Selena Lee is Surprised by Success of “The Queen of News”

Selena Lee (李施嬅) has recently been busy promoting her currently airing drama The Queen of News <新聞女王>. Sharing that she did not expect to receive such good feedback, Selena said, “I heard the response in China is very good and it’s topping trending searches every day.” Selena’s schedule is packed with work events in China and Hong Kong, as well as the upcoming  Girls Night <胡說八道會> concerts in the United States.

The popularity of The Queen of News is putting the spotlight on Selena again. Her character in the drama will soon become  more fierce, followed by intense methods in fighting back after being the underdog at the news station for so long. Selena is mentally prepared for the audience’s dislike of her character’s dramatic change.

Since The Queen of News is so well received in China, many are wondering whether she has received offers to film dramas in China. She replied, “Not yet, but I’ve had variety show invitations.” Selena admitted her nervousness due to the spontaneous nature of the shows. “Lots of people were misled by the drama and think I speak very eloquently. Actually, I don’t speak very well and I’m terrible at thinking on my feet. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it, but I’ll give it a try!”

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  1. Fan of Selena, she definitely sounds more fierce in this series vs the usual calm and chill demeanor that some of her characters are. Was hoping to see her concert alas cannot…ah well.

  2. The show is very Chinese style with larger than life characters, scheming and simple no guessing plots. Was good at first for the first few episodes because is better than typical tvb production but the freshness quickly dwindled after that.

  3. The problem as I see it is this series don’t differentiate between reporter, newscaster, weather girl, presenter, talk show host and broadcaster, I believe all are different roles. To them there’s only 1 ie prime time news. When that same news is broadcast whole day.

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