Stefan Wong Becomes Proud Father of Baby Girl

TVB actor Stefan Wong (黃長興) and his wife Peggy became proud parents on May 10. The baby arrived just in time for Mother’s Day and weighs 6.3 pounds.

Tying the knot in 2012, the couple held two expensive weddings, one in France, and another celebration in Hong Kong one year later with the attendance of many TVB artistes. A honeymoon in a small island in France and Hawaii followed. The couple intended to start a family immediately and in November 2013, Stefan cheerfully announced Peggy’s pregnancy.

Plans For More Children

Stefan was ecstatic when the baby was delivered. “When I saw [my daughter], I really wanted to cry, but I saw that my wife wasn’t crying, so I held it in. I wanted to cry because I saw the baby’s little arms, legs and that all the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. When I saw them all, I wanted to cry already. Because my brother’s baby had a birthmark on the eyelid during birth, seeing that the baby is healthy made me really happy.”

Not wanting to miss a single moment, Stefan brought three cameras into the delivery room. Stefan was so occupied with trying to capture a picture that he unfortunately missed the opportunity to cut his daughter’s umbilical cord.

Although his daughter was just born, Stefan hopes to have more children in the future, but will wait for Peggy’s recuperation first. Stefan revealed that he and Peggy want three children.


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  1. Félicitations Stéphane !!!!
    Trop mimi ta fille, je vous souhaite plein de bonheur à vous 3 !

  2. Au fait c’est quoi son petit nom à cette charmante demoiselle ?!

  3. Wow,his daughter has the same birthday as me. Anyways congrats to them!

      1. Aww… You are sweet! Thanks a lot KiKi!

      2. HeTieShou,

        Just wanted to chime in: happy belated birthday!

        Hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day celebration with your families!

      3. Thanks so much Jayne and Happy Mothers Day to everyone and to all of the amazing mothers out there! That’s so sweet of you and I am very touched!

      4. Happy belated bday HTS! you’re the topic on this article

      1. Thanks so much my dear sweet Puff! I am very touched!

  4. Finally some good, cute news. Congrats to the proud parents and their respective families!

  5. The baby is so very cute.. 😀

    Congrats to Stefan and Peggy!!

  6. Congratulations!

    Hope that Stefan and Peggy will get what they wished for 😀

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