Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Always Argued in Front of Sons?

During their marriage, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) criticized Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) as an irresponsible and absent father. After their divorce, Nicholas saw the boys even less and rarely initiated to spend more time with them. When Nicholas did happen to be around, he often argued with Cecilia and complained about her parenting skills.

After their split in 2011, Cecilia received custody of their sons, Lucas and Quintus, aged 7 and 4. To escape from the intrusive Hong Kong paparazzi, Cecilia purchased a luxury home with her own money in Singapore and relocated there with her sons.

Although she has been criticized in taking her sons on vacation while school was still in session, Cecilia is generally regarded as an involved mother.  Leading an active lifestyle with outdoor activities and charity work, Cecilia was often spotted with a beaming face by locals.

Cecilia Upset at Nicholas for Not Seeing Sons Because of Faye

While trying to take care of her sons, Cecilia also hopes to spend more time cultivating her career in Mainland China. During the filming of reality television show, She’s My Family <明星到我家> in a rural village, Cecilia was hospitalized for acute gastroenteritis on September 14.

Since Nicholas had agreed to see Lucas and Quintus on September 19, Cecilia rushed home to Singapore as she did not want the boys to be disappointed. However, Nicholas did not visit them as agreed upon.

On September 20, Cecilia saw in the news that Nicholas was in Beijing with rekindled flame, Faye Wong (王菲). Realizing that Nicholas sacrificed time with his sons in order to spend time at Faye’s house, Cecilia broke down and confided her frustrations in former boss, China Star Entertainment’s Tiffany Chan (陳嵐).

Later that day, Cecilia went drinking at a bar and posted the photos on Instagram. Although Cecilia was smiling, some speculated that she turned to alcohol to drown her mixed feelings over Nicholas and Faye’s reconciliation.

Cecilia and Nicholas Continue to Argue

During the height of their divorce crisis in 2011, Cecilia often berated Nicholas in front of the media. She blamed him as an inattentive husband and father, who chose to play video games for hours when he did not have work. Living apart three years after their divorce did not minimize their arguments.

According to an insider, Cecilia and Nicholas argued nearly every time they saw each other after the divorce, even in the presence of Lucas and Quintus.

When Lucas and Quintus visited Hong Kong in the summer, Nicholas scolded Cecilia for not taking care of the boys properly, criticizing that the boys looked very skinny. Nicholas was also upset that 4-year-old Quintus cannot eat nor take a shower by himself and still required assistance.

Nicholas often threatened to take back custody of the boys, which made Cecilia burst into tears. However, the insider speculated that Nicholas was motivated to do so only because he did not want to pay for child support.

Nicholas’ Mother Favors Faye

Cecilia’s blunt personality not only resulted in frequent disagreements with Nicholas, but her relationship with her former in-laws were not always peaceful. Nicholas mother, Deborah Li (狄波拉), was initially doubtful over Nicholas marrying Cecilia, but accepted her after Lucas and Quintus were born. Even after the divorce, Deborah continued to fly to Singapore to visit her grandsons.

However, Deborah may favor Faye Wong more. When Nicholas was dating Faye in 2000, Deborah and Faye often had meals and deep conversations together. After Nicholas and Faye reconciled recently, Deborah was stopped by the press for her opinion on Faye. Although Deborah did not reply, she broke into a brilliant smile and signaled her approval towards Nicholas’ dating choice.


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  1. oh gosh, this threesome is hogging the headlines now. A new drama every day. Skip.

    1. episode after episode, it’s a long drama.

      To be continued…

  2. Brace yourselves for more dramas to come for as long as Nic and Faye stay together and Cecilia is alone miserable.

  3. Until another scandal involving other stars appear, the messy lives of this dysfunctional family will continue in the headlines.

  4. I like Cecilia a lot and whether the rumor Nicholas is a bad father is true or not…but for her sons she should just issue a statement to calm the press and handle the situation privately. For sure she still have feeling for Nicolas…but it has been over 3 years since their divorced, she need to move on.

  5. Sometimes it is better for two people to split up, although I understand that the children have a hard time.

  6. Cecilia sounds like a bitter ex who still wants Nic in her life, and she will grunts and grunts until someone had enough and tell her shut up … even so, she will continue to shop for sympathetic ears. Poor thing

    1. @winnie,

      I dont think Ceci has any love for Nic eversince the divorce. What she’s probably upset is knowing Nic spent more time with his “new” gf aka Faye than spending his time with the kids.

      The kids are still young and they needs their father too. Being a single parent is not easy and all parents would like to see their children happy. So I guess Ceci is just upset because Nic didn’t do his part as a father and is not jealous or being bitter over FAye.

      1. yes, thats very hard and good thing that she is an involved mum too. Gosh, nic was playing games for hours ! geez, sounds like my husband before where i nearly divorced him if he didn’t change.

        Yes, nic is a real spoilbrat man and irresponsible. he always critize the way cecil bring up the kids, but cant see himself in the mirror.

    1. I showered myself fine when i was four. Also fed myself with chopsticks and forks and spoons without leaving a mess. Both me and my sister were pretty independent at a young age. Mum only had to clean and cook. Maybe quintus has some learning problems.

      1. Well that’s good for you but it’s just rude to assume that Quintus has a learning problem just because he can’t shower by himself yet. The boy is only four! I can assure you most 4 year olds don’t shower by themselves.

    2. Whether that’s been truly expected or not, we don’t know.

      But put into context: ANY absent parent who is un-involved, but has high expectations on outcome and lays on the blame … always creates tension.

      This happens a lot with rich Chinese immigrant wives in NAmerica and absent ‘astronaut’ husbands in HK/China. Absent husbands who even do video-cam monitering … even as their wives are doing their best coping alone in an alien land where they don’t even speak the language and where roads are a mystery.

      It’s almost akin to expecting the household ‘maid’ to do marvels with the child:
      Get the kid off the bottle by 1, toilet train by 2, read by 3, be independent by 4 doing everything himself …

      Actually for adults like that, often it also stems back to their own relationships with their moms/caregivers.
      What they wished had been done in their lives, when they compare themselves with their peers.

  7. Divorce is not necessarily bad especially when parents often argued in front of the kids. The kids emotional and mental state are affected greatly. Of course the kids are innocent and thinking that they have to put up all these unhappiness is really sad.

    Faye is older than Nicholas and Cecilia and usually more patient and usually are more mature.

    1. I disagree. If Faye was so mature, she would’ve taken custody over her daughter. Instead, it’s Li Yapeng who has custody over the child. Faye is very much like Nic in that they both are very lazy parents.

      1. Not to mention, she also couldn’t handle her oldest daughter. Neglect her and sent her away since the daughter and Li Yapeng didn’t get along well.

    2. If she is mature she won’t divorce for twice and probably currently heading for third. I think she is kind of free spirited type. Never really like her. She got too much influence from cranberries until look like copy cat.

    3. Agree with everyone. I dont think faye is more maturejust cus shes older. I think shes more independent and likes her freedom, so in that aspect, is extremely similar to Nic. No pressure to be anything but a free spirit

      1. Me three.

        Independence is one thing, being selfish is another. I would not call them independent, but free spirits who do as they please. People like that should not enter into committed relationships.

        When a parent has kids … independence takes on a new adaptation. It is not just about doing your own thing, while leaving them alone to fend for themselves.
        Nor is it leaving the other responsible parent to man the fort all the time. That’s just selfish.

        I have always found it selfish when those extreme sports people go off to do their thing/realise their dreams even when they have young kids waiting at home. And sometimes die in the process.
        And people go: “At least they died happy, realising their dream.” That’s great – for them.
        But what about the poor children left behind? Financially deprived, and without the nurturance support of another parent?

        Why should the kids be made to suffer and pay for the loss of an irresponsible selfish parents?

  8. If what the media says about Nic criticising Cecilia for not looking good after the kids are true. I really Nic is such an idiot and bad husband.

    Being a mother alone is already hard not to mention being a single mom! Ceci has to juggle between work and family and its not really that unusual for a 4 years old kid who still need assistance to shower. My kid at age of 4+ still need me to shower for her. Of coz, to Nic is easy just say blah blah but has he ever really shower his kid before? does he knows some kids have attitude problem which sometimes take the parents hours to pursue them to shower or sleep?

  9. Poor Cecilia. I think she didnt want divorce and still love Nic. I still remember Nic confess his love to her after winning best actor 2011 and not long after that they divorce. Looks like he want to maintain his good father and husband image. Cecilia should stop expect him to keep visiting their son. If he didn’t care about his son while they were married what make she think he will after they separated?. She should move on and forget this man. Live a better life and to the fullest is the best revenge. And for Nic, good luck in dating Faye. Women generally age faster than men. Imagine when he is in prime age 45, Faye nearly hit 60.

      1. let’s time proof that soulmates are really more than physical appearances..especially in today’s world

  10. Well, i guess whatever it is, ppl should give credit to Cecilia. Being single mother of two, I can only say it is NOT EASY. Putting ourselves out there to be in her shoes, we might not be able to manage it as good as she has done.

  11. I am with cecilia on this too. Nic is just living for his own self and like a teenager tending to the wimps of his girlfriend and letting responsibilities slipping through his fingers. Cecilia should just do well for her own self now and be exemplary to her boys as a mother, woman and public figure. A man once he decided to move on its kinda hard to hold onto him unless he chooses to return on his own accord.

  12. They are both responsible for their divorce and their kids. These articles are getting more ridiculous as each day passes. Oh gods I wonder when will the Faye Wong pregnant by Nic, Ceci Cheung wants a daughter with Nic or Edison Chen/Whoever trashy starlet is available speaks of Ceci/Faye/Nic articles will surface.

  13. If the article is true, then it does make sense why she was so mad with him.

    Just imagine the disappointment on her kids’ faces when their father did not hold on to his promise while he had the time to visit his girlfriend….

    If he has been playing his duty as a father faithfully, he should understand why a 4 year old kid needs assistance in showering……

    Looking after kids is a commitment from both mother and father even if they are divorced. Money can never replace such duty.

    1. Totally!

      And who’s to know what interactions REALLY go on in anyone’s household unless a fly on the wall??? Even then, some thoughts/motives are not transparent to your partner.

      Life’s a stage = more so, in the case fo showbiz folk where appearances in public are still ‘on show’ = image, packaging … what is projected to the public.

      IF caring family man is what sells because you’re obviously status:married … then that’s what is projected.

      BUT it doesn’t take rocket science to see some facts. Without a partner in the background taking on the household responsibilities, and putting their own lives-career on the back burner = there’s no way the other can advance/expand/get ahead in their own career.

      Family Law (ie marital laws)recognise this = which is why the sacrifices made for childcare (otherwise paid)and career prospects component is taken into consideration.

      There’re claims he’s making $$$$$$$$ for his kids = since no one witnesses how much he actually gives the kids, that’s all lip service.

      At the end of the day, here’s fact = all HIS achievements are still HIS. All the time spend away from the kids, that’s irrelevant.

      Faye and Nic are very compatiable:
      – both kindred spirits who like to lead life without their kids much of the time.
      – both practise SELECTIVE parenting, ie they participate as and when, at THEIR OWN time and THEIR OWN convenience.

      1. I don’t know about Nic so I won’t comment on his parenting. But there are many examples of Faye having good relationships with her daughters. They are not together 24/7 but they do spend time together, go on trips, and she is very supportive, communicate on Weibo, etc. Her kids do not resent her or anything like that. It’s true that she is an unconventional parent, but some of the criticism she gets is unfair. As long as they love each other and understand each other, let’s be happy for them.

      2. I thought her daughter was quite unhappy and rabellious? and they had problems with Li Ya Peng that she finally sent her away for school?

      3. Have you read the letter Li Ya Peng sent to Wang Fei before the divorce? Li Ya Peng said that Wang Fei didnt spend time with their daughter and the poor girl became quiet, only can play with the cat. Her first daughter was unhappy and rebellious to drink at 16 and try to act like a lesbian.

        I dont see Wang Fei as a good mother at all, although Li Ya Peng has some scandals in his hand as well.

      4. Nope, that’s all tabloid gossip. The first daughter studies in the U.S. and goes back to visit during breaks. Faye recently praised one of her singing videos and sometimes they write each other cute messages on Weibo. She’s somewhat active on social media and seems pretty normal to me. Rebellious? LOL. Maybe to those 1000 year old reporters with overactive imaginations.

        I don’t know anything about Li Ya Peng’s letter. But I know Li Ya Peng and Faye BOTH attended the 2nd daughter’s bday party this year and had a lot of fun together. Faye also recently took the 2nd daughter on a vacation to Thailand, they didn’t look unhappy at all. You are free to believe what you want to believe, but I wouldn’t trust that BS from tabloids. My “sources” are from Faye, Carina Lau, Vicki Zhao, etc. 🙂

      5. The letter of Li Ya Peng has been released few days ago. Li Ya Peng admitted that it is true.

        For the first girl, she was taken in a bar when she was 16, dressed tomboy, drank and smoked. In the letter Li Ya Peng wrote, he said that Wang Fei didnt spend enough time for Dou Dou as well as their daughter Li Yin.

        However, Li Ya Peng still wishes Wang Fei happiness with Nic Tse. He doesnt seem to care much about that reunion.

        Talking about Vicky Zhao, didnt she say that she didnt urge Wang Fei to come back to Nic Tse?

      6. Released by who? Why and how did a private letter get published in the news? The only official statement I see from Li Ya Peng is him giving his blessing to Faye on his Weibo.

        I don’t really care if she smokes, drinks, or dresses like a tomboy. Her behavior is not out of control and she doesn’t act like a showbiz brat. It’s more important that she shows love toward Faye which she does.

        Vicky didn’t say that. She said she respects Faye’s decision. What she personally feels, I don’t know.

  14. I think this should be said: Nic doesn’t seem to prioritize his children which makes him a lousy father in my book.

  15. This Cecilia is just trying to get people to pity her every opportunity she gets. It’s her choice to move the kids so far away from their dad! Now using the kids as a pity card when the problem was her own selfish jealousy. Low.

    And she already said Nic hasn’t been there for the kids since before their divorce three years ago. why the major drama now?

    1. LOL even when the kids were in HK, stayed in the same home with Nic, did he really spend time with them? so what’s the different on taking the kids to Singapore?

      And puh-lease Nic’s fangirls, don’t use such excuse. If he is able to fly to see Faye for 20 times, then there should not be anproblem for him to visit his kids in Singapore regularly, is it?

      For the kids, Singapore is a better place for them to stay out from papparazi as well. if they still stays in Hong Kong, for sure the papparazi follow them around taking pictures and such especially now with daddy is dating his old flame.

  16. Hmmmm….that’s odd….I thought Deborah is staying in Spore, so why did this article said she flies regularly to Spore to see her grandsons?

  17. I think Deborah resides in HK, although she married a SG (ex) pilot (who’s seems kind of a henpecked kind of husband).

    Maybe they keep 2 homes.

    Deborah’s not unfamiliar with the SG (nor Malaysia) environments or how things work.

  18. Nicholas scolded Cecilia for not taking care of the boys properly, criticizing that the boys looked very skinny. Nicholas was also upset that 4-year-old Quintus cannot eat nor take a shower by himself and still required assistance.”

    That’s too harsh. It’s so easy for him to criticise when he’s not the one doing the parenting and upbringing.
    Cecilia should let Nic have the kids for a month and see how well he can take care of them.

    1. Well, if Nicholas thinks that his sons are too skinny, he can always take them out to fatten them up. And, teach them how to eat and shower on their own without assistance. Maybe Nicholas needs to roll up his sleeves and be a more responsible father instead of whining so much? 🙂

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