Nancy Wu and Sisley Choi Face Off in ICAC Dramas

Shaw Brothers’ upcoming blockbuster drama ICAC Attack <廉政狙擊> will be going head-to-head with TVB’s ICAC Investigators 2022 <廉政行動2022>. The two similarly-themed dramas will also pit two Best Actress winners against each other, as Nancy Wu (胡定欣) helms the Shaw Brothers production while Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) pairs up with Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) in the TVB series.

Breakthrough Role for Nancy?

ICAC Attack brings together previous and present siu sangs and fadans including Nancy Wu, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Vincent Wong (王浩信), Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯). The drama will start filming at the end of June.

As Nancy’s first production since signing with Shaw Brothers, she has literally lost sleep after reading the script due to the huge challenge. Her gray character would be driven by a certain vindictiveness. “The role is very complicated. After going through the script, both Mandy and I could really picture the plot.” Playing Bosco’s elder sister (she is a year younger than him in real life), Nancy would also have close-knit and interesting friendships with Ron, Mandy, and Vincent.

Praising the script, Bosco is eagerly looking forward to filming as he has “not seen such a quality script” in a long time. Bosco commented, “This time, Nancy’s character will be really interesting and cool! You don’t know how much I’d like to play the role–it will be very fun.”

Known for playing law enforcement officers umpteenth times, Ron will not be part of the police force in this series. He will instead straddle the boundaries of good and evil, and possess a romantic subplot with Mandy Wong.

Vincent Actively Buffing Up

To prepare for his role as a police officer with action and topless scenes, Vincent has been taking time out to train while working on his film Detrimental <見怪>. Calling his role in Detrimental more challenging than a visually-impaired lawyer in Legal Mavericks 2020 <踩過界2>, Vincent had many action scenes throughout the movie which has fantasy elements to the plot.


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  1. Lol tvb already lost the fight in term of the actors. How do you even go against that kind of star studded team? Nancy Bosco Ron and Vincent? Yeah no chance.

  2. Hands down I will watch the shaw version because of the cast. The only good actors in the tvb one are Shaun and Sisley but Ben will probably be so boring that it will ruin everything lol.

    1. I want to clarify that I want to watch the cast of the Shaw version minus Nancy.

      It’s the Vincent/Bosco/Ron combo that I am looking forward to.

  3. This is not a face-off between Nancy and Sisley. Shouldn’t put the burden all on Sisley’s shoulder.
    Nancy’s side has so many star-studded cast. Many audience will be attracted by this cast.
    Should face-off team vs team.

  4. Shaw side has a much better overall cast and sounds like an interesting story. I always loved the chemistry between Nancy and Vincent. I wasn’t watching much TVB during this time, but were Nancy and Ron paired together in anything other than Twin of Brothers? They were pretty good together too.

    Bosco is looking his age so to make Nancy his older sister is a bit disjointed. With BWD2, it seems she is being casted in more mature roles again.

    TVB’s ICAC series have been pretty dull storyline wise. Too bad for Sisley, but I am sure they will have her in other more interesting work. Hopefully, she won’t be cursed with “Best Actress” typecasting.

    1. @potatochip TVB’s ICAC has, in the past, been factual and based on true cases. A collaboration with ICAC. I’m assuming it will be the same this round. Shaw’s version will probably be dramatic

      1. @conan2209 I have always like the ICAC tvb version. I think I’ll watch the one with Sisley cause I’m getting to like her. Never like Nancy but maybe will watch it for Vincent :/

  5. Now that media compare Sisley to Nancy, wonder if it means Nancy and her besties will now snub Sisley the way they allegedly do Ali.

      1. @tt23 I heard the rumour and seems others hear the same (on YT) that Nancy and her bestie will not appear in dramas/shows with Ali.

        While I don’t like Mandy and Myolie, I’ve always been ok with Nancy. I’m now going to assume the rumour has some truth and thus I’ll now boycott any show that has this team cos I am a big fan of Ali.

      2. @conan2209 if anything, it sounds like they are afraid of being outshined by Ali, which they 10000000% will because Ali is a much better actress than all of them combined.

        It is quite petty though. I didn’t expect Elaine and Selena to be like that, Selena is the only one that can act amongst them. And perhaps they are not but if I were them, I would ditch friends who act like that.

  6. Shaw Brother is like a company featuring TVB best acotrs/actress from 2008-2015 era lol

  7. After seeing 好聲好戲, Sisley made a really good impression; however, Nancy has changed a lot throughout the years, so I’m looking forward to her more lool Plus, the cast is Bosco, Mandy, and Ron.

  8. I feel like both Nancy and Ruco (Ben too) peaked when they did A Fist Within Four Walls and I really liked them during that time. But after the fame that came with that, I feel like they’re all a little lackluster now. The guys to a lesser extent but Nancy has felt a stand-off-ish since then. She doesn’t feel as down-to-earth as Sisley.

    I do think it’s crazy how many ICAC spinoffs have been produced in the past two decades – even more than the flying tigers spinoffs. Haven’t they run out of scenarios to film?

    Probably won’t be watching either though.

  9. So they just announced this — I thought this was two different dramas but it looks like one cast? Or is this a different show? Lol sorry my Cantonese isn’t great

    1. Also bosco doesn’t look great, like aging not great. In fact I think Ron looks better lol

      1. @tt23 I watched the interview with the cast and Nancy looks really mature with her short hair .
        Ronco ( yes they are a pair now) are funny every. Time. They seriously need a comedy instead of all these action series.

      2. @bubbles23 I never liked Nancy with that hair, makes her look really old. I think a short bob might look better on her.

        I LOVE bosco/ron (haha ronco, love it) — agree they have great chemistry, good friends and just really good people. They should have like a reality show of them just hanging out and doing things LOL. I’d totally watch it. I always thought Bosco was better in comedies versus dramas.

      3. @tt23 agree! I watched some interviews on Ron, bosco and Kenneth with Christine Ng. I was surprised to see Ron. He was actually funny and very charismatic. Do different from the wooden police roles he played

    2. @tt23 They are two separate dramas: TVB’s “ICAC Investigators 2022” and Shaw Brothers’ “ICAC Attack”. However, Sisley Choi happens to be starring in both dramas.

      1. @jayne ohhhh!!! Thanks for clarifying. Shaun is also in both. Good for them honestly but hope their characters are vastly different otherwise that might be confusing/not challenging

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