Stephen Huynh Praises Mandy Cho as a Good Girl

The 2008 Luxury Swiss Watch Expo was held two night ago. TVB artists, Stephen Huynh Wong Cheung Hing, Mandy Cho Man Lei, Suki Chui Suk Man, Tracy Ip Chui Chui, Sharon Chan Man Chi, Matthew Ko, Leanne Li, Janet Chow, Jack Wu and Stephen’s younger brother, Francois Huynh were guests at the event.

Due to their rumored romantic link, Stephen Huynh and Mandy Cho attracted the most media attention. Wearing a black dress from her private collection, Mandy revealed ample cleavage. Stephen praised Mandy, “She is always this beautiful!”

Did Stephen mind that Mandy wore such a revealing dress? Before Stephen could respond, Mandy interrupted, “My mother doesn’t mind my sexiness!” When the press praised Mandy for sporting the best figure among the attendees, she smiled, “It depends on the perspective!” Stephen laughed embarrassedly and said he could not see anything from his angle.

Mandy does not casually accept jewelry gifts from other men. “If I don’t like either the gift or the gift bearer, I will not accept it. I will not casually accept jewelry from men. It it best for others to realize this before they give me a gift.”

When Stephen heard this, he exclaimed excitedly, “Mandy is a good girl!” Mandy smiled widely at Stephen’s comment. Reporters asked whether Stephen will purchase jewelry for Mandy? Pointing to Stephen’s wallet, Mandy said that it was more appropriate for him to purchase a box of chocolates. The thought behind the gift counts more than its value.

Suki Chui wore the most expensive Swiss watch at the event. The piece was valued at nearly $2 million (HKD). Also the bracelet she wore was priced at $1.26 million (HKD). “Aside from the TVB Anniversary, I have not had a chance to wear such valuable jewelery. Since the bracelet is valued at $1.26 million, it is like ‘wearing a house on my sleeve!’ I believe that all women should own a beautiful diamond.”

Did Suki’s boyfriend ever purchase a diamond for her? Suki said that she will not accept valuable gifts from men. However, she did receive a diamond from her boyfriend earlier. But it was not an engagement ring.

Source: Wenweipo, the Sun

Jayne: TVB seems to like to assign Stephen Huynh, Mandy Cho, Suki Chui, Matthew Ko, Tracy Ip, etc to these high fashion events. Noticeably absent was Fala Chen. Perhaps her fee has already surpassed the others, thus she did not appear at this event.

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