Myolie Wu to Move Out of Bosco Wong’s Apartment Building

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After ending her 8-year romance decisively, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) is determined to start afresh and make a clean break with her ex-boyfriend Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). Apple Daily reported that Myolie had already bought two adjoining apartments at Caldecott Road situated at Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong and plans to move out from her present apartment in which she resides in the same building as Bosco.   

Myolie Planned for the Breakup in March?

Bosco was rumored to have past flings with his co-stars. In order to keep a tab on him, Myolie allegedly moved into the same residential building, several floors above Bosco’s apartment. Despite this, Bosco still gave Myolie a sense of insecurity due to his frequent romantic rumors.

Myolie allegedly made up her mind to end her relationship with Bosco when she sourced for a new apartment in March this year. She eventually bought two adjoining apartments at Caldecott Road at a price of $16 million HKD, in which she planned to move in with her elder sister.

There were speculations that one of her apartments was a gift from Myolie’s rumored new beau, Eric Huang (黃少祺). However, when Apple Daily checked on the purchase agreement, it was reflected that the buyer’s name was Myolie.

Myolie admitted that she had indeed bought two new apartments. She said, “I used my hard-earned savings to purchase my dream house. My elder sister stayed nearby, so my second sister and I will stay together.”

When asked when she would move into her new apartment, Myolie replied, “Not sure, I wish to concentrate on my work first.” 

Myolie Wu: “I Seldom Keep in Touch with Bosco!” 

Bosco allegedly was still unable to put behind his relationship with Myolie. He reportedly had lost weight drastically. Bosco allegedly was still trying to salvage his relationship with Myolie, and even called her about ten times a day. Myolie shrugged off the rumor and said, “How do the tabloids know about it? I seldom even keep in touch with Bosco!”

When asked if she felt embarrassed when bumping into Bosco at the same building–prompting her to seek a new place–Myolie replied vaguely, “It’s okay, we are still friends.”

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26 comments to Myolie Wu to Move Out of Bosco Wong’s Apartment Building

  1. jayne says:

    Although Myolie purchased the adjoining apartments in March, she still spoke highly of Bosco in April.

    In May, Bosco still declared that he wished to marry Myolie in May. Thus, I believe that they broke up in May.

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    • AC replied:

      That’s what I think too. She made a lot of money last year so it’s not surprising if she bought some new property regardless if her and Bosco broke up or not.

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  2. violet says:

    I remember Eileen Cha did mention in the break up radio interview with Bosco that he actually bought an apartment unit for her and it was under Myolie’s name?I guess Myolie really took this relationship seriously and was planning towards marriage or else she wouldn’t had received such an expensive gift from him. Not to mention the down payment for her Mercedes too.With her current paycheck it’s not like she can’t afford it herself. If she had planned for the break up months ago she wouldn’t have flaunt her fiery red sports car during 耀舞長安 celebration party in May and admitted that it was a gift from him.They were all smiles and were acting like honeys and bees during the racecourse promotional event in April. Bosco even referred her as 家属 in front of all the audience!All these are pointing towards happiness and yet it ended up in a total mess. Now one party is happy being single while the other is being depressed and desperate(if the ten calls per day is true).

    I saw some recent filming pics of Bosco in Taiwan and indeed he had loss weight tremendously. 620 mentioned before he was suffering from depression when filming in china and to the extend where she had to called his friends up to accompany him there for a few days. This clearly shows that the break up was a really huge blow for him.

    It’s really saddening to see them both ended up like this.What happen to “continue bearing with each others flaws” 8 months ago? Was it all a mirage?

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    • ace replied:

      If the rumours are true (and we’ll never know the truth) then good for Myolie! She deserves better than a cheater.

      I really liked them as a couple and am quite upset with the sudden news of them splitting but no one should stay with a cheater.

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    • advo replied:

      Maybe it’s the Chinese version of the Oscar curse?

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    • Linnh replied:

      i was asking myself the same, what happend to “continue bearing with each other flaws” I wish we could do anything to help those two, but all we actually can do is leaving them alone. since i am a big fan of Bosco, then it really hurts me to see him like this. I guess love is hard to say, one day you can still be happy with your loves one, and the next day then it is over…

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      • silby replied:

        I know. I like them both so although one is in good mood I can’t bear to see another one suffering and jeopardizing his health. I know it’s not farfetched because my bestfriend cried like hell after his ex girlfriend cut if off when he’s a masculine and macho person outside. Even if he really made mistakes to Myolie, what else do people want from him? He already got his suffering and punishment when Myolie broke it off and possibly getting with the Taiwanese man. So it’s all over.

        I wish people can just let them go. They’re normal human beings who have flaws.

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      • Linnh replied:

        That’s right, leaving them alone make it easier for them. If the thing with him being really flirty is true, then at least Myolie left him, and he got his punishment, don’t need to write so much about them, just to make it worst, plus it don’t help to suspect them without any proof, no wonder Bosco losing weight, after all the suspicious thing that has being writing about him.

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  3. elin says:

    oh hope thy get bck tgethr

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  4. anonymous says:

    Myolie & Bosco news is getting boring

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    • Anon replied:

      Can’t agree more.

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  5. NP says:

    Reporters, please give these two some space. We don’t need to know about everything they do since the break-up. Celebrities are people too. Let them deal with private matters in private.

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  6. sandcherry says:

    I get tired of the breakup news of Bosco and Myolie, too.

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    • Anon replied:

      I get tired of this breakup too. Everyday we keep reading about Myolie happy and Bosco depressed and Myolie moving out. Let’s read about more refreshing series and gossips 😀

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Me too. They have broken up already so there is not anything more to say. It gets so boring with all of these speculations of why they did, any possible 3rd parties, will they get back together, do they hate each other,etc… It is all getting boring and redundant…

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    • silby replied:

      Me too. It’s enough that the breakup is depressing. Now the continuous news are making me sad too. Media, please stop it.

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  7. jasmine7 says:

    I think B & M were really serious and B really had the intention to pop the question soon or else, compared to past times, they would not have admitted what gifts they received from whom (i.e. downpayment for car etc).

    I think Bosco was taking Myolie for granted because he committed little ‘sins’ before and was forgiven. But there’s a limit to patience of this sort and the ‘last straw just killed the camel’. Bosco’s behaviour or being overfriendly & flirtatious with girls is not easy to put up with. He may think that as long as he’s not sleeping with them, it’s harmless. But it’s hurtful to Myolie (I totally understand her feelings). Instead of breaking off this relationshp, Myolie should have called for time-out to teach Bosco a lesson, and if all goes well, followed by an engagement to make things official so he won’t get into trouble again.

    I really hope they will get back together.

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    • Veejay replied:

      DO you really think Bosco didn’t sleep with his co-star or those sexy lengmos?

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    • jen replied:

      I agree with u jas, Myolie should have called for time out so it can make Bosco know its serious and teach him lesson.
      Bosco really loves her otherwise he not be suffering like this if he not cared, at least better then his friends , lam fung and Ron ng.

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      • Linnh replied:

        @Jas and Jen
        Ditto with you guys

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  8. silby says:

    My aunt from HK told me that Myolie has a new rich Taiwanese boyfriend that’s why her mood is good lately. It was all over the news. She broke up because Bosco is flirtatious to everyone including his costars. Boscolie is over :(. This is sad. When Bosco bought the house under her name and bought the life insurance I thought they’re getting married in 2-3 years.

    Wish them happiness in their new life. Maybe they’re not fated to be with each other. It’s good to see Myolie is leading her new life happily. Bosco should just move on and treat this as a the past. He has a good future in acting, he should focus on his career and to be a better man now that he lost his love.

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    • Linnh replied:

      is it Eric Huang you are talking about? lol old rumours, but still no evidence 😉

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      • silby replied:

        There is no evidence for both of them to be fair 😉

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      • silby replied:

        If this Taiwanese guy is fated with Myolie, I’m all for it :).


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      • Linnh replied:

        lol I know, like i use to say, I don’t believe that Bosco cheated before I get the evidence on the table 😉 But yeah you are right, I wish Myolie happiness if it is true, but the media should just stop writing about this issue because 1. People starts to get tired of it and 2. It just make it worst for both part.

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  9. P. Tan says:

    Yes, your’re right. Just leave them alone to mend their hurts. I really feel this teaches Boscoe a good lesson, 1. Never take a girl or even wife for granted. 2. never trifle with a girl’s feelings. They are more fragile than you think. I like Myolie and she is strong, both physically and mentally and she will certainly go through this rough patch nicely. The next time round I hope she finds a more deserving man, perhaps like Kevin who has always had her respect and admiration (like her tai ko).

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