Natalie Tong is So Sleep Deprived, She’s Allergic to 20 Foods

TVB dramas are notorious for its strenuous filming schedules, where artistes would sometimes only get three hours of sleep. The continuous lack of rest caused havoc on Natalie Tong‘s (唐詩詠) immune system, and worsened her food allergies and symptoms. 

Attending a celebration dinner to mark the completion of The Invisible Team <隱形戰隊>, Natalie and Joel Chan (陳山聰) spoke about the arduous filming process. Producer Jazz Boon (文偉鴻) is known for his strictness in asking artistes to handle their own action scenes themselves whenever possible. While Joe trained for eight months for his role, Natalie also went to the gym religiously to build up her strength.

“It’s nice to see some results after all that hard work. I used to be very weak, but now I have some muscle. Now that we’re done filming, I don’t really have the motivation to workout again,” Natalie admitted.  

Aside from feeling tired, Natalie also has some noticeable blemishes on her face, in which she explained that she has been lacking rest because of continuous filming in two years. She has a weak immune system and severe food allergies. “There are 20 foods I cannot eat, such as rice, pork, and cucumbers. I was overworking to the point where the doctor said I should take a half-year break from filming after Big White Duel II <白色強人II>.” 

When Joel joked that she could use this holiday to get married, Natalie laughed over the possibility and shared that she still has four dramas to be released, so viewers can still see her onscreen even if she took a long break!

Omitted from TVB Awards Nominations

When it was pointed out that Natalie’s name was absent from the 16 awards categories in the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards, the actress responded, “This year, I only had one drama aired. My other dramas will release in 2022, so next year [is a big year] for me. Hope everyone won’t get tired [of watching] me.”

Asked if she will be sitting on a “cold bench” during the awards ceremony, Natalie laughed, “Can I sit on a cold bench at home?  I really want a vacation! Let me go on vacation–I’ve been working hard for two years. Actually, I won’t be attending the awards ceremony. I notice the competition is fierce this year. As I know many of the nominees, I hope they all add oil.”

Sources:, HK01

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  1. she films a lot but she not very accepted or liked by the public viewers to be honest… she one of the artist that won best actress but still can’t get any popularity in China where the real money is made.

    1. She wasn’t a worthy winner of BA,
      Jessica Suen should have won it that year,

      Natalie’s acting sux

  2. it’s the lack or rest and probably her low cal diet. not getting enough nutrition also brings on all sorts of autoimmune responses.

      1. Stress is the main trigger and a bad diet stresses your body. Sugar of course doesn’t help because it fills you up with empty calories thus a poor diet.

  3. Sacrificing health for work, only to use the money earned from work to get back health later.

    They really need better work schedule. Only 3 hours sleep is insane.

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