Nicholas Tse’s Secret Identity: $100 Million Dollar CEO

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Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) appeared to have gained a new maturity in recent years. Over the last 15 years, Nicholas has worked his way to become one of Hong Kong’s elite actors, winning the coveted HKFA Best Actor Award last year. Nicholas Tse was also the CEO of a $100 million company and business visionary. Only 31-years-old, Nicholas’ accomplishments were impressive by any standard.

Gone was Nicholas’ past rebellious streak, especially his resentment in being known as Patrick Tse (謝賢) and Deborah Li’s (狄波拉) son. When Nicholas was 16 years old, he was extremely resistant towards the fact that his parents were famous Hong Kong stars. Intense media scrutiny was part of his childhood. It took many years for him to embrace this aspect of his identity. Nicholas realized that his two sons, Lucas and Quintus, will face even greater pressure while growing up.

Getting married, becoming a father, and getting divorced over the last 6 years, Nicholas Tse’s love life has been put through a turbulent emotional roller coaster ride. He emerged as a stronger and less self-centered man. Despite Nicholas’ very public divorce crisis with Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) last year, which spanned over 3 months in length, Nicholas remained cool-headed in his decision making. EEG founder, Albert Yeung (楊受成), praised Nicholas for his maturity; Nicholas never once criticized Cecilia Cheung during the divorce.

Millionaire CEO, Nicholas Tse, Takes Central Stage

Appearing as a guest speaker at HKUST Business School’s Asian Leadership Series on April 19th, Nicholas Tse shared the story of his path to success. Nicholas Tse was the Founder and CEO of Post Production Office Group, a company generating $100 million HKD in annual revenue, dominating 50% of the market share in commercial and film post-production in Hong Kong and Shanghai. In June 2012, Post Production Office Group will open a branch office in Beijing, chasing after the lucrative and rapidly expanding mainland China market.

Post Production Office Group was founded 8 years ago when Nicholas was only 23 years old. However, it was not until last year that Nicholas revealed that he was the CEO of the company.  Speaking entirely in English before 350 HKUST undergraduate students and staff, Nicholas described how difficult it was to start and operate a business.

Nicholas urged passionately, “A leader has to be able to motivate and inspire others, to be dedicated, and to have self-discipline,” he said. “In order to be a leader, you have to be really honest with yourself about what you love the most and who you are, because you will only be fully devoted and ready to sacrifice when pursuing something that you are passionate for and that comes from deep in your heart.”

One student asked Nicholas what future vision he possessed for his post-production company. Nicholas said confidently. “Even [the technical effects] of Titan in 3D are not a problem! It is just that we have not come across that opportunity yet. China has many talented individuals. In the future, if we were to film in 8D, it’s not an issue either!”

Video clips of Post Production Office Group’s editing work were shown at the lecture. Nicholas also shared clips of his past dangerous stunts in movies, as well as his vacation photos with his company staff members. The handsome CEO impressed the audience with his business ideas  and vision.

Nicholas Tse: “Yang Mi Did Not Knock On My Hotel Door!”

Since Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung divorced last August, it was a matter of time before they became romantically linked with other people. In January, Yang Mi (楊冪) had allegedly tried to seduce Nicholas in his hotel room during the filming of Ghost Bullets <消失的子彈>.  Clarifying that they were only colleagues, Nicholas put a stop to the damaging rumors.

Sexy 25-year-old mainland actress, Yang Mi’s popularity rose dramatically in mainland China and Hong Kong in recent months. Both her professional output and news headlines were staggering. At a promotional event yesterday, Yang Mi dismissed rumors that she had dumped boyfriend, Hawick Lau (劉愷威), for Ghost Bullets costar, Nicholas Tse. Yang Mi said simply, “Nicholas will always be my idol!”

Yesterday after his HKUST Business School guest speaker event, reporters confronted him about his romantic rumors with Yang Mi. Nicholas clarified that he and Yang Mi were not romantically involved. As for rumors that Yang Mi had knocked on his hotel door, wishing to seduce him in the middle of the night, Nicholas said, “Aside from work locations, I have not seen her (Yang Mi) anywhere else. She never knocked on my hotel door!”

This Nicholas Tse article is part of the “Handsome CEO” series at, profiling the most handsome and successful Asian Celebrity CEOs! Other articles in this series include:

Watch Video Clip of Nicholas Tse at HKUST!

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Sources:, Oriental Daily; HKUST Business School

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Jayne: Which “Handsome CEO” do you like best?

1) Nicholas Tse (Post Production Office Group)

2) Daniel Wu (Diversion Pictures Co-Founder/ Owner of 3 Japanese restaurants)

3) Stephen Fung (Diversion Pictures)

4) Edison Chen (CLOT Media Division Ltd.)

5) Bosco Wong (Franchise owner of Overtime Restaurant in Ipoh, Malaysia/ Owner of optical store in Hong Kong) 

6) Moses Chan (former “Coffee Prince” in Malaysia)

7) Jay Chou (Restauranter/ Owner of Karaoke bar in China)

8) Sunny Chan (Restauranter)

Inspire, innovate, and create positive change! I love what the above celebrities are doing! Let’s add more to the “Handsome CEO” line-up! Who are other actors who have successful business on the side? Does Kevin Cheng has his own business yet? It’s about time he invested the millions he earned over the last year in China!

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  1. Wow, so rich! Now I can understand why knock on his door!

    Which “Handsome CEO” do you like best?

    1) Nicholas Tse (Post Production Office Group)
    YES! Don’t care if he comes with 2 children and a crazy ex wife

    2) Daniel Wu (Diversion Pictures Co-Founder/ Owner of 3 Japanese restaurants)
    No. Boring.

    3) Stephen Fung (Diversion Pictures)
    No. Very old.

    4) Edison Chen (CLOT Media Division Ltd.)

    5) Bosco Wong (Franchise owner of Overtime Restaurant in Ipoh, Malaysia/ Owner of optical store in Hong Kong)
    Not successful enough

    6) Moses Chan (former “Coffee Prince” in Malaysia)
    Business closed down

    7) Jay Chou (Restauranter/ Owner of Karaoke bar in China)
    Maybe but a friend of mine said someone who knows him says he has strong B.O and I was like, really?

    Sunny Chan (Restauranter)
    No. Not THAT rich.

    Nic Tse wins!!

    1. Funn,
      Nicholas Tse sounds as if he is the most financially successful among the above CEO’s. I would guess that Daniel Wu might come in second, as he just opened his third Japanese restaurant in April.

      Perhaps Edison or Jay Chou’s ventures might come in next.

      I find it fascinating how many celebrities have ventured over to business recently. It makes so much sense too! Restaurants seem to be the establishment of choice, due to the celebrities’ connections.

      Funn, what do you recommend that Kevin Cheng should open? He seems to enjoy fashion and once professed he read numerous men’s style magazines, so I would suggest that he open a high-end mens fashion brand, much like the Euro suit he wore at the BMW event.

      1. Actually, it’s not too difficult for a well known personality such as Kevin to start his own fashion label. He just needs to seek out the right apparel manufacturer joint-venture, similar to Chrissie Chau. He can serve as Creative Director and use his own name/ brand clout to promote products.

      2. Not sure about men’s fashion but women’s fashion industry is highly competitive. And while Kevin is a good dresser, don’t know if he would be good at picking designs or styles that would sell well.

        I know he likes collecting sneakers and watches so maybe he would have more passion towards a store that sold high end versions.

      3. “Funn, what do you recommend that Kevin Cheng should open? ”

        I don’t consider him a fashionista. He shouldn’t open anything. He should do what the hollywood mega stars do; start with collaboration, then move to designing own stuff, then create own labels and then open shops. I don’t even think he has the time to blink, more so to do all that. He doesn’t look business savvy unless he is willing to cut back on his acting jobs. If not, start with those celebrity endorsement thing first, seems like easiest; other people do the job, you take credit until one day you grow up to be Victoria Beckham whose designs nowadays are quite fantastic.

    2. Funn,
      Yang Mi herself is doing very well financially. Allegedly she rakes in $12 million HKD per film and likely to continue growing. She’s loved in mainland China and now Hong Kong tabloids seem to have earmarked her as well.

      She’s been in several high-profile movies. I believe she is also a television drama producer, allegedly to produce the Chinese version of “Gossip Girl.”

      1. Yes but Jayne, what is 12m compared to 100m? No one minds more money, especially from someone young, handsome AND rich.

    3. 1) Nicholas Tse – available(again after divorce)

      2) Daniel Wu – taken (married)

      3) Stephen Fung -available? taken?

      4) Edison Chen – always seem “available” even if taken

      5) Bosco Wong – taken(stable relationship)

      6) Moses Chan -taken(“extremely” high profile relationship)

      7) Jay Chou – might be taken(if Hannah rumor is true)

      8. Sunny Chan – taken(married)

      1. Conclusion: Among this list, Nicholas is the only one “safe” for pursuing so go ahead Funn..haha.and perhaps EDC for anyu adventurous girls out there who don’t mind “sharing” with other girls :P..Stephen Fung’s status is blurry and he’s a bit aged..

      2. ah..and the “youngest” ones in the list(Nicholas, Edison, and Bosco the 1980s boys) aren’t exactly “young” either…they are already 32….:P

      3. 32 is still young for a guy, especially a successful one.

        I think jayne’s top 3 CEO’s are in the correct order of handsomeness. And nic’s hot single status makes him the easy winner.

      4. Edc I dont want too! Eiww

        Jay chou also I dont want. Handsome? NOT Jay

      5. Masaharu, I am shallow, I go only for 3 MAJOR points;

        1. handsome (Nic is)
        2. rich (this article says he is and I don’t hear Cecilia complaining abt child support)
        3. prominent family (well the Tses are prominent however crazy that may be)

        Nic is moving up from pariah celebrity son with an attitude to a man of his own. Hopefully this article is accurate because I hate to find out 100m is only paper, in reality he doesn’t even have 100 cents.

        Crazy ex wife is easy to deal with, by not meddling into the kids’ life. For me, I can give him my own children so to speak, so cecilia can keepn them for herself. I shall be the worst stepmother ever but I will win an oscar for duping Nic into thinking I am a good stepmother. Hard work but can be done.

        Now if you ask me between Nic, Masha and Wallace Huo, you have caught me between devil, deep blue sea and a huge wok of oil. WHO? WHO?!?!??! Rich, Masha is richer than he says he is and he is a businessman. Nic is better dressed and younger but like everyone says comes with 2 bundle of joy. Wallace has neither business nor a brand name and he doesn’t look like he will kill himself over setting up his own production house so he is the poorest amongst the 3. All 3 has no time for their beloved.

        Difficult choice. So I shall have Nic as sugar daddy, Wallace as my toyboy and Masha as my boyfriend. Kinda greedy but what a girl with an overactive imagination can do?

        As for safe for pursuing, there is such a thing called separation, divorce and such terms. If you really want something, go for it but of course be prepared to be cursed to oblivion!

      6. another one eiuw is Moses! although he might be rich with millions endorsement products I cant say he’s handsome and his publicity of him and aimee already reach vomit level!

      7. Knew Nic was CEO but never knew the value of his company – wow! But yes he is the most handsome of that list above (although he and Daniel could duke it out in terms of looks but Daniel is too old for me).

        Ew, no Edison Chen. Might as well stick your head in a toilet bowl.

        Jay Chou is not handsome, and I’m pretty sure he is dating Hannah, so he is also taken.

        I thought Stephen Fung is dating someone in the biz?

  2. Wow!! never knew Nicholas was making so much money. I agree with you Jane, Kevin Cheng should start investing in some business but maybe he only have enough to buy a property now. Daniel Wu is my favorite CEO

    1. Rainbow,
      For the cost of purchasing a house in HK, it is enough to start a restaurant business. It’s not a good idea for Kevin to do it alone though, since he has no time to run it. Finding a trusted partner is key.

      Hehe maybe Kevin and Charmaine Sheh can be business partners. Can you imagine if they were to open a restaurant together?

      1. Jane, I would not like him to join venture with Charmaine. It will create negative image on him. Tabloids will start saying that he’s depending on her money even though he’s making money now. I think he should partner with Bosco.

      2. Perhaps Kevin does not have the same interest as Bosco. Bosco opened the restaurants with some partners from Malaysia..I was also informed that his former TVB manager was one of the partners too.

      3. Aww Jayne,

        You’re always able to keep the hopes of us charvin fans alive. Hehe… Kevin and charm could open a noodles shop named “yummy yummy”. 😉

    2. In term of looks and business achievements and bias, Daniel ranked the highest for me too. His restaurants are already getting good returns 😀

      1. Masaharu,
        Do you know the name of Daniel’s restaurants? To make research gathering easier for me?

      2. “Monster Sushi” if I’m not mistaken. The grapevine said the restaurant in Mongkok is always packed with people especially on weekends.

      3. yeh his restaurant has really yummy foods. naww i miss HK

  3. Who wants to read a “Handsome CEO” series of articles at Profiling handsome actors that turned CEOs and their business ventures? Focus will be on their works and not their looks of course!

    We already covered Edison’s CLOT media and now Nicholas’ Post Production Office Group.

    Please suggest another “Handsome CEO” to profile next.

    1. Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!…ah sorry..accidentally turned on fangirl mode….

    1. Chok-sunglasses boy, cutie HK boy, handsome ABC man are all yummilicious in their own ways 😀

  4. Most of them except,
    Edison Chen (if it is not because of his sex crazed personality, he is a handsome CEO)
    Moses Chan (can’t stand his mouth when he talks)
    Jay Chou (nah, if he trully has bad BO (from funn comment) + no wear undies are huge turn off)

    1. Jay doesn’t wear undies? Yikes, hopefully he doesn’t wear shorts too often. Wouldn’t want to see any of his accidental exposure. :S

      1. Yup, Jay’s habit is that. He said it himself in Kangxi comes.

      2. What if he wears boxer shorts or something else to substitute for underwear??

    2. I wonder how true it is that Jay has BO. It depends on how you define it. Who doesn’t have BO to some extent?? Unless it is defined as when you take a bath and it still stinks then that is really bad. But if you take a bath and then it is gone until you take your next bath, then that is normal and who isn’t like that?? I used to know someone who knew Jay personally too and he did not mention anything about it so I wonder how true it is?

  5. I doubt many of these owe all the success to themselves. I betcha behind these “successful” celebs, there a like 30+ ppl whom they hire to do the “real” work.

    1. One of the complaints on Nick from his ex-wife is that he was always engrossed in computer games and neglected the children. I really wonder whether he has the time to run his business empire.

  6. I would like to read about Daniel Wu next. Although Edison’s personal life is not appealing, he is a hard working individual.

  7. Daniel Wu seems interesting. Young American-born Chinese making it huge in Asia.

  8. Nicholas is the most interesting to me. His whole life is exciting- from his very famous parents to his very famous X wife, not forgetting his soon -to-be famous children & of course his own career!
    And he’s only 32, rich & handsome!
    Everything is GREAT & fun to keep up with.

    1. His life is like a never-ending drama. Twists and turns is what keep the audience hooked. I’m starting to believe many people who follow his news are only interested in his life and not necessarily his work, which is pretty sad.

      1. His dramatic life make him a lot more interesting to follow on than his boring working life. Can’t blame the situation LOL

    2. haha totally agree! hope they can use his life story and turn it into a movie.

  9. Daniel for his looks, Nic for money and Bosco’s personality. But for all three in one, I pick Vic hehehe.

  10. My fav is Daniel. Although Nic has better looks, I find Daniel more attractive for his height. And his flawless english is such a turnon. 😀

  11. I’ll vote for Daniel & stephen Fung, everyone seem to forget abot stephen Fung. He’s indeed very talented like Daniel
    Nic Tse also a good pick- young, famous & rich 🙂 and also good looking


  12. I’ll vote for Daniel & stephen Fung, everyone seem to forget abot stephen Fung. He’s indeed very talented like Daniel
    Nic Tse also a good pick- young, famous & rich 🙂 and also good looking

    Jay Chou has BO? Something new to me:)

  13. ROFL ‘poor’ Edison is getting rejections from girls around here ROFL 😛

  14. That is a really yummy photo of Nic. I am jealous of him. How can a man be so good-looking? Although I don’t ship him.

    Kind of makes you wonder perhaps that was how handsome his father Patrick Tse looked and became a skirt chaser.

    For the handsome CEO list, yes they are good looking and popular to boot. They should definately use their popularity to churn some businesses for them so that when they lose their looks (i.e. retire), they can still do other things.

  15. may not be related, but i think christine ng also started recently with her slimming business or some jap mask business.

    other succesful business women also: chan miu ying (i remember sandra ng and maggie cheung endorsed her products), toby and sherming yiu (wedding business?) could maybe make a female version of these articles ~

  16. Unbelieveable. Nicholas? CEO of a multi-million company? Wow.

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