Netizens Discuss Future Acting Roles for New Miss Hong Kong Winners

The 2015 Miss Hong Kong Pageant concluded on August 30 to public victory. 23-year-old Louisa Mak (麥明詩) won by a landslide, obtaining over 70 percent of the votes casted by the Hong Kong public. Known for having beauty and brains, the Cambridge law student already won the public’s favor when the pageant began in June 2015.

Snagging the position of first runner-up is Louisa’s strongest opponent, former primary school classmate Ada Pong (龐卓欣). Though their wins came at no surprise, local student Karmen Kwok (郭嘉文) quietly finished the race as second runner-up, which netizens described as unexpected, but fair.

As many Miss Hong Kong winners end up becoming actresses for TVB, netizens have been actively discussing about what roles they could see Louisa, Ada, and Karmen playing in the future.

The sophisticated Louisa, a straight-A student and a law graduate from Cambridge, is most suitable to play lawyer roles due to her educational background. If TVB decides to green light a sequel for the legal drama Raising the Bar <四個女仔三個Bar>, Louisa would be the most perfect choice as the female lead. However, some netizens added that they are also interested in seeing a different side of her, suggesting that Louisa should try doing rebellious roles with an edgier character.

Ada, who has made headlines with her wealthy family background, is most suitable to play socialite roles. Netizens joked that Ada would be able to help out TVB’s costume department by wearing her own outfits.

Karmen, on the other hand, is being noted for resembling TVB actress and 2005 Miss Chinese International winner Leanne Li (李亞男). Netizens expressed that having them portray sisters would be convincing to the audience.


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    1. @freedalas.
      First: please do not comment on something that its not on topic
      Second: you must having a bad day, when U write this ridiculous comment About WCL
      Third: don’t be jealous at him. If you work hard and don’t write stupid things “like this one” anymore, you maybe Will find your luck.

  2. Here she goes again….. There is nothing wrong with marrying a short and in your opinion ugly guy as long as he treat well and truly cares for her. Beats marrying a good looking and tall guy if he’s a major ahole.. but then I guess you don’t care as long as the guy is good looking…

    poor WCL. never wins whenever Leanne Li is mention..

    1. @happybi yea, i’ve noticed all the hate comments towards Wong Cho Lam. In my personal opinion, I wouldnt label him as “ugly.” He is NOT ugly, he’s just not as good looking as other stars (i.e. Alec Su, Kevin Cheng, etc.) but all these hate comments about how he is “ugly” and “short” is just too much. I dont think his wife Leanne Li is as gorgeous as claimed but whatever, some people are just very shallow in their ideals of love and relationships…

      1. @akinu exactly. Don’t find him ugly myself. Yes he is not as good looking and is short but tpersonally hink he seem like a nice guy. And if you look at those hate comments on wcl, its always the same person and its always about his height and his looks. Look at eric tsang. He is short and not good looking too but he is successful.

        I am glad Leane Li is not shallow like some people. I’m sure she had previous rich and good looking guys go after her before and for her to choose wcl, he must be someone who can make her feel love and comfort.

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  3. Ummm, how about discussing what type and how many acting classes these girls need BEFORE giving them a role. Instead letting them do trial & error and learn how to act on the screen, teach them how to do it well/better off the screen. Maybe then there will be less annoying and big flop like Sisley in that bike series or Rebecca in SSSS.

    1. @jjwong So before Sisley or Rebecca fans cry a fit, I don’t blame them for being bad & unwatchable. I blame TVB for throwing them in without proper training. They should do a lot more axting before getting a lead or complex roles respectively.

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