Ron Ng Suggested Poolside Stripping Game?

The scandalous photos between Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Toby Leung (梁靖琪) continue to emerge. While filming for Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2> in Sanya, Hainan, Ron and Toby were photographed behaving intimately at the hotel’s pool. Although the pair had denied flirting with one another, the media continued to reveal the steamy details of the wild poolside party.

Ron’s Attentiveness Towards Toby

On September 16, Ron Ng and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) treated the cast and crew to a dinner after wrapping up the filming. At about 10 PM, Ron stayed behind to drink with some of the cast members. After Toby finished swimming, she joined the group and sat next to Ron. Ron reportedly was exceptionally attentive towards Toby. Upon seeing her wet and messy hair, Ron stroked her hair gently and tidied her hair.

Ron, Toby, Stefan Wong (黃長興) and a few cast members sneaked in the hotel’s swimming pool even though it was already closed. Toby was exceptionally striking wearing a black strapless bikini top, showing off her 35D figure. The group played wrestling games at the pool and Toby had no qualms about adjusting her bikini top in front of the men.

Toby and Ron then wrestled at the pool and the pair was behaving intimately during the game. Clad in a low cut bikini, Toby revealed her cleavage which prompted Ron to say, “You have such good nutrition. It’s hard not to have any reaction!” Despite Ron’s dirty joke, Toby continued to hold him and smash him down the pool.

Ron Suggested Stripping Game

Ron reportedly suggested the group to play a stripping game and said, “Whoever removes your trunks, I will treat him as my brother!”

The entire group attempted to strip one another and Stefan was photographed holding up Quinn Ho’s (何君誠) pink-colored swimming trunks. Ron and Toby did not join in the game and were happily watching the game.

The group then proceeded with their drinking games. As Ron lost the game, he tried to avoid the drinking by excusing himself to the washroom. However, the group stopped him and asked him to release himself at a pool nearby. Ron reportedly listened to his friends and polluted the pool!  After a rowdy party for two hours, a hotel staff walked in and requested the group to leave. Ron and Toby reportedly held hands and returned back to their hotel rooms.

Toby and Husband’s Response

After returning to Hong Kong, Toby’s husband, Aaron was asked of his opinion on the scandal. Toby quickly answered on behalf of her husband, “Are there any photos to see? Show us what photos you have!”

When the reporter showed Aaron the photos, his face reportedly turned solemn and replied, “She already told me the situation and I don’t feel unhappy. They are only good friends.”

Ron treats Toby as a Sister

Asked if he and Toby had a good time at the pool party, Ron replied, “Yes. After the celebratory dinner, we played games at the pool. We played some drinking games.”

Responding to their drunken behavior, Ron replied, “We did drink some beer during the dinner but we were both sober.” When the reporter showed a picture of him patting Toby’s head, Ron was shocked and said, “This….is an expression of concern. It’s just like how a brother will treat his younger sister.”

Speaking about their intimate behavior, Ron said, “All your photos freeze at one action. It’s a bit too much to accuse us just by looking at the photos. ”

Ron also emphasized that Toby had a playful character and they will mind their behavior the next time in the presence of media. Reiterating that they are good friends, Ron said, “Everyone knows we are good friends. However, I am at fault too. I should not treat her like a man and play with her in this way.”

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  1. “As Ron lost the game, he tried to avoid the drinking by excusing himself to the washroom. However, the group stopped him and asked him to release himself at a pool nearby. Ron reportedly listened to his friends and polluted the pool! ”

    OMG this sounds gross! I hope this is just made up euwww

    1. it looks like ron sure knows how to have fun but doesnt know when to stop

  2. Too bad Edison Chen wasn’t there; otherwise, we would have some great photos of this wonderful orgy.

    I guess psychotherapy for his sex addiction did not work for Ron. LOL!!

    1. EDC won’t like open pool parties. He loves to make it sexual in the bedroom in private 😛

      1. muahaha…. i really do want to continue on, but not witty enough to come up with any 🙁

  3. Ron I don’t believe you treated her like a man when that supersize boobs is right against your chest.

    1. Ron is hypnotized: All big boobs are water melons, all big boobs are water melons.

      1. more like melons then watermelons, watermelons are for porn stars.

    2. Haha thats what i exactly thought. With his history, i doubt he will treat 35D like a man.

      As for toby husband , dont think he will admit that his wife gave him green Barrett to wear. Forsee divorce in the future.

      1. I’m ignorant. I don’t even know there’s a size 35 although I’m a female 🙁

      2. That’s mentioned on the above article. Ya, why 35? I thought is starting from 32,34,36,38,40 and so forth and cup wise from A-Z

      3. HK seems to have different size of breasts. Such as Linda is 33C, do you ever heard of 33?

      4. That’s weird. I thought it was 32,34,36, and all the even numbers only

      5. Linda doesn’t look like a C cup to me. A B cup would have been more appropriate

      6. asian cup sizes are one or two sizes smaller than western ones. so linda’s c cup is probably just a b cup really.

    3. He says that he treat her as a man, but what he is thinking is “Damn! look at those boobs. Let’s pretend to treat her as a man, so we can play, and I can get near them”

      Ok Somehow I feel bad, for been so mean to Ron:P

      1. Now even all the tabloids always write Ron like a horny idiot. Poor Ron. 🙁

    4. She has big boobs and Ron like women with big boobs. She is flirt around and Ron like to play around. . .wow. . something must be going on after that

    5. Meh, guys dont think like girls.. In guy’s mind, when they say I only treat her as my bro but deep inside, tehy wanna eat the girl up in bed. Ron is a typical h0rny dude who’s fascinated with anything BIG and do u think we can trust his word? nah..

      1. so is Toby, a rich family daugther.. I dont think the hubby will dare to raise his voice on Toby, she seems to have this “I dont care” attitude in her.

  4. The photo shows them as though they were comparing each other’s boob sizes.

    Ron should put his T shirt back on and stop grossing us out with his Pillsbury Doughboy physique.

    1. Poor Ron. Are what we seeing is his double or triple chin even with such low quality pic? 🙁

  5. I pity for the pool’s cleaner. Polluted the hotel pool? Ron, behave!

      1. They should put the special chemical thing that can change the water’s color whenever someone pee to the pool

    1. I wouldn’t be surprise that it was the pool boy who tipped off the media about this out of spite against Ron.

  6. Good God, Ron – how about hitting up the gym instead of this ridiculous charade?

    And I feel sorry for Toby’s husband.

    1. When he said he don’t mind, people are mocking him now for being the ‘weak’ husband. Poor husband but wait, are we sure he’s not doing the same thing to some female friends in bikinis LOL

  7. Ron is as smart as a rock. Why doesn’t 620 help him in these kinds of situations?

      1. It seems like 620 is not find of Ron, she never helps him out in these situations. Unlike her other favorites.

      2. @Fox

        Ron still in the calendar with prolific ‘young’ TVB siu sangs: Ron with KM, Himhim, Edwin, Jason, Vincent.

        Wait, did I say young? 😐

      3. Yes, you’ve just said young. Can you blv this word can leak out of your mouth?

        HimHim and Vincent might young, the rest has some might look young, but all of them? Yo…u…n… sorry, I can’t complete the word.

      4. Real kids here I dun refer to her biological daughter and son :P. I’m referring to her real Txb kids that have just had a press conference.

  8. Only in the HK media have I learned after 30 years of being a women that there are odd numbered bra sizes. As for Toby’s “D” cup – I am highly suspect.

  9. So, has Ron gained any votes in the “Sexiest Man in China contest”? LMAO!!

  10. Playful is one thing, flirtatious is another but full on stripping game with a bunch of other guys without husband there is just plain scandalous. NOW THIS is a scandal, not like boring Tavia-Him Law scandal which is not even a scandal so shouldn’t be worth more than 1 paragraph of mention.

    1. But Toby doesn’t open press conference, with neither Ron nor husband. So it’s “smaller”

      1. LOL yah. Press conference is for 620 important persons. TY is undoubtly one now 😀

    2. Don’t forget that one guy lost his pink/red panties hold by Stefan and might be stark naked in the pool and Toby is still in the pool with them having fun?

    3. only pool party with a group of friends so normal, should not consider a scandal

    4. Ditto! A married woman is linked with a single man here vs 2 single people spotted together.

  11. Is there no end to poor Ron’s humiliation? He should just hide himself in a room for a year till everyone has forgotten his nasty rumors. I kid. It looks like he never learns from past experience does he? Or does he think that being TVB’s new bad boy will earn him more fans. I have to say, the article really sounds like him!

  12. I’m curious.. what do you guys think about Toby wearing that bikini and playing around with the guys like that? Do you guys think its acceptable, regardless of whether she is married or not?

    1. Ask her husband because it’s his business. And you can see her husband replied.

    2. Let’s ask guys here. Where’s exoidus and others? Let them put their wife/gf in Toby’s position and how do they feel if they see their wife/gf and her male friends in these kind of pics 😛

      1. Females here can ask for husband/bf opinion about this too. Q: Can your hubby/bf tolerate you fooling around the ‘Toby’ way with your male friends? Toby way mean
        -wearing a strapless bikini top with your big boos hanging out
        -wrestle and have skinship with guys
        -and got naked man in pool. ROFL 😛

    3. Ooh, I don’t mean Toby specifically actually. Let’s say a hypothetical person in her position.

    4. To be honest Jen, If i was her and this is my oppinion,then I would have been more careful, and though over my position as a wife. I wouldn’t have make it this far. (This is my though as an Asian girl, and the way my family has teached me)

      But as a western grown up girl, then i may have take this as fun no more no less, just friendship and having fun.

    5. i think no wife shoud act tht way.. a bit of restraint. i wouldnt wan my hubby cavorting wth hs female frens half naked..

    6. I find her being a bit of an attention wh0re. Where are all the other actresses, Myolie and them all? apparently they didn’t want to play by the pool and gain attention with a bunch of guys. Only Toby is willing to do that.

  13. Ron peed in the pool?!? Is that for real? That’s totally disgusting! Seriously, WTF man?!!

  14. Seriously who wears a bikini like that unless they are desperate
    for male attention. I feel bad for the husband, i sense a lot
    of heated words exchanged behind closed doors.

      1. Don’t have a problem with bikinis but the way she wears them, they ‘re almost dropping off.

      2. YOu are saying about bikinis in general or Toby’s bikini in particular?

  15. A bunch of hot blooded MENS with a 35D married woman plays in a pool late night. Yeah right POOL PARTY 😉 I believe you Ron! Toby’s husband believe in you too! You guys are both FRIENDS. You treat her as a lil sis where she treat you as an elder bro. Not a bad excuse at all. Everyone will believe you! Even a 3 year would think that you’re right! Don’t worry 🙂

  16. Toby was exceptionally striking wearing a black strapless bikini top, showing off her 35D figure?


    1. If she’s a 35D in asian sizes, it means she’s actually a 34C or 36B in western sizes. Not really big.

  17. Looking at the ihktv links, Eliza Shum looks much more “full” than Toby. Also she fills up her t-shirts while Toby seems much thinner. Does that make Eliza 36E?

      1. Eliza has natural cuteness and she’s also ‘sexy’ in a cute and unpretentious way. You know, the kind of sexy that people will look and say ‘cute’ instead of ‘sl*tty’.

      2. I think Eliza’s size is slightly bigger, but not really big. The cup might be E. The round dun noe but the most important is the cup, round dun affect.

  18. is that the pix or ron does look..uh..kinda FAT?????? so he clearly want to throw his career down the gut huh, acting gotten worse and body has too much fat.

    1. Ron is not only a bad actor, horny philandering guy, dumb artiste but now fat too. He better keep his good looking face since that’s his selling point.

      1. Rou sounds close to Ron, and coincidentally shows that Ron Ron is rou rou (meaty).

  19. This is much more incriminating but i still don’t see it as a big deal. HK media calls too many things a scandal.

    1. Of course, comparing to Ronnie’s pinkie panties scandal last time, this one is nothing. But combining both, it’s oil to the fire.

  20. Ron looks disgusting above. a yum chung. perv all the way like hes about to grab her boobs. as for toby she definitely loves the attention.

    1. The guy with white cap is Toby’s husband? I can’t see his face clearly. They seem to be quite normal to the reporters, still smile and reply friendly.

      But this clip is much more tarnish to Toby and also Ron.

      1. BTW Ronnie can have the certificate of death now. With the sentence “Can’t bear anymore” to Toby, he is dead.

      2. Ron and Toby in deep sh*t but 620 busy with TY’s head in crotch story. Poor Ron 🙁

      3. Who tells Ron to lose 6 packs (if he ever had) and Toby only has 35D but no long nose :P.

      4. Ron smokes and didn’t Ron said they didn’t hug or kiss? Busted isn’t it…..

      5. I’m excited to know what is Toby’s husband respond this time! If he still stands on her side after all this pics and clips surfaced than I would love to say guys like him had already EXTINCT in this world! Who can tolerate their wife in such act? Oh wait where is Tommy Leung again? His daughter is having a GREAT time in Sanya filming his series. The experience was so great that the doggies can’t help but to share it with us 🙂

      6. P.S : Why isn’t Mama Lok planning a press con for this?Face-in-crotch is so boring compare to this wild sexy pool party!

      7. ohh Ron dear Ron, good luck to you. You really did it this time. Same goes to Toby. So Ron, are you thinking about Suing the media like TY is thinking about doing or what? Ohh i forgot 620 is to busy to help out her favorite, so she don’t have time to help you out. Ohh maybe you can ask your other half LF 😉

      8. lol out of of the 3 scandalous siu sangs this year. RON wins first prize hands down.His news came in one after another and each time it gets more and more absurd. Both LF & Bosco have to step back as their news died down too quickly.

        Such a BAD year for TVB eh? I think they should really get their feng sui checked. Almost all of their first line actor/actress are involves in scandals.

      9. If Ron can’t open a press conference, we’ll know what is happening inside Txb ie. who is real kids of 620.

      10. I know I am kinda out of the topic now, but Bosco smokes, Ron smokes, does LF smoke?

      11. From the beginning, Ron’s ones were always the most serious.

        LF: Liu Yuqi even can’t have a pic with him, only has pic with a dog which is not belong to him. He can run of it easily and in fact, he ran out of it now. Nobody bother to mention of Liu Yuqi to him, only ask about Karena Ng.

        Bosco: All the girls are rumoured and there is no pic, no proof to say that he did cheat Myolie. Mostly are assumptions.

        Ron: Pix, clips, proofs, the girls’ stories.

        Moreover, LF and Bosco handled the scandals better than Ron last time. They kept silent and let the rumours died in peace. Ron, the more he said, the faster he died because his words always have holes for reporters to dig more. For example this time, he said no hug, and what’s in the pix?

        After that, LF and Bosco both came back to work without any more rumour, and Ron, not so long, involved in another one, when ppl haven’t forgotten his old scandal.

        So Ron is burying his career himself. Txb seems to ignore him right now.

      12. @Linnh: LF did smoke in the past but due to a serious health problem, he quit smoke until now. He once said that he vomited blood this time so he had to think for his health.

      13. Ron is always saying the opposite of what the pics show, he should get a low profile for awhile aka, stop getting into scandals with proofs O_o

      14. Hurray for LF, then your teeth isn’t so yellow like I bet Bosco and Ron has.

      15. Wow LF must have been going to a special dentis to whiter his teeth( lol I don’t know what it’s called)

      16. No hug eh Ron? In one picture Ron and Toby almost kissing or kissed already? The tabloids really know how to hear the response first before leaking out the real bomb later if the celeb lied through their teeth.

      17. The newest bunch of pictures are more demeaning to Ron and Toby. Will Toby’s husband still smile now? Or only smile to reporters but god knows what exchange happened this time between Toby and husband behind closed doors.

      18. It’s Ron’s own fault. Nobody forces him to release his horny hormones in the pool wrestling and with Toby and get caught with proofs.

      19. I think every couple’s marriage has a different implicit understanding.

        Maybe Toby thinks that given it was a pool party with so many people present (albeit they were mostly men), that obviously no real true cheating will happen.

        I see the pool party as an act of flirtation. Yes she flaunted herself in front of the men. Maybe Ron did comment on her assets (who knows?). But this was still done all out in the open.

        I wouldn’t wish my husband to be part of the pool party. I would reprimand my husband if that were to happen. Despite the flirtation, which may have crossed the line, it is still flirtation.

        Some people, perhaps Toby, are inherently flirtatious by nature. But until one acts upon that temptation, then I wouldn’t condemn them for what happened in the situation. It’s not something I would have done personally myself.

        But it is best left for the married couple to decide. If Toby’s husband minds this kind of behavior, then yes she is an inconsiderate wife. But not truly a scandal unless she were caught in bed.

        Like how Moon Lee’s ex-husband allegedly caught her naked god-son hiding in their home closet. Moon had an illicit affair with her godson, this is what I would call a true scandal.

        Ron and Toby’s may have crossed the line by many people’s set of values (married women should not flirt with other men), but they did do it in public, which sort of proves that they didn’t really have anything truly scandalous going on.

        Maybe inappropriate behavior and inconsiderate of Toby and Ron, likely spurred by their boldness and impaired judgement after drinking.

      20. Maybe Toby and hubby has agreement that both can play and flirt with opposite sex in bikini and swim trunks LOL

      21. LF news mostly with Karena chick and all look like to promote that pyjama movie ROFL

      22. How can they beat the reality dramatic life of Ron? LOL. Ron win! Poor meat meat Ron.

      23. Ron is in deep water now. Txb dun seem to care for him.

        Toby, if quitting acting, not a big affect to her since she dun need to care for money. But Ron who is still living in renting flat, has more troubles to worry.

  21. I don’t think see any other possible response from Toby’s husband other than he fully supports her and it was a misunderstanding. No normal man would tell the world that his wife cheated on him behind his back and he would never forgive her. So I feel that his response in this article is pretty standard. Toby and her husband are smart people who know how to respond. Too bad I can’t say the same for people like Ron, Tavia or Him.

    1. Yes, and he might even give an ok response just to save his face as a husband.

  22. I watched the video of them. And yeah, Ron got caught up in his lies again, they were hugging and kissing and holding hands, but maybe he too, like big nose, was drunk so he forgot what happened as well. LOL

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