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TVB artist, Stefan Wong (黃長興), also widely known as Stephen Huynh, possesses an exotic and dashing mystique due to growing up in France. After participating in the first annual Mr. Hong Kong competition in 2005, Stefan became an instant sensation and signed with TVB. Due to his handsome exterior and onscreen persona, people are often surprised by how warm and approachable Stefan is in real life. In an exclusive interview with, Stefan shares how he met his fiancée, why he decided to become a restaurant entrepreneur, and his acting experiences at TVB.

JayneStars: Fans have known you as Stephen Huynh in the past. Why did you decide to adopt the name of Stefan Wong?

Stefan: My friends called me “Stephane” in France. In Hong Kong, I could not spell my name in this manner without running into common mispronunciation issues. While the English spelling for “Stephane” is “Stephen,” people tend to pronounce it as “Steven.” Finally, I decided to use “Stefan,” as I am sure no one would pronounce it incorrectly with this spelling!

When my family and I left Hong Kong to move to France in 1983, we had to fill out residency application forms. Our relatives in France advised that to make things simple, we should adopt the family name of “Huynh,” which is the translation of “Wong” in Vietnamese. However, I am not Vietnamese and have not lived in Vietnam. Since returning to Hong Kong, I reverted back to our family name, Wong.

JayneStars: First things first, congratulations upon your recent engagement! Can you tell us how you met your fiancée, Peggy?

Stefan: Thanks, I met Peggy almost three years ago through my good friend, Matthew Ko (高鈞賢). After work one night, he invited me to attend a friend’s birthday party at a Lan Kwai Fong club. Although I did not like big crowds, I agreed since Matthew really wanted me to go. The club was so packed that we had difficulty walking through the crowd to our friends’ table. His friends were very happy to see us and took us to the dance floor immediately. They were very nice and I had a great time, but I wanted to sit down. At that moment, I saw a girl sitting by herself at our table. I wondered why she sat alone and did not join her friends on the dance floor. I prefer girls that are a bit mysterious and quiet, so I walked back to our table to initiate a conversation. We had a nice chat and Peggy was able to speak a bit French. As for the rest of the story…we are getting married next year!

JayneStars: In your spare time, you enjoy cooking. How did you develop this interest?

Stefan: My mom is my idol. She was quite strict in raising my siblings and me. She taught us how to take care of ourselves in case she will not be with us one day. Tough words, right? She noticed that my elder brother, Alex, possessed public relations skills so he handled the family’s communication and administrative needs. My mom discovered that I had potential in taking care of domestic responsibilities, such as cooking and housework. When my mom cooked a dish, she asked me to help her and learn how to prepare it. I was interested in cooking and on the occasions when my mom was not home, I cooked meals for my family. After my younger brother and sister were born, I took care of both of them. My favorite foods are burgers and eggs prepared in all manners: fried egg, boiled egg, and omelet. I am very simple!

JayneStars: Why did you decide to open a French restaurant, A La Maison, in Hong Kong? Can you describe the type of dishes offered in your restaurant?

Stefan: I have always wanted to be a lo ban (boss), ha ha ha…. Last year, I had some free time on my hands since I was not filming too much for TVB. As a work alcoholic, I could not withstand doing nothing on my days off. Raised in France, I am knowledgeable about French culture and cuisine, including all the traditional dishes. Outside of the country, it is difficult to find the taste of the original dishes, since they are readjusted to suit local taste preferences. At my restaurant, casual French dishes that are normally prepared in a French family’s home or school canteen are served.

JayneStars: How do you balance the demands of running a restaurant and acting at the same time?

Stefan: It’s not an easy job. After filming for the entire night, my colleague will say, “I am going home and sleeping like a baby!” I am jealous when I hear these words because I have to go to my restaurant and work again. Aside from this, I enjoy interacting with my customers, who often compliment that I do not resemble my onscreen persona. They said that I am nicer and do not look like a playboy in real life! Unfortunately, I often portray playboy and bad guy roles! I did not know the extent of impact that television series can have on other people’s impression of me.

JayneStars: Can you tell us more about your role in your latest TVB series, Prominent Family <名媛望族>?

Stefan: The story takes place in the 1920s. My character comes from a wealthy family background. After studying in England and obtaining an elite education, I return to Hong Kong and quickly secure a job at a government office. My father is a famous lawyer, but my aggressive and arrogant personality leads to many problems as the series progresses. The drama will be forty episodes in length, but I am uncertain as to how many episodes I will appear in.

JayneStars: What is your most unforgettable acting experience?

Stefan: In my first TVB series, I had the chance to work with Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮), whom I had watched on television while in France. I portrayed a Mongolian tough guy and we traveled to China to shoot this drama. I enjoyed the experience very much!

JayneStars: One of your biggest fans at, Kidd, wants to know whether you will be traveling to Malaysia in the future?

Stefan: We have relatives from my dad’s side of the family in Indonesia, so we often visit them. I have also visited Penang, Malaysia since my cousin lives there. I hope to have the chance to work there again and meet Kidd! To achieve this, I will “add oil”!

JayneStars: Do you have a Facebook or social media account? Is this your official fan site,

Stefan: I do have a Facebook account, but I use it to communicate with my childhood friends in France. One of my very loyal fans, Vivian, created the website for me.

JayneStars: Thank you, Stefan for chatting with and allowing fans to know you better!

Stefan enjoying a motorcycle ride with Michael Tse and Carlo Ng, who recently received their motorcyle licenses.

Stefan hosting a cooking program; Stefan enjoying a meal with friends.

Stefan’s restaurant, A La Maison, located at 18 Jupiter Street, shop F and G, in Tin Hau, Hong Kong.

This article was written by Jayne and Kidd at If you would like to repost this article, please credit accordingly.

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  1. I just saw him on Tv. Anyway congrats Jayne and Kidd on this exclusive.

  2. Thank you Jayne and Kidd for this interview with Stefan.
    I’m from France too and I had the opportunity to meet Stefan at his restaurant in HK.
    He is very nice in real life and his restaurant’s dishes are excellent. I won’t forget the moment I had with him.
    Thanks to him, I could enter TVB City and meet most of the artists for the 2012 Sales Presentation in November. I’m so grateful to him.
    I wish him all the best for his acting career and lots of love with Peggy.
    On te soutient Stéphane, gros bisous.

    1. Anna,
      You are very lucky to have met Stefan and enter TVB City together!

    2. THat was really nice of him to help you enter TVB City and all..

  3. Stefan is soooo handsome….
    he is one of the most handsome tvb’s actors nowadays, besides kevin and raymond 😉

      1. i mean raymond lam :), i forgot that there are more than 1 actor whose english name raymond in tvb

  4. Most of the movie that i watch ” he is such a player”, but in real life he is nice person& a great actor, kerp it up… Congrat in the future

  5. “When my family and I left Hong Kong to move to France in 1983, we had to fill out residency application forms.” Was he one of the boat people from Vietnam?

    1. Anonymous,
      If you read the interview carefully, Stefan is not Vietnamese and has not lived in Vietnam. His family had lived in Hong Kong before moving to France.

      1. A lot of Chinese people living in Vietnam at the time were allowed to leave Vietnam as boat people. After leaving Vietnam, they could arrive at refugee camps located in different countries in southeast Asia such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. My guess is that his family arrived in Hong Kong before immigrating to their destination, France. That would explain why his family had a Vietname name upon their arrival in France even though they’re Chinese. I’m not sure what Stefan’s age is, but his parents could have been lived in Vietnam while he himself didn’t (if he was born in France).

      2. @ hkstar

        Stefan was born in HK. He immigrated to France with his family when he was 5 years old. He recounted his life in HK in an interview with Anna Yau in the RTHK program EveMaria. He said he attended kindergarten in HK.

      3. Then why his brother’s name is Fracois HUYNH, not Francois Wong is he has never live in Vietnam?

      4. Fox,
        The interview explains it…Stefan’s relatives in France suggested they adopt the name of Huynh (Vietnamese version of Wong) when Stefan’s family immigrated from Hong Kong to France. His relatives had the name Huyhn and for immigration purposes to France, it would be a lot easier for the authorities to process the papers and for follow-up purposes to have to same family name, since Stefan’s relatives act as guarantor for the process.

        Anyone who has emigrated to a foreign country can attest to the nightmare in documentation work over the spelling of a name. Such as Chao, Chau, Zhou, Chow for the same last name, just different trends in spelling of the last name depending on which province the person came from or which generation. So a father in the USA may be Chow and when it is time to apply for son to come, the official documents might require pinyin spelling of Zhou. And then they have a very difficult time explaining that they are father and son because American authorities do not understand that it is the same name. Or various versions of the same name (different spelling under Cantonese versus pinyin) exist to confuse people even more.

        I had this problem in which there were different Chinese spellings of my first name (due to cross-over in documentation) before I caved in and just adopted an English name for easier documentation purposes. But yes, the spelling of my surname is different than my parents and sometimes people question whether I am truly their biological daughter.

        It was Stefan’s decision to revert back to the name of Wong, maybe because he was born in Hong Kong under the surname of Wong and thus the Hong Kong government has his record as such. I believe Francois was born in France, thus less headache with the existence of two surnames. Francois likely had only surname of Huynh….

      5. @ Fox

        His brother was born after the family immigrated to France. At that time, they have already adopted the surname ‘Huynh’. That’s why his brother’s name is Francois Huynh. Maybe Stefan chose to change his surname back to Wong while Francois prefer to retain the surname ‘Huynh’? When Stefan participated in the MR.HK contest, he used the name ‘Stephen Wong’. I think it’s only after his brother participated in the following year and used ‘Fracois Huynh’ that people started calling him Stephen Huynh (maybe to differentiated him from another Stephen Wong?)

      6. I still dun get why they use a Vietnamese name when they dun have any relationship with Vietnam. Guess that in France they live in a Vietnamese community so they chose this surname to make themselves join the community easier.

      7. @Fox – If they migrated around the same time the boat people movement happened, they might’ve thought that France would process their papers faster if France thought they were Vietnamese. Humanitarianism and whatnot. Similarly, many Vietnamese people looking to leave Vietnam claimed Chinese heritage even though they had none.

      8. Everyone’s so focused on the last name, but I’m still not sure how to pronounce his first name.
        I laughed b/c I remember an old cheesy commercial for the plumber jack stefan (sound out as stef-un). But if he pronounces it as stef-on, stephan or stephon might be better spelling.

      9. @ Josie

        I just found a clip of Stefan introducing himself during the Mr.HK competition. He called himself ‘ste-fen’ (‘ste’ as in ‘step’, ‘fen’ similar sound to ‘fern’)

        His intro part starts at minute 8:26.

        I like his self intro. No cheesy lines like the Mr.HKs in later seasons.

        Looking back, I see that the first season’s participants no need to shout in their intro. Why later seasons, the participants need to shout. I find intro like this more classy.

    2. Frankly, i couldn’t and wouldn’t careless if he is Vietnamese or not. I am not sure why he felt the need to stress he’s NOT vietnamese and had not lived in VN (he’s losing point with me lol). Of all the surnames to pick from, his ‘relatives’ advice them to picked Huynh as a family name. It makes me wonder why Huynh? This part alone raises more questions and assumptions on my part 🙂 So he’s born in HK, but Huynh is a Vietnamese surname, so his ‘relatives’, parents might be Chinese Vietnamese blah blah blah. Who gives a rat ass!!!

  6. I hope Stefan Wong will succeed in the entertainment industry =)
    i wish i could meet him

  7. Thanks Jayne and Kidd for this interview, he seems very nice person and very handsome as well.

  8. His acting can be a little wooden sometimes, but I think he has a lot of natural charm. I definitely enjoy watching him and wish he got bigger roles.

  9. Wow, an exclusive interview!!! Bravo for all the efforts, Jayne and Kidd!

  10. I was wondering who Stefan Wong was at first… Oh so it is/was Stephen Huynh… Great interview and glad that he took the time to do so. That was very nice of him. MC Jin just did one for AF too. He was also very nice and down to earth as well. It is great to have artists actually interact with and get to know their fans better. That is very sweet of them. Thanks to Jayne and Kidd for this great interview!

  11. Congrats Jayne and Kidd on the exclusive interview with Stefan!

    He is tall, dark and handsome.

    You should have taken a photo with him if you saw him in person!

  12. Congrats and thanks for this great interview Jayne and Kidd.

    Stefan seems like a nice guy with warm personality, very contrary to his onscreen role which he mostly plays Playboy.

    Did you and Kidd interviewed Stefan via email? and how did you find him? frm his website?

    I remember he visited Jayne once and He also praised Kidd alot for talking nice of it from that time that you and Kidd chatted to him? Just curious lol.

    1. Veejay,
      You have a good memory! Yes, Stefan visited JayneStars last month and left his e-mail contact info. We conducted this interview via e-mail and Stefan provided some photos for us as well.

      1. That’s very cool Jayne..and wow my impression towards Stefan has totally changed now lol.

        He sounds like a good and friendly guy afterall lol.

  13. Sorry for going off topic here but I am currently watching At The Threshold of A Persona. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a long time a ago, but they are just showing it on my TV screen.

    Patrick Tang and Natalie Tong caught my eye. They make such a cute couple! Patrick is really hunky, off-beat handsome looking and I like his persona in the series. He’s an immigration officer and he takes care of others well.

    Wish TVB would promote him, I think he has potential!

  14. Thanks a lot to Jayne and Kidd for this exclusive interview with Stefan and the address for his restaurant (I didn’t know he changed his name).

    I would love to visit Hong Kong one day and will definitely come to his restaurant and Sunny’s restaurant too.

  15. For those who could not guess or remember which series he was talking about where he worked with Sonija, it’s ‘Land of Wealth’ (匯通天下). He played Sonija’s Mongolian lover who went missing. He came back around the middle or 3 quarter of the series. His character is a nice guy in the series.

    This was also the series TVB used to entice him to sign with them. :p

    1. Actually he has been playing nice guys except for that what series, Dik Yan Kit issit?

      1. He has a lot of bad guys roles in his later series beside ‘Greatness of a Hero’ (that Dik Yan Kit series).

        Of the top of my head
        – 7 Days In Life
        – When Lanes Merged
        – Gun Metal Grey
        – Every Move You Make

        There are more. But, I can’t recall now.

      2. I can’t remember any other nice guy role he did. Always bad guy or playboy like in MoL. But it’s ok, actors must have patience. He’s handsome and works hard, so he might get some likable roles soon. I think he can learn f/ his friend Michael tse, who is very good at playing the charming anti-hero.

  16. I check 名媛望族’s wikipedia for new updates.

    So many people love Rebecca Zhu’s character.

    Kenneth Ma
    Ron Ng
    Stefan Wong

    According to the wiki entry, Stefan is Ron’s younger brother. So, both brothers love the same woman.

    1. Nobody for tavia? She must have a “gan fu” right? Can HimHim make a cameo?

      1. HimHim is already a “gan fu” in between Chris lai and TY relationship.. I bet reporters will be snapping pics of HimHim dining at TY’s home and shopping with her mom.

        Anyway, back to Kidd’s topic..I think TY is evil there with that evil glare from her in the preview.

      2. HimHim is only a ganfu if there was a yamfu. Maybe Chris is “Ji jok tor ching”? as in not even “Ngam luen” but worse, “dan luen”?

      3. When tavia admires Him’s biceps, she’s probably like “Chris who?”
        Poor guy, just accept it and move on.

      4. According to the new updated info on wiki, Kenneth Ma and her have some ambiguous feeling. But, didn’t state whether they actually have affair or not. In the old wiki entry, Tavia’s ‘gan fu’ is Vincent Wong. But, this info has been deleted from the wiki page. I guess they change the storyline?

      5. LOL, there’s no “fu’s” in TY-Chris relationship since they are not married or really together for all we know.

      6. @Funn,

        Really not sure if chris was “ji Jok Tor ching” or not..but their relationship is definitely not as simple as merely friends. since chris can access to TY easily and went shopping with her mom..

        I think TY ditched Chris for better looking HimHim

      7. @kidd,

        You mean kenneth has feelings for TY in the Prominent Family? I thought he loves Rebecca (as the preview shows their wedding)


        Ppl here also use the term “gan fu” to describe 3rd party even the couple are not married. lol. it’s just like a bad calling to describe 3rd party.

      8. @ Veejay

        Kenneth did indeed marry Rebecca Zhu. But, he also have ambiguous relationship with Tavia. This is what wiki said under Kenneth’s character


        For Stefan’s character


        So many secret admiring in the series.

      9. “ji Jok Tor ching” as non-sexual relationship?

        HimHim is just a chinese version of the Hulk that will beat you up once he gets angry, LOL

      10. Thanks Kidd for info, but I can’t read chinese lol.

        I think Prominent will be an interesting sereis since there are so many complicated relationships in it lol. I’d like see how TY seduces Damien in the series..

      11. @exoidus

        “Ji Jok Tor Ching” means You love someone but that someone doesn’t loves u back. And you also will do everything for that girl/guy u love with no return frm her/him.

      12. @Veejay

        thanks. Seriously i doubt Chris is JJTC however i suspect he likes her more than the other way around.

        Hope Chris can move on since im sure he can do so much better than TY.

      13. @Funn

        how come “dan luen” is worse than “ngam luen”? Isn’t it basically the same, hehe

      14. For a moment I thought how come Tavia suddenly so many admirers and you were all talking abt the series! Except of course for HimHim and ChrisChris.

      15. Exoidus,

        “how come “dan luen” is worse than “ngam luen”? Isn’t it basically the same, hehe”

        Not the same!! Ngam luen means you secretly love that person, not knowing if he loves you.

        Dan luen means you alone love that person, knowing full well he doesn’t love you.

        Which is worse?

      16. Veejay,

        “Ji Jok Tor Ching” means You love someone but that someone doesn’t loves u back. And you also will do everything for that girl/guy u love with no return frm her/him.”

        The last sentence also means fan jin!

        See, learn so many types of love!

        Dan luen
        Ngam luen
        Chor luen
        Chi luen
        Kong luen
        Ji jok to ching
        Fan jin

        anything else?

      17. “chi luen” is on the same level as “kong luen” i think

  17. Interesting that he can make all these nice exotic cuisine, but, his favourite food the simple burger and egg.

      1. he needs to do situps or cardio in order to maintain his sixpack.

        just drinking proteins will make him fat, hehe

    1. Burger and Egg? Did he have a taste of our famous Ramli burger banjo or burger lembu special?

      1. U know Funn, in msia, I only prefer “burger king” cuz it has lots of ingredients in its burger..

        I’m only into Mcdonalds for its fries.

  18. Hey everyone, i just finished reading all your messages. Thanks Jayne and Kidd for giving me the opportunity to share with you a bit of my life. I will come more often and interact with you, especially if i have to encounter new gossips. As i said, i am in my daily life a low profile person and also not to open except with friends, they might say i am the craziest guy ever hahaha. I know in this industry, you have to adopt a totally opposite personality, but i want to by myself and stay down to earth. One thing i really care is my image, i have been raised in a modest family who teached me real life value, but i can say that i have suffered especially from the news and gossips.

    They can write anything, as long as people buy their magazines, we can say the pen are on their hands… I always tried to be at first a good brother, so i remembered when my younger brother Francois started to date his older gf, i was a big chocked coz he can find a younger one rigth? But as a brother you only can support him if he finds real love and i could feel he was totally in love. After few days he told me, she is married and has a daughter. At that moment i was so upset and told him to stop dating her, but there were no way to change his mind. He were like hypnotised by this woman and i know him very well, he is too innoncent and too vulnerable, anybody can manipulate him very easily. Is the word “loves make blind” come from?

    Anyway after that gossip started and he was on C1 almost everyday, it killed first his career and his mental. I really needed to help him as he really went down, so the only solution was for him to get out of this lady, at last he knew his family were helping him the whole time and he finally trusted me and left her.

    But after this no more entertainment biz for him and i also see my career and image going down. Everybody were looking down at me, i guess they didnt know if i was the younger or older brother or they just knew it and put me in the same category…

    I really had a hard time working back my image and helping at the same time my brother’s one. Later on when we both getting some results, another really bad gossip showed up but this time against me, oh my god, thay said ” i did even better than my brother”. Beocz my brother had this king of young and old couple relationship they think they can applied on me… Once again i dropped from high, but i cant let them talk nonsenses so i had to officially open my relation with my girl friend. They stopped right away spreading this rhumor but my image was already been torn and i dont know if i can get up again?

    Thank you for your time…

    1. People forget, and time is on your side. If you have nothing to hide, then whatever they write is mere gossip. It hurts now, but in the end viewers know better. Do your work earnestly and I know if there is nothing majorly scandalous to the point you can never redeem your image again, time, as I said will dull people’s memory.

    2. Stefan,
      “They stopped right away spreading this rhumor but my image was already been torn and i dont know if i can get up again?”

      I agree with Funn’s very wise comment (see below) that if you have not acted in the way as the tabloids claim, then eventually the truth will emerge. The people close to you in your life, your family, friends, and colleagues will know better.

      Although the public at large may be harder to convince, however, a reputation is established over a long period of time. Your current and future actions will continue to add to that reputation. As a celebrity, it is difficult to avoid negative gossip, but how you react to it is still within your control. When the news initially broke linking you to Margaret Tsui, you spoke with Ming Pao Weekly to clarify the rumors and revealed that you were dating Peggy. You already did the best that you can to clarify the rumors and make sure that these rumors will not lead to any misunderstanding. You acted in an accountable manner to Peggy by publicly declaring your commitment to her and that shows a lot. It demonstrated that you are protective of the people you love. Not only did the rumors hurt your reputation, but they hurt Peggy as well.

      Audiences indeed may judge too quickly and too dismissively at times. The media possesses a lot of power in shaping public opinion as well. However, in the end it is about your personal conduct. Since you are the owner of A La Maison and frequently interact with customers there, you are reinforcing your reputation and own image through each experience. You are taking charge of your own public relations for your acting career and the restaurant through each personal interaction you have with customers and fans. What people hear and see on television will be replaced by their direct experience in meeting you.

      It is the same thing online, where there are no country boundaries. And the online interaction you have with fans will also reinforce that reputation and give a clearer picture of who you are.

      Do feel assured that although people may sometimes be quick to judge, they are also quick to forget. And there will be fans who will analyze and think deeper and not so ready to believe everything they read in the tabloids. In the end, people have a tendency to react to news through their usual habits, but we can all take greater responsibility in trying our best in defending ourselves and taking accountability. If you have done the best you can in clarifying the truth, then there should be no regrets.

      Again, thank you for chatting with JayneStars’ readers and sharing your perspective on matters. Haha I tend to be a little long-winded in my philosophical thoughts. But there are many wise and mature readers at JayneStars that support you. Add oil! 🙂

    3. Coucou Stéphane,

      Comment vas-tu?
      As-tu reçu ma carte postale du Viet Nam que j’ai envoyé à ton restaurant? (je t’ai laissé mon e-mail au cas où tu aurais le temps de m’écrire un peu;-) ).
      En tout cas, merci encore pour tout!
      Je te souhaite de belles fêtes de fin d’année.
      Prends soin de toi.
      Gros bisous de Paris.

      1. Stéphane,

        Depuis que je suis revenue en Fr, je n’arrête pas de penser à HK, je suis tombée amoureuse de cette ville et le fait d’avoir parlé avec toi m’a encore plus donner envie de m’installer là-bas dans quelques années.
        En attendant, je voudrai me mettre au cantonais et je souhaiterai rester dans le tourisme. En fait je voudrai postuler chez Cathay Pacific dans le 92 pour être chargée de relation clientèle.
        Il me semble que tu as déjà travailler chez eux et je souhaiterai que tu me donne des conseils ou des contacts.
        J’espère tellement que tu puisses m’aider à ce sujet qui me tiens beaucoup à coeur.
        Au plaisir de te lire.
        Merci Stéphane

      2. Je vous remerci beaucoup. It’s long ago I dun practice my French and your comment gives me a chance to look at it again. I still can understand all, but can’t write it out :). Anyway, thank you.

    4. Agree with Funn. Time will dull people’s memory as they get new scandal to focus on. If you have nothing to hide, the gossip won’t be able to hurt you forever.

      Keep polishing your acting so that you can handle bigger and meatier roles. This can help your career too I think.

      Jayne also give very sound advice.

      Wish you the best in both your career and love life.

    5. We wish you all the best! It’s very true that the audience forgets things very quickly and you already have a different outlet (via your restaurant) where you can allow people to get a glimpse of your real personality 🙂 I have no idea how the entertainment industry really is, but people gossip in every industry (yeah even ‘boring’ industries like finance – probably more so because finance is er kinda boring), so it’s hard to avoid but it’s probably magnified in the entertainment industry by many fold. Anyway, I think you have your supporters and as more people get to know of your work, you can be sure you will get more opportunities to flex your acting muscles!

      It’s really nice of you to come on here to interact with us as well. I am sure it’s a double edged sword but with the internet age, at least the celebs can interact with the fans directly without having to go through the media which probably thwart the truth a lot of the times.

      Good luck and it’s really good to have the support of family 🙂 When everything/ everyone collapses – usually your family members will be the only ones standing by you. Also, a bit cliche – but as long as we are not dead yet, the game is not over!

      1. Well said Minami, Funn & Jayne!! Just what I wanted to say to Stefan too.

    6. Since I’m not from Hong Kong, I never heard of those rumours but it must have been hard on your family as a whole, because when something unpleasant happens in a conservative and family oriented country like China, the family is reflected negatively.

      However, I’m glad you’re still activey working and pursuing your hobbies. I enjoy your acting, and I think you are really handsome. I think because from my impression, most TVB actors are rather lean than muscly so your physique really stands out as well. I like your roles, because you pull it off well. Actually o recently watched Forensic Heroes 3 and was admiring how awesome and romantic Alex was. Oh and your role in Ghetto Justice was cute too! I was hoping they’d developed your character and Myolie more rather than Kevin and Christine. But oh well.

      Wishing you all the very best in your future emdeavours and continue to present your best facets to the public. Congratulations for your engagement, may your love last forever! <3

    1. Yeah, this is weird. It’s like watching an animation and suddenly the characters pop out of the tv screen to talk to u.

  19. Stefan is a good actor, me and my friends always enjoy watching his movies. I always admire his good look and good taste in fashion too, we always consider him as one of the good looking actor in TVB. He must have spend much time taking care of himself. I just hope TVB will give him more opportunity in the coming years. Good luck to you Stefan.

  20. Good to know him apart from all his baddy roles! 🙂 Congrats Jayne and Kidd for getting this interview.

    Although his roles are not large, I do think he makes an impression and is definitely not forgettable! Hope he gets more opportunities in future.

    Btw, the French food that his restaurant serves sound great! – a departure from the usual haute cuisine when French restaurants come to mind 🙂

    Will definitely slot it in for my next visit to HK.

  21. Just to clarify Huynh is Vietnamese spelling but definitely not a Vietnamese last name. There are many Chinese escaping to Vietnam during the war years in China. That’s why there are Tran (Chan), Huynh(Wong)…etc…

  22. Wow this is great Jayne and Kidd! You two are just amazing. Stefan is such an talented young man. My mum was watching a TVB documentary which Stefan hosts it. My mum adores Stefan very much and mentioned that he was ‘ke ai’! I am currently following Stefan on weibo. I hope I am following the right Stefan as he doesn’t have the V next to his profile picture. 加油Stefan!

  23. Jayne, great interview and Stefan is one hot looking man with a great personality. Hope one day his name becomes more well know and fame comes his way, we need more handsome men on TV, the Honk Kong born male celebrities are all yulky (apart from Aaron Kwok of course). Excellent job in securing the interview. 🙂

  24. Salut Stéphane,

    Je viens de regarder la retransmission de la soirée Sales Presentation à laquelle tu m’as emmené.
    Je suis passée 2 fois devant la caméra lors des interviews des artistes. lol c’est la première fois que je passe à la télé, en plus à l’étranger. Ca restera un moment innoubliable.
    J’espère que tu passes de belles fêtes de fin d’année.



    PS: je sais pas si t’as lu mes messages précédents…

  25. Jayne,

    I don’t know if Stefan still reads the comments on this interview, can you please forward him all my messages?
    Thank you very much!


    1. Anna,
      If you wish for more immediate ways to reach Stefan, you can find him at his Weibo blog:

      It appears that he just created the blog, so not that many followers yet, which makes it a higher chance that the comments you leave there will be read.

      1. Thanks Jayne but I can’t read chinese to open a weibo account lol

  26. Aww Congrats Jayne and Kidd on the exclusive interview! and to SW, Goodluck and best wishes with all you do, stay true to yourself cos people will eventually see what a true person you are and will appreciate you even more 🙂

  27. I came acrossed this because I have been researching my first name ‘Stephen’ pronunciation. Most of my life I have been addressed as ‘STEE-ven’ but only occasionally as ‘STEF-en’ But I’ve noticed in the past three years when people read my name spelled the way I spell it they say ‘STEF-en’ Before I used to correct people into calling Me ‘STEEV-ven’ but I started to try and change my mind a little due the way it is spelled. The ‘PH’ is uaually ‘F’ sounded and the fact the two consenants are separating the vowels more than the stand alone ‘F’ in Stefan that would look more like ‘STEE-fahn’ to me.
    It is becoming an interesting journey to consider myself as a ‘STEF-en’ as well and if people call Me by that version I would like to see the whole new world it takes Me, meaning I’m going to try and not get rattled and insist I be callled ‘STEE-ven’
    I put both pronunciations in my ‘About Me’ section on my Facebook profile.

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