Stefan Wong Was Mugged in France

Political uncertainties in Hong Kong have made many locals consider emigration overseas. In TVB informational variety show Second Home <搬家>, hosts Stefan Wong (黃祥興) and Icy Wong (黃婉曼) address the emigration procedures to different countries. Both Icy and Stefan have previously lived overseas and expressed that emigration may not be as enticing as it appears because there are many problems that can crop up.

Previously living in Japan, Icy said, “Every place has its good and bad points. Some places are more relaxed, but you may earn less money. You really need to think carefully about which place is most suitable before relocating.”

When he was 4 years old, Stefan’s family emigrated to France. Though the country is often romanticized, France also has its dark side and possesses many societal problems such as muggings and racism.

While growing up in France, Stefan was a victim of a robbery, “When I was young, I was mugged and my bike was stolen. [Robbery] was not only a problem for tourists, but locals also face it in their daily lives. If you are the unfortunate victim, your only hope is to speak French and see if they’ll let you go.”

Those that follow Stefan on social media know that he is an avid lover of exercise. It turns out that his muscle-building obsession was spurred by a mugging experience, “They like to bully Chinese people in France. For some reason, they feel that we won’t retaliate. So I decided that I need to make them scared of me. If I don’t strike back, they’ll continue to bully me.”

In contrast with his polite and gentle demeanor, Stefan revealed that he had actually gotten into many fights since a young age in France. He joked that if he did not emigrate to France, he would have grown up to become a businessman.

Source: HK01

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  1. it’s often said to hear that people are targetted b/c o their race. i was in many once and i had the impression that it was a more liberal country where people opened up more to immigrants. we got helped by locals and the guards were friendly. maybe b/c we had no idea what they were saying so we just though everyone was accepting….

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