Stefan Wong and Peggy Welcome Second Child!

TVB actor Stefan Wong (黃長興) and his wife Peggy has welcomed their second child! Peggy delivered their second child, a boy, via C-section on Tuesday, May 17. Stefan and Peggy also have one daughter, Paige, born in May 2014.

stefan wong 517 2Their little boy, weighing seven pounds, was born in the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. In a brief interview with the press later that day, Stefan said they have not given their child a Chinese or English name yet, but his wife will make the final decision.

As Stefan came from a large family himself, he said he’s always wanted to have around four to five children, but after seeing how much his wife went through in the last nine months, he’s not sure if he wants to anymore. “Fortunately, my wife didn’t go through very much pain this time,” he said. “Originally we wanted to have one every three years, but people say that a two-year gap is better for the kids.”

Is Paige really excited to have a younger brother? “I helped her prepare a present for her little brother, and I also helped her brother prepare a present for his sister as well!” (Did you cut the umbilical cord?) “Yes, and it’s a lot harder than it looks. I told my wife a lot of jokes while she was giving birth to help her relax!”

Stefan said he will be leaving Hong Kong for Macau to shoot the TVB crime drama Winning Attack <乘勝追擊>. He will be filming in Macau for a month, and added that he’s never left his wife for that long before. Asking if they will hire a postpartum helper, he said, “We did last time, but it didn’t help much. I’ll let my wife decide.”

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Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Wow…I never knew she’s having a second child already until now. What a perfect family and congrats to them too.

  2. The baby is adorable. Congrats to Stefan and Peggy. It is sweet to see photos of fathers lovingly cradling their little ones. There are usually photos of mom and child.

    @happibi, is your hubby a hands on dad. Sounds like you have a cozy family life.

    1. @bubbletea I wished I have a cozy life!!! Both my hubby and I work so kids spend lots of time in daycare and school/after school program! Always wished I can hit the lottery so I can be a full time mom but not that lucky yet. sigh. As for him being hands on….. how should I say it.. he “can” be hands on?? usually have to tell him what to do!

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