Mandy Cho Gives Birth to a Baby Boy!

Former Miss Hong Kong winner, Mandy Cho (曹敏莉), announced the birth of her beautiful baby boy, Marco Cheung, on September 27.

The 31-year-old posted on her official Weib, “Younger brother is born! Dodo’s first words were of excitement, ‘I see Marco la!’ As [her] mother, my heart melted at her words! Thank you everyone for your blessings! I believe that they will definitely grow up with a lot of love around them!”

Along with the Weibo message is a photo of Mandy holding the adorable newborn baby boy, who still had his eyes closed. Next to Mandy on the bed was her two-year-old daughter, Dora Cheung (nicknamed “Dodo”).

Mandy married Hong Kong financier Jacky Cheung (張家傑) in October 2010. Less than a year after their marriage, Mandy gave birth to Dora in July 2011.

“When Dodo was born, she really resembled her father. But Marco resembles me more!” said Mandy in a recent phone interview.

Mandy revealed that she went through a rough pregnancy and that she gave birth to Marco through a Cesarean section. Her husband Jacky stayed by her side throughout the birth process. “I feel well today,” said Mandy. “I was also feeling well after the surgery. I am happy to see the baby healthy. I am still so excited!”

Dora was even more excited than Mandy! “She’s so happy! She even made a song called ‘Marco.’ She composed everything and kept singing, ‘Marco, Marco, Marco’!” Mandy laughed. Mandy professed that her tummy will now be at rest and she will not have any more kids.

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  1. Her daughter definitely takes after her husband. Mandy Cho was probably the best looking miss hong kong winner of the 2000’s.

      1. Oh come on! The little girl looks cute. Grow her hair longer, pony tails and some years to blossom she will be a beauty!

      2. Most little girls are cute with pony tails. Cute is different than pretty. I think she is cute too. But that doesn’t mean most little girls are future beauties. Looking at her nose, I seriously doubt she is one of those.

    1. I like her.

      Found her very pretty.

      I agree. If only her daughter have her eyes.

  2. Happy for you Mandy. Beautiful boy and girl, like the mother. Look forward to seeing you more. Have a good rest for time being.

  3. I always liked mandy cho.She is very pretty.Congrats on the baby.Too bad she married yao ming lookalike.

    1. Haha… Me too, she is one of the prettiest Ms. HK’s but too bad she was never promoted by TVB. We dont even remember if she ever had a memorable role in any of the tvb series she was in.
      If the hubby looks like Yao Ming then thats great but he has a bit of a down syndrome look. Very weird looking to be honest but good thing the kids seem cute.

      1. She did act much right? I only saw her in the Guts of Man and that was it. Congrats to her! Has she left the circle for good??

      2. Mandy Cho’s acting career was rather short. She only filmed 12 drama series from 2004 to 2010. Don’t know why she was not highly promoted by TVB. In old days, TVB seemed to promote Miss MCI more than Miss Hong Kong. I noticed Mandy in “The Charm Beneath” 胭脂水粉.

        Agree that Mandy’s husband is not good looking.

        It would be better if her daughter looks like her Mom than her dad. After all, a boy’s look is not that important vs. girl’s. I also think her daughter looks like her dad.

      3. I watched her in You’re Hired for first time and liked her since.

  4. I remember reading an article of an interview of her.

    I cannot remember the exact words though.

    She refused to accede to tvb request. She was told to frolick with some male contestants on floor in a variety show. Her refusal to join those activities had made her lose favour with tvb.

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