Stefan Wong Gives Himself a 6-Pack for 40th Birthday

TVB actor Stefan Wong, who recently changed his Chinese name from “Wong Cheung-hing” (黃長興) to “Wong Chi-ho” (黃致豪), is welcoming big changes for his 40th birthday.

Turning 40 in September, Stefan promised himself that he will reward his body with a fresh new start. “For this challenge, I gave myself 60 days. I trained like hell and ate very clean. I did ended up having to sacrifice my time with family and friends.”

Stefan always had a gym routine, but the routine was only to keep fit rather than a transformation. After completing his training, Stefan brought his team to Thailand to film a video showing off his results. “Because I trained too hard, I injured my waist. During the last phase I also damaged my skin from being outdoors, and that affected me psychologically. I thought about giving up Thailand, but after recalling all the struggles I went through to get to this stage, I decided to go on with it.”

He is thankful for his wife’s support through the process. “She was my biggest support. Because of training, I was never home, and my wife was left in charge to take care of Paige and Tristan. My mission is over now, and I’ve seen how proud my wife looks when she sees me. I believe she’s satisfied.”


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  1. Being lean isn’t everything. He looks significantly older now than when his body was “fuller”.

    1. @anon Yeah. Too much definition does that to you, which is why I’ve ever been a fan of that cut 15% (or less) body fat look. But hey, to each their own.

      1. @sugarcane

        it’s also difficult to maintain 10% body fat or less year round (which is needed for 6-pack), which means he will either regain to his former self, or his weight will fluctuate year round (cutting after new year, weight-gain after summer), which isn’t good for his health IMO.

      2. @anon

        It will be even harder for him to maintain it since he’s a chef. How is he going to design new dishes if he’s going to restrict his diet.

      3. @sugarcane I don’t fancy that 6 pack very nice…Stefan has good looks and he doesn’t need that new body.
        anyway, he worked very hard for it.

  2. Is he going through menopause? Changing his name, spending time training and bring a crew to thailand to film his results, and then says his wife will be proud with his “mission”.

    1. @mike

      I’ve read about his reason for change of name. He said this is chosen by fortune teller. He initially didn’t want to change it because his father gave him his original name. But, for health reason, he change. Maybe fortune teller told him his old name not very good for him. One’s name not only affect one fortune, but, also health and family etc. That’s the belief for those who study this field.

      I like his old name better. The new name sounds very common. But, if he likes it, that’s all good for him.

    2. @mike he’s only 40. what menopause?
      but ‘mission’ thing is kinda weird. his original name means ‘always happy’ 长兴.

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