Natalie Tong on Cheating in a Relationship

Praised for being a good girlfriend because of her forgiveness, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) guested on the show Sisters Come Around <絲打圍爐> and shared her insights on how to be a good partner and dealing with cheating in a relationship.

Since breaking up with educational consultant Samuel Chan (陳思銘), Natalie has yet to find someone. When asked if this is because she has high expectations, the 39-year-old actress responded that relationships are difficult to maintain when men tend to take a liking to her gentle image, but are disappointed when she is not always sweet all the time. While there are no drastic differences, Natalie thinks it is a possible reason why interest fades over time.

How To Deal With Cheating

When hosts Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏) and Shiga Lin (連詩雅) asked how she would react if there was a third-party, Natalie coolly commented that “no matter how well you do, he will have another [woman] if he wants to.” Even though many women believe that acting gentle to their significant other will help, Natalie believes there are no ways to actually stop a partner from cheating.

“I’ve gone to the temple to pray for my boyfriend to love me before.” Although she used to believe it was a good way to counter the other woman, she eventually discovered, “When there is another woman, you often fall into this rabbit hole of trying to push her away but you don’t realize that you’ll lose yourself in that process. Instead, you must take care of yourself and live well. If your partner didn’t choose you, then he didn’t. You can’t really force a relationship to work when it’s not meant to be.”

Men Are Attracted To Which Types of Women?

Discussing which types of women men are more attracted to most, Natalie expressed, “Women who possess characteristics of a mother. No matter what age, all men are children who want to be taken care of. You’ve got to tread the line carefully, because you can’t nag at them like a mother, though you have to let them feel that your focus is on them at all times.”

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  1. The focus needs to be on the man at all times? Girl, you be dating losers. I could be wrong but I’ve seen her during interviews and she does come off needy at first, so that’s probably attracting the wrong people. She also took a cheating ex back multiple times, so how strong is she?

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