Netizens Unimpressed with TVB’s Recycled Pole Dancing

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Netizens Unimpressed with TVB’s Recycled Pole Dancing

The TVB drama Stealing Seconds <棟仁的時光> starring Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) is doing well, and Benjamin’s role as the hardworking everyday working class employee is touching the hearts of many fellow Hong Kong citizens, who are also going through the same struggles every day.

Another shining point in the drama is Rebecca Zhu, who plays a professional pole dancer. The Suzhou native, who won the TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress last year for her performance in A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch <超時空男臣>, definitely did not disappoint on the pole. It was surprising to hear from Rebecca that she actually never had prior training.

“I’m a rather shy person. Not only did I have to show off my flexibility, I also couldn’t wear a lot of clothes. I was really worried about wardrobe malfunctions. I had to take lessons. My teacher also came with me to the shooting.”

Fala Chen in “Links to Temptation” (2010)

As impressive as Rebecca may be, netizens are getting sick of seeing it. Rebecca isn’t the first TVB actress to do pole dancing sequences on television, and netizens are crashing the discussion boards to complain about TVB’s lack of creativity.

It’s going to be hard to beat Fala Chen’s (陳法拉) iconic first step into the dance floor for 2010’s Links to Temptation <誘情轉駁>, which was one of the first TVB dramas to showcase a lengthy pole dancing sequence. The scene was so memorable that it led to other actresses to take on similar roles. Actresses after Fala like Jess Sum (沈卓盈), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) have all had to play characters who could pole dance.

Now that we’ve hit Rebecca’s generation, it should be the time for a change.


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  1. says:

    What’s wrong with recycling pole dancing? It’s just another item on the endless list of things TVB recycles… the “working class employee” isn’t exactly a novelty either, and nobody is complaining about that.

    And doesn’t Rebecca have a background in dancing? That would explain her ease and flexibility in the role. People have noted similarities between her and Fala’s appearances in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare and contrast in the role.

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    • m0m0 replied:

      i am not sure either. perhaps it’s too provocative for the hk audiences? i think rebecca looks great in the pic above.

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