Joel Chan to Lead in New TVB Drama by “The Exorcist’s Meter” Creators

The creators behind TVB’s The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的>, led by producer Yip Chun-fai (葉鎮輝) and scriptwriter Ruby Law (羅佩清), are teaming up again to write a new sci-fi drama for TVB.

The show, titled The Golden Night Building <金宵大廈> will star Joel Chan (陳山聰) in his first role as male lead. Co-starring is Selena Lee (李施嬅), with guest appearances by Samantha Ko (高海寧), Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), Zoie Tam (譚凱琪), Stefan Wong (黃長興), and more. It is locked in for a Sunday night premiere, airing once a week.

Scriptwriter Ruby Law introduced, “Every episode centers on a separate story that links into a major arc,” she shared. “It’s like a sci-fi fantasy version of The House of 72 Tenants <七十二家房客>. The main story arc is about reincarnation, and each smaller story will cover themes like dreams, fables, the Mandela Effect, and UFOs. Some of it is inspired by I, Robot.”

Ruby added that The Golden Night Building will be completely different from The Exorcist’s Meter (TEM), explaining, “TEM was all about ghosts and devils, but this one is more fantasy, kind of like the fantasy you’ll see in Wisely <衛斯理> stories. It’s going to be about local Hong Kong characters. This is an entirely new thing [for us].”

She emphasized that The Golden Night Building will be very experimental, but in the end, every writer on the show has a goal of writing a story that can resonate with the Hong Kong viewers. Ruby said, “For example, Samantha Ko’s story arc will be about depression in children. Another story touches upon the societal pressure on women to look beautiful, such as plastic surgery. “

Ruby said the show’s sporadic style of storytelling will be similar to the British TV series Black Mirror. “But unlike Black Mirror, this show won’t put an emphasis on technology. That’s a genre that many Hong Kongers aren’t quite into yet. We want to write stories with more local flavor.”


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