sexy image. Some Malaysian fans have placed orders for an entire carton of the books, which evoked Hero’s feelings of nostalgia for his home country. He expresses hopes to be will be able to return as quickly as possible to thank these fans, and cannot wait for his father to comment on his physique in the publication!

Hero said, “My dad was a bodybuilding contestant in his youth, [so I] must surely let him feedback a bit and be a little proud!” Since the pictorial is a lot bolder than his previous bodybuilding-themed book, he was asked if he felt embarrassed or shy during shooting? He recalled, “The references we looked at during the pre-shoot meetings were already very daring, so I had already readied myself mentally, during filming I tried my best to immerse myself in the camera’s eye, just like how I attune myself while filming on set, [so there’s] no embarrassment.” He did, however, felt just “a little shy” when he took another look at the photos later on.

Not Easy to Keep His Physique For Over 10 Years

Hero autographed books in just a singlet at the meet-up, and also showed off his abs!

Selling some 5,000 copies since its release in December 2021 and now into its second reprint — with fans clamouring for a second pictorial — Hero is open to the idea of a second version. “Okay! I will set my target for 40 years’ old, if at forty you guys still think my physique is not bad, then I shall publish another pictorial, but I will plan for other genres like cookbooks or bodybuilding books within these few years.”

Sharing the same interests in bodybuilding and cooking, Hero and his senior Tomohisa Kagami would often encourage each other. Looking back at his career journey in Taiwan alone over the past ten years, Hero expressed his feelings. “When I first started out, I was criticized that I got famous only because of my physique, but after 10 years, if there’re still criticism now that I rely on my figure, I’d think it is a compliment! Because doing something well for 10 years is really not an easy thing,” Praising Tomo-san for having kept up his physique in tip-top condition for an even longer time, Hero said that this point itself deserves his respect. 51-year-old Tomo-san also returned his compliment by recommending “Be My Hero”. “The book captured Hero’s life in a very real representation, and is a publication which both guys and girls would enjoy,” he said.

Source: HK01