New Trailer for Kevin Cheng’s “Ip Man” Emerges

Another trailer of Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) Ip Man <葉問> TV series was released yesterday. The new action-packed trailer shows how Ip Man became a hero in Foshan, by uniting the people against an evil warlord.

Following the previous three trailers, Bloody Guangzhou <喋血廣州>; The Change in Sentiment at Foshan <佛山情變>; and Down and Out in Hong Kong <落難香港>, the new nine-minute trailer is titled Down with the Warlord <打倒軍閥>.

The TV version of Ip Man casts Kevin Cheng as the legendary master of Wing Chun. Cecilia Han (韓雪) portrays Ip Man’s wife. Other cast members include Liu Xiaofeng (劉小鋒), Chrissie Chau (周秀娜), Song Yung (宋洋),Yuen Wah (元華), Bruce Leung (梁小龍), Ringo Yu (於榮光), Liu Yachun (劉亞津) and Wu Qianqian (鄔倩倩).

Hero of Foshan

The new trailer describes how Ip Man’s fame and reputation begins to spread from Hong Kong back to Foshan. During his days in Hong Kong, Ip Man goes through many struggles, but he manages to retain his innocence from a murder charge. With Yan Chunlai testifying for him, Ip Man is declared innocent by the British Hong Kong government. Together with Zhang Yongcheng, Ip Man returns to Foshan, only to find out that the place he called home is no longer the home he once knew. Warlord Wu Bailin, played by Xu Zhen (徐震), mentored by the wicked Lin Qingshan, played by Liu Xiaofeng, now dominates Foshan and inflicts fear and oppression to its people.

Ip Man, who always fight for the common people, infuriated  Lin Qingshan who manages to imprison Ip Man. Even in prison, Ip Man constantly appeals and petitions to the government on behalf of the people. The angry Wu Bailin decided to get rid of Ip Man once and for all.

Ip Man does not believe that Wu Bailin can get away with his atrocities forever, and his action against the warlord instills a sense of justice amongst the people, as they finally realize that it is time wake up to resist the bullying. Spreading like a wildfire, the common people unite against the oppression of the warlord, and Ip Man becomes the  hero of Foshan!

Ip Man’s Teacher

The trailer also reveals Chen Huashun (Yuen Wah) and Liang Bi (Bruce Leung), staging a lion dance competition to determine who the true teacher of Ip Man is. As masters of Wing Chun, both claim Ip Man as their student, and end up resorting to the sport of lion dancing to determine the right to brag once and for all. The scene illustrates the immense respect they have for Ip Man.

Another clip in the trailer shows Yuen Wah single-handedly attempting to rescue Kevin Cheng from the warlord’s compound, and judging from the scene, Yuen Wah and Kevin do a fairly convincing job in their double-sword wielding scene.

The Beauty Saves the Hero

Framed for committing murder, Ip Man is imprisoned by Wu Bailin. Zhang Yongcheng, played by Cecilia Han, risks her life while disguised as a soldier and sneaks into the Police Department to look for any evidence that can prove Ip Man’s  innocence, resulting in a scene where the heroic beauty saves the hero.

The trailer ends beautifully with Kevin and Cecilia embracing in the snow, a picture perfect romantic scene to end the trailer.

Watch Ip Man Trailer, “Down With the Warlord”

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  1. Swords look fake and a bit too big for him. I don’t know. I like Kevin but as an actor, he has limitations and being a wushu master is one of them. Yes I know maybe this is the thinking man’s Ip Man but even as a serious actor’s actor, Kevin is at best a mediocre actor unless the role fits him like a glove and so far Ip man… no.. but way better than having Huang Xiaoming in the same role. So I guess…still no…

  2. its such a good movie, I am looking forward to watch. Very interesting story line.

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