Stefan Wong Welcomes Arrival of Third Baby

After tying the knot in 2012, Stefan Wong (黃祥興) and his wife Peggy became a happy family of four when their two children were born. The couple did not have plans to grow their family. However, much to their surprise, Peggy unexpectedly got pregnant in 2019. Despite not having planned for a third child, the couple began making plans for their growing family. On January 30, the couple welcomed their youngest son.

The 41-year-old actor uploaded photos of his newborn son to share with fans, “The baby is on the lighter end of six pounds. Both mother and son are healthy. Entering the labor room this time felt different than the first two times. The first two times, the mother was the main focus. We were worried about Mommy’s condition. Perhaps it is because of my age now, I was really looking forward to welcoming our third baby. I was very concerned about what time the baby will be born, how the labor would go, and really paid attention to how the doctor performed the surgery. When the doctor said the baby was born, I cut the umbilical cord. The entire process went smoothly. I feel that life is very precious. As parents, we will give the very best to our children and hope they will grow up quickly and healthily.”

Due to the growing coronavirus pandemic recently, Stefan took the opportunity to remind everyone to be mindful of good hygiene. Prior to visiting Peggy and the newborn baby in the hospital, Stefan ensured that he and the kids washed their hands and cleaned up properly.

Furthermore, the 41-year-old urged friends not to make a visit to the hospital, so as to avoid potential risks to Peggy and the newborn baby due to their weaker immune systems. “I received a lot of greetings and well wishes from friends. I told them that sending messages via cell phone is sufficient and that there is no need to come visit at the hospital. I am thankful for everyone’s concern.”

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