Michael Tse and Fala Chen Paired As a Couple Team

TVB Artist, Michael Tse (謝天華) has seen a dramatic increase in fans in recent days due to his television series, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>. Michael revealed that whenever he walked on the street nowadays, his neighbors would chase after him to ask about the story development but he would always keep them in suspense and tempt them to continue to chase and watch it.

The broadcast of Lives of Omission has also made Michael gain plenty of male fans such that he would be requested for a photo together or asked for his autograph whenever he walked on the streets now. This was something that Michael had never experienced before. Michael had also received numerous offers of public event appearances as a result.

Fala Chen and Michael Tse Combat China As an Onscreen Couple

Fala Chen (陳法拉) experienced a surge in popularity recently due to Lives of Omission. In the series, Fala shared a few intimate scenes with Michael Tse. Asked whether her boyfriend would feel jealous as a result, Fala smiled and responded that she gave Michael CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) hence she didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

Fala was donned in an eye-catching leopard print toga dress for the Jessica Code magazine event. As Fala’s dress was rather short and her heels were rather high, Michael even gentlemanly helped Fala walk down the stage.

Fala also admitted that she and Michael had received more event jobs which invited them to attend as a couple team, due to their exposure  in Lives of Omission. Their onscreen couple image even fetched them job offers from as far as the Guangdong province. Fala smiled and professed that she hoped that the jobs offers would continue to persist.

Michael Tse Gains Several Male Fans

Yesterday, when attending the Jessica Code Magazine award event, Michael expressed that recently many people have chased him to ask about the plot developments of Lives of Omission, “Upon seeing me, apart from requesting to snap a photo with me and saying ‘Hi’ to me, they would also ask about the plot developments.” Michael replied that to maintain the persistence in watching the series, every time when someone asked him about the story developments, he would professed to have amnesia and forgot about it.

Michael also remarked that due to his Laughing Gor role, he had gained quite a few male fans as a result, “Many men took their own initiative to say ‘Hello’ to me and requested to snap a photo with me. This is something that I have never experienced before!”

Earlier, it was rumored that Michael’s wife, Tina, was pregnant. In reply to this, Michael clarified, “If Tina is pregnant, I would formally notify everyone. The magazine probably wrote this to entertain the viewers!” Michael expressed that he planned to have children but before that, the most important thing was to earn as much money as possible to let his future children’s quality of life be a little better.


Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. WOW! Fala looks quite hot in that dress…….she is starting to turn on a lot of guys!

  2. fala looks hella skinny in that dress. well she’s always been too skinny.

  3. That dress doesn’t do her justice at all as it shows up her shoulder blades. Also I prefer to have long hair in some of the other dramas. Obviously I am looking at a woman’s viewpoint. Maybe a lot of guys would find her sexy now but I’m not so sure.

    1. she looks fine to me but as other pointed out she is super skinny! no meat whatsoever

  4. She is cute in the picture and I like her hair. It fits her. She is okay in the series but not convince as a Madam. Even Charmaine Shek is not good in the Madam role I still don’t know why TVB pick Fala for that role. Favortism I guess.

  5. Could be Charmaine Shek is concentrating on working in the Mainland; so they asked Fala instead.

  6. pretty! her make up very subtle and natural like it!. Michael Tse always give me feeling of Ham sap? don’t know why. hmm..

  7. Fala only looks pretty with a bob haircut, I’ve seen her long hair days…no good

  8. I agreed that Fala’s character as Madam is not that convincing. A little to weak especially next to laughing sir.

    I like her in her bob haircut too but at times you will notice that her hair is in her way or she keeps fixing it.

  9. Michael & Fala does seem compartible with each others in term of looks in the series LOO. I still think Fala will make a better onscreen couple with kenneth or steven just for fun!

    Honestly, I am a bit bored watching linda and steven ma always, find him a new onscreen gf for sake! (provided Steven is still around in tvb next year~)

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