Stefan Wong Places Family as Top Priority

Former Mr. Hong Kong contestant, Stefan Wong (黃長興), is known for being a loving husband and doting father. After tying the knot with his wife, Peggy, in 2012, the couple welcomed their children, Paige and Tristan. To provide a comfortable home for his family, Stefan not only films television series, but is also the owner of a successful French restaurant in Hong Kong.

The happy family of four is now venturing into commercial work as well. Earlier, Stefan and Peggy brought their children along to a commercial photo shoot. Stefan and Peggy matched in elegant banquet attire, while Tristan and Paige were dressed up as a prince and princess. The photo shoot displayed the family’s loving mannerisms and closeness.

Known as a family man, Stefan expressed, “My family will always be number one in my heart. No matter how busy I am, I will always find time for them. I am very willing to spend time and go traveling everywhere with them. I don’t want to miss out on any moments with my children, especially since they are growing up so fast!”

Growing up in France, Stefan is a big advocate for displaying affection for loved ones. “Chinese people may not be comfortable with this type of interaction. Perhaps because I was raised overseas, I feel that hugging and kissing is not a big deal. It’s an act of affection filled with love. I make it a habit to kiss not only my wife and kids, but my parents and siblings too! Everyone should give it a try. It’s better than regretting the love you never showed before it’s too late!”


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  1. I like the names they gave their children. Proper names and good sounding but not too common.

  2. This man is great, I like him. It is rare when an asian celeb puts family first. Heck, it is rare when Any asian puts family above work, as they are so hard working and career driven. He reminds me of Jacky Cheung. Jacky said he will give up his career for his family in a heartbeat if he has to. I believe he would. Stefan gives off the same vibes. Even looking at the photos, you can see the family-love between the parents and children, and the romantic chemistry between Stefan and Peggy. Not like some stiff, wooden photos of certain couples. Chinese do need to spend more time hugging and kissing loved ones and less time in the dark ages. We only have one life on earth with our loved ones, we should embrace and love them.
    I wish Stefan continued love and happiness with his family, health and all the best in his restaurant and acting.

    1. @bubbletea
      To be fair, career and family go hand in hand. If you do not have a career how will you support the family? Things are easier said than done. Honestly, in Jacky’s case, we all know he is a great husband and father, however, you truly wonder if he would give up his career? Saying something is one thing but doing it is another thing. Unless he has plan B on how to continue to generate enough income to support his family. I think he is the primary bread winner since his wife no longer works if I remember correctly. I feel putting family first is one thing but career and family go hand in hand. However, of course no one should work to the point where they neglect their family completely but sadly in some cases you need to in order to support them financially, especially in a place like HK where everything is so incredibly expensive. I have seen people literally live in shoebox/coffin size apartments due to the lack of space in HK but the price to rent them is very expensive for the average citizen. Not trying to materialistic but just trying to be real.

      1. @hetieshou OMG, even celebs in HK find it hard on their pockets to buy a sizable place, unless they are stinking rich. So, no, you are not being materialistic, you are keeping it real and I can respect that. Jacky can easily call his own bluff an give up his career for his family cause people like him and Andy and Ekin, just to name a few, have more money than they can spend in a lifetime. I doubt they will quit anytime soon. It is in their DNA to work till they are a hundred years old, lol.

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