Miss Hong Kong Contestants Exhausted From Packed Schedules

With the 2015 Miss Hong Kong finals drawing nearer and nearer, the twelve MHK hopefuls are working as hard as they can to stay in top-notch condition for the final competition, which will be held on August 30. But their hell-like training regime has taken a toll on their physical condition, and many contestants have fallen sick.

To warmup for the finals, the Miss Hong Kong contestants participated in a swimming competition and showed off their talents to the media. #1 contestant Louisa Mak (麥明詩), however, did not participate in the race, choosing to stay in the sidelines to support her fellow contestants instead. Looking tired and pale, the MHK hot favorite explained that her reason for opting out of the race was because she was afraid that the chlorinated water would give her eczema.

Louisa explained, “I haven’t been getting enough sleep. My skin has been getting drier, and I’m afraid that the water would make it worse.” Reminding that the finals are in five days, Louisa said she does not want to do anything that can potentially damage to her skin during this critical time. Exhausted from work, Louisa said she must take things slow and save her energy until the big day.

Although #4 Ada Pong (龐卓欣) participated in the race, she supported Louisa’s decision of sitting out. Asking if she believed Louisa was being overly cautious of her skin, Ada said, “Of course not! I completely understand why. I also don’t want anything to happen to her skin on the day of the finals. The competition should be as fair as possible. I want everyone to look their best that night.”

#5 Iris Lam (林凱恩) suffered a major leg cramp during her swim and almost drowned. She had to be pulled out by two lifeguards.

“Maybe it’s because of my fatigue from dance practice, so my legs are really tired. I did a lot of stretching exercises today before getting in the water, but I still felt cramps and it got worse after a few kicks. I thought I’d be able to kick myself out of the water from the floor, but I didn’t expect it to be that deep, so I sank.”

Asking if she felt TVB was overworking the candidates with long schedules, Iris said, “No. I think it’s because I was nervous. I know how to swim but I never had to swim in such a competitive environment before.”

Her voice shaking, Iris said she felt sorry and upset for worrying her fellow candidates. “[Karmen Kwok 郭嘉文] and [Hayton Ng 吳慧堯] got so worried they cried. I don’t want to worry people.”

#3 Ann Lo (羅丹虹) admitted that she has not rested well in the past few weeks due to her tight schedule. “Usually we work until midnight. A few nights ago, I only slept for about five hours. It’s been like this the past few days.” Despite the long workdays, Ann is still very excited to compete. “I hope I will continue like this until the finals.”

Ann lost about seven pounds since joining the competition. She denied having a eating disorder, explaining, “I wanted to look better on camera, but I went overboard with my weight loss. My makeup artist said I’ve gotten really pale, and my doctor said I have protein deficiency. My eating has returned to normal now. I need to have more strength.”

Source: Mingpao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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