Selena Lee Recovers From Eye Condition

Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder earlier, actress Selena Lee (李施嬅) was plagued by eye sensitivity which forced her to take a break from work to seek treatment. Following eye surgery and half a year of rest, she has finally recovered from the condition and took a short holiday stint in Singapore!

With Hong Kong’s pandemic situation improving slightly, many Hong Kong celebrities have taken the opportunity to travel both as a reprieve from work as well as a breather from prolonged tightened pandemic measures.

Just Like Going On a Big Group Tour

Heading to Singapore for her vacation, Selena shared online that it was her first holiday in three years. She wrote, “It’s been a few years since I went traveling, I feel like everyone, many chose to visit Singapore and I’ve met many Hong Kong friends here, it feels just like taking part in a big group tour,”  Sharing photos of her enjoying a luxurious breakfast while casually dressed, the 41 year-old said that the key to a good vacation was “a lovely breakfast, and being able to (enjoy) a spread of food, together with beautiful scenery”.

Source: ChinaPress

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