Natalie Tong’s Rumored Boyfriend Said They Haven’t Met Up in a Long Time

Natalie Tong’s ( 唐詩詠) latest rumored flame, Samuel Chan (陳思銘), was invited to attend an event yesterday. Reporters asked him whether he was cohabiting with Natalie as they were caught shopping for groceries together. Samuel clarified that he has not seen Natalie in a long time, and claimed that the photos were taken from many months ago.

Samuel is an education consultant and owns his own tutoring business. Suspicions first arose last year about their dating status, and they subsequently posted individual photos of themselves on a hike but with the same background.

Reporters continued to question whether another mysterious girl he was seen with recently was his actual girlfriend. With a face of exasperation, Samuel explained, “I feel so bad for my coworkers. If I’m seen with a man, the news makes up a story of us going to sleazy massage parlors. If I’m seen with a woman, then she becomes my new girlfriend. I don’t have any friends any more!”

Asked whether his mother would ask about his dating status, Samuel said that she is completely aware of the situation as they still live together. Reporters exclaimed that this means that Samuel was denying allegations of cohabitation with Natalie. “I give up, further explanation has no purpose. My mother is afraid that if this goes on, I won’t be able to date!”


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